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Six of Crows Crush Scale

How fucked are you cause of feelings six of crows edition

tag ur crush type ;)

in-fucking-denial-admit-it-you-like-her Kaz Brekker

in-denial-but-subcounciously-holding-out-hope Inej Ghafa

how-the-fuck-do-flirting-and-feelings-work Matthias Helvar

oh-shit-he’s-cute-what-do-i-do-oh-god-he’s-hot-help Wylan Van Eck

i-like-your-stupid-face Jesper Fahey

smooth-as-fucking-silk-flirt-game-on-point Nina Zenik


All Time Low Buzznet Videos Part 1 

Q&A With the Crow Crew
  • Kaz: "What's the easiest way to ask your crush out?"
  • Jesper: *seductive wink* "Think about kissing them until you can't help but do it anyways"
  • Inej: "Literally just tell them"
  • Wylan: "Uhhhhh...wait for them to make a move"
  • Nina: "Flirt voraciously with them until they get the hint"
  • Nina: "This is where you tell us how awful at this we are Matthias"
  • Matthias: "They all seem like practical choices."