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True Blood alum react to Nelsan Ellis’s passing via Twitter and Instagram. [July 8, 2017]

Updated with Rutina Wesley’s poem about Nelsan via


It Started With A Waffle: Sweet Potato Nachos

“When it comes to the Super Bowl, I’m a big fan of sitting by the couch and nibbling on a table full of delicious snacks. What are my favorite snacks you ask? Nachos. Sweet potato nachos to be more specific. Layer them with all of your favorite toppings and stack ‘em however you’d like!”


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AU where William’s boyhood heroes are Mulder and Scully because he saw The Lazarus Bowl.

He doesn’t like the actors that much. But he’s always loved the story behind it, having learned it was inspired by two real life FBI agents. He wants to meet them, but the Van de Kamps consider a FBI career to be too risky. William still wants to secretly meet the real Mulder and Scully. Until the day he does and they all realise they are parents and child.

People are pissed that Warped isn’t featuring any of the usual main stage bands this year, but I’m actually kind of stoked? This is one of the most eclectic and heavy lineups I’ve seen in a while and I’ve heard some of the side stage bands are actually pretty banging. Change is good guys.