tiptoehappiness replied to your photoset “Spoiling little Cole”

A www, one of my great-grand abides is named after me! ��������

Well you’ll have to wait a little bit before our great-grand babies are born :p
But I was actually planning on naming the first baby girl Nicole, oops spoiler :p
So there is going to be confusion when Avery wants to call on Cole. so the 2 kiddo’s will both respond, and it’s going to be awesomeee!

simplyimaginarypeople replied to your post “VanParys - Fairbanks Family Tree”

Grinning because you called him Jonah Frankie. Not sure what his actual lastname is, but Frankie is just my name :D :D

In game his name is also Jonah Frankie, his name in the bin was something like B5_Frankie, so I kept the last name :p
But it sure sounds even more awesome that he has your name as last name! The next generation are going to be Fairbanks-Frankie’s :D