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DIY Pixie Pom Old Skools

Pom poms are all the rage right now. You’ve seen them everywhere from purses and keychains to jewelry, and it was only a matter of time until we added these little cuties to our Vans. Embrace this playful trend with our easy-to-follow DIY below!

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DIY Checkerboard Slip-Ons

If you have access to the internet, you know patches are a huge trend right now. From denim jackets to backpacks, we’re seeing patches on every article of clothing and every single accessory imaginable. We’re taking this trend to the next level by adding embroidered patches to our Checkerboard Slip-Ons! Right when you thought the Checkerboard Slip-On couldn’t get any cooler… it just did. If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re definitely foodies over here at Vans Girls— hence the salty sweet food themed patches that we picked for our kicks! Next on our list? We’re definitely adding the Vans Patch Pack to our True White Sk8-Hi’s!

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Roof cladding update: a work in progress.

Our roof is now almost totally cladded, with just a few finishing pieces needed around the edges. Our low-energy LED lights are lighting up our home and the pine coloured wood makes everything feel warm and cosy inside. We also can’t stop admiring our shiny new porthole and the shiny new piece of glass where our broken window used to be.

If only the van was back on the road again, we’d be spending nights by the fire under the stars on the wild coast of Cornwall. Instead the van is sitting in her naughty corner in the driveway awaiting further MOT repairs. She’s been off the road for nearly a month now because the computer at the garage considers our brakes “underpowered”, never mind the fact we’ve been up and down mountain roads for the last 7 months. All the parts have been replaced, we’re just awaiting our new secondhand master cylinder and fingers crossed that’ll be the end to our problems.

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Vans US Open 2017  |  DIY Buttons with Lizzie Armanto

We took a trip to the Vans US Open pop-up shop with Lizzie Armanto in search of the perfect piece to add some DIY flare. The winner? None other than the already adorable Funville Mini Backpack. Lizzie showed off her creativity (damn this girl can draw!) and her other hidden talent (Japanese!) while making custom buttons to add the perfect bit of flare to her backpack. Want to decorate your own backpack like Lizzie’s? Get the Funville Mini Backpack in stores or online

Photos 1, 9, and 10: Life Without Andy

Do you prefer to live in a big van or a small one? A high top or a low top? A bus or a camper?

We often have this debate with ourselves. Our van is big enough and tall enough for two people to live in comfortably, but sometimes it’s so comfy that we end up spending days on end cosied up inside. On the flip side, we met our friends who were cruising around in their little Ford Tranny, who seemed to have embraced outdoor living to compensate for their lack of indoor space, which we found was a much more sociable way of living.

There are a lot of roads we’ve only just managed to squeeze our van through, but our van is tiny compared to some of the beasts we’ve seen out on the road, and there have been times where having a full sized bus would’ve seriously restricted us, but is that a price worth paying for all the extra living space?

What do you think- big bus, little stealth camper, or somewhere in between?

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Vans Girls Halloween: Spooky Levitating Letters Sk8-Hi’s

Things are getting spooky, babes! Get festive with this super simple DIY to create letters that levitate along our signature sidestripes…

DIY Levitating Letters Sk8-Hi’s:
Black Sk8-Hi
Fine Point Permanent Marker (black)
Regular Permanent Marker (black)

Directions: With a fine point permanent marker, outline block letters of your chosen words along the sidestripes. Fill in the negative space between the letters with a black permanent marker until all excess space is filled in.

Dressing up for Halloween? We can’t wait to see what DIY Vans Girls costumes you come up with. Tag #VansGirlsHalloween to show us the final product!