Day 7: A Case, Rose-Colored Glasses 2.11

This case takes the team to Rancho Rosa to solve the murder of Shelby and Janna Vickers found dead in their car. Jane and Lisbon meet some of the former students of the class of ‘95 and find out there are several people harboring some big secrets.We also learn that Jane doesn’t think that Lisbon has changed all that much since high school. Jane causes a brawl along the way and Lisbon suggests a toothbrush for him to pack on his way to hell. :) Jane manipulates Rigsby into playing the mysterious Derek Logan by blackmailing him with the knowledge of, as Jane puts it that he and VanPelt are engaged in “an illicit affair.” Jane was also trying to solve the mystery of what instrument Lisbon played in high school. He also found out that Lisbon used to love, “More Than Words,” which leads to Jane convincing Lisbon to dance with him. <3

Dont do this. Just dont.
This person got a hold of me several days ago interested in a fursuit commission. I had given them a quote, and they accepted. They wanted to pay in full, but only had a credit card. After days of battling with paypal, they emailed me and told me that they couldn’t get their card to work. I then gave them another payment option and added them on facebook. Thankfully, I did. I went on their profile and saw that they were born in 2000. I then private messaged them and called them out.
When you fill out a quote form, there is a check box that states that you are at least 18 years of age. I also have this in my terms of services that I dont work with minors directly. DO. NOT. LIE.
In some rare cases, I will work with minors, but only if I have contact with your parents. This is done for a reason.
I dont usually call people out like this, but it seems that this person had taken their parents credit card without them knowing and was going to purchase a fursuit with it. I am SO happy it didnt go through. I am taking this as a lesson and will be more cautious of my commissioners. This is, thankfully, the only issue I’ve ever had in this nature, and I dont intend on it ever happening again.
I would like everyone to beware of this person and DO NOT let them commission you.


Why did they delete this? It’s soo cute how Lisbon is behaving:))