Pantheon: Norse, Anglo-Saxon

Other Spellings/Names: Freya; Freyia; (possibly) GullveigHeid (L:V); Freo (Anglo-Saxon); Mardon, Horn, Gefn, Syr (AF:Gylf)

Edda Mentions: Voluspa (referenced); Grimnisal (mentioned); Lokasenna (speaking); Thrymskvida (speaking); Oddrun’s Lament (mentioned); Hyndluliod (star); Gylfaginning (mentioned)

Places of Worship:

Domain/Known For: Freyja gets first chosen of the slain warriors (L:G); See: Gullveig,Heid (L:V); Practices magic (L:L); Pray to her for matters concerning love (AF:Gylf)

Spouse: Od  (L:V; AF:Gylf)

Other Lovers: Freyr,(L:L); Oedi (L:Hyn) 

Children: Hnoss (AF:Gylf)

Parents: Njord,(L:L; AF:Gylf)

Servants/Animal Companions: Chariot pulled by cats (AF:Gylf), Hildsvini boar (L:Hyn)

Dwelling: Sessrumnir, in Folkvangr (L:G; AF:Gylf)

Items:Falcon cloak, Brisingamen necklace (L:T; AF:Gylf)

Other Information: Weeps red-gold tears (AF:Gylf)


Associations:Magic, Cats, Love, Sex, Fertility, War, Ladybugs, Falcons, Valkryies,  Ancestors, (possibly) Runes

Offerings:Strawberries, Volunteer work/rescue cats, Honoring ancestors, Gold things, Sex/Sexual fluids, Chocolate, Amber; Love songs (AF:Gylf)


Additional Sources: The Nordic Goddess Freyja (pdf)
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Freyja’s Cats: Perspectives on Recent Viking Age Finds in Thegjandadalur North Iceland (pdf)
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E-Shrines: Northern Tradition