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Original Degrassi TNG girls (2015) 

Miriam McDonald (Emma Nelson) Cassie Steele (Manny Santos) Lauren Collins (Paige Michalchuk) Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty Van Zandt) Andrea Lewis (Hazel Aden) Christina Schmidt (Terri MacGregor) Stacey Farber (Ellie Nash) Melissa McIntyre (Ashley Kerwin)


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Magcon Preference #20 - Your Amusement Park Outfit
2)Jack J
3)Jack G

This pains me so much. Caroline had such a huge heart. She didn’t deserve what has just happened. I hope you are feeling better. Let us all know what it’s like up there. I’m so glad you got to meet your idols baby girl. They will never forget you. Also I know they will always love you know matter what. Never stop smiling that gorgeous smile that you have because it’s contagious. #RIPCaroline

Jack Johnson Imagine.

You were currently getting ready to go to the movies with your best friend, Jack Johnson. You already had your hair curled and your make up done now you were picking out an outfit.
It was your moms friend so you answered it.
You: Hello?
Moms friend: Hey Y/N. Do you think you could babysit for me at 6PM. My husband and I have something urgent going on.
You: *Sigh quietly* Yeah that would be fine! Can’t wait!
Moms friend: Thank you so much darling. You can bring your friend Jack if you would like. But please nothing inappropriate!
You: EWWW. No. He’s just my friend!! *you start to laugh*
Moms friend: *laughing* Okay well thanks again little lady!
You put your iPhone back on the charger and walk to your mirror. So much for getting ready you thought. This was probably my only chance to get Jack to like me and now we can’t go I’ll just have to tell him we are babysitting instead when he gets here. (Which was in about 20mins)
You here the doorbell ring and you go to answer it. “Hey Jack” You say and give a slight smile. “Hey Y/N, Why so gloomy you have to be pumped to go to the movies or I’m not taking you!” He laughed and hugged you. “Well, we can’t really go anyway. Well I can’t, you can. I have to babysit. You can go to the movies with Gilinsky if you want to. Babysitting is boring I wouldn’t blame you.” You said while looking down at your feet. “Hey now. I would love to babysit with you. As long as we are together I think I’ll live” he said. You could tell he was smiling but you didn’t look up. Then Jack grabs your hand “Let’s go Y/N”
You get to the house. Knock and walk in. “Hey it’s Y/N” you called out. Then your moms friend pops her head around the corner. “Hello Y/N and why hello Jack” she said smiling. “I’m so happy you could come on such short notice. I wish I could chat for a little longer but we really need to go. Oh and we fed the kids and they need to be in bed by 8 tonight I would let them stay up but we all have to get up early tomorrow. Thank you again so much! Bye Y/N and bye Jack nice to see you again” she said and walked out the door with her husband.
“What’s her kids names again?” Jack asked.
“Claire and Miles” you said while plopping onto the couch. “That’s right..I wonder where they are” Jack said while looking around. You and Jack heard them upstairs playing so you turned on the tv and found a movie to watch. The first movie was over and you went upstairs to tell the kids they had about 30 more minutes to be up. But when you went up there they were already sound asleep. Wow you thought. You went back to the living room and sat beside Jack. “They are already asleep” you said giggling. “Wow that’s insane. When I was a kid I would fight to stay up as long as I could” Jack said. “Well that’s because you were a terd” you stated not even realizing you said that. Jack just gave you a fake glare and then laughed. You returned to watching tv again. All of a sudden you feel Jack grab your hand and lock fingers with yours. You turned to look at Jack but he just acted as if you guys were sitting like that the whole time. “Yes?” He said finally because he caught you staring. “Uh, nothing just uhh..” And then Jacks lips were on yours. You didn’t pull away. You wanted this to last forever the feeling was like nothing you ever felt before. It was amazing. When it was all to great Jack pulled away. “Your so goddamn beautiful Y/N” Jack said. You giggled. “Your not to bad your self Johnson.” You had to kiss him again. You entangled your free hand in his hair and pulled him in for another kiss. “I’ve been waiting so long for this.” You said in between kisses. “Me too baby girl.”

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