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Kick-Ass Chicks: Jasmine Wright

Paving her way through the mostly male dominated tattoo industry is bad-ass tattoo artist and San Diego native, Jasmine Wright. Her insane tattoos may have been the first thing to catch our attention, but her “anti Pinterest” style and no excuses attitude had us itching to know more about her. We had the chance sit down with Jasmine in her downtown San Diego studio and watch her work some serious magic while chatting about tattoos, life choices, and shrimp brokering.

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In the Studio | Killer Acid (NY)

Artist Rob Corradetti aka Killer Acid is known for his fun, colorful, weird, and trippy characters that he often puts on prints, pins, patches and large cutouts–from banana bikers to melty psychedelic reptilian and alien faces.  While his work flow begins from dreams or half awake consciousness jotted down in his notebook, Corradetti has a very clear vision to running his art business from home. Organizing and compartmentalizing his art space is a strategy for Rob to keep things flowing: drawing, scanning, coloring, production and shipping. “All three of these rooms are in a row,” Rob adds, “so it’s very much a down home assembly line.” For cutouts and paintings, Rob approaches it differently, utilizing the space in his yard, for a more “left brain process” versus his usual illustration routine. 

Favorite or weirdest studio souvenir? 
I really like the ‘Jesus watches over a tractor trailer’ painting my friend Chris gave me. I also really love the plush version of my cat Friday that my friend Shannon (Oddly Weird Shop) made! “ 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.