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Will try to get them out daily but im bad at shit like that :/

Still kinda dodgy on there personalities so may kinda be ooc at times, im sorry!


من يشاهد أفلام هوليوود الكلاسيكية في فترة الخمسينات والستينات ، يرى أودري هيبورن  و جيمس دين و اليزابيث تايلور . تخيل هؤلاء الأبطال في بورتريه تم دمجها مع ابطال هذا العصر  أمثال انجلينا جولي  و جورج كلوني و  غيرهم ..يظهر ذلك في سلسلة من الفن التصويري قام بها الطالب السويدي شمعون جورج ،  والذي يدرس في جامعة كونستفاك كلية الفنون والحرف اليدوية والتصميم  ..حيث كان هذا المشروع عبارة عن مشروع تخرج ..من شأنه دمج رموز السياسه او الدين او الفن او شخصيات أخرى تركت بصمه في عالمنا .. 

Shell us as hard as you want………

We’re never going to stop prostrating to the Almighty, whether it’s on carpet, or debris…
حتّى لو دمّرْتُم مساجِدَنا فإنّنا سّنسْجُدُ على رُكــامـهـا
فنحن بإصراركم على محاربة ديننا يزداد تسمكنا به

درعا المحطة | Daraa Al Mahata
مسجد الحسين | AL Hussein Mosque
أمس | Yesterday
09 12 2012

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Hey! Thanks for stopping by :D I am mohamed hope you're in the best of health btw you have a nice blog going on expect a lot of reblogs from me lol :P

Hey Mohamed, thankyou for following :D I also hope you are well , feel free to blog away :)

one day you wake up to find your house like this, and you can still keep a smile like that? you must be very strong person inside. God bless children of Syria. they light my heart so much. 
القصة في صورة ..
التقطت هذه الصورة في الصباح التالي من المعجزة التي تتكرر في بلادي كل يوم .. حتى اصبحت لا معجزة .. !
قذيفة تسقط على باب غرفة نوم للأطفال، تموت القذيفة بحقدها، ويحيا الأطفال ببرائتهم !!


I will admit, when I first found this ship, I was like “Wtf is this??? Why is this a thing???” but then I started to read fanfiction around it and omg wow I ship it. I ship it so hard, almost as hard as I ship H20Vanoss. HELP.

This is the one fanfiction that really got me into the ship:

@brocksnuckel and @jaysketchin tagged me to list my top 5 otps :o (thank youu) So here we go??

1.) Vanoo. (Bet you weren’t expecting that ;P)
Brock and Evan just have this really cute, sweet, and awkward relationship and it makes me want to cry tears of joy <33

2.) Delimoo.
Idk there’s just something about their opposite personalities + their similar little quirks that draws them together. They pick up little things from one another and i just find that really cute.

3.) BasicallyidoMoo.
I just really like the pun kings ok.

4.)WildPanda/BigJigglyCat?? (Anthony/Tyler).
I don’t know their ship name AND I’ve only recently got into these two, but i just find their Bromance really intriguing.

5.) Moogla?? I think thats their ship name? (Brock/Nogla)
I really enjoy their interactions and these two with their kind personalities really make for a v beautiful ship <33

Shoutout to:
Poly!bbs, H2oVanoo, VanooCat, MiniVanoo, LuixNogla, BasicallyidoDelirious, TerrorLadd and wayyyy too many more. Like. Its sad.

I tag: @demonicmnemonics
And anyone else who wants to do this <33

I got tagged by @brocksnuckel to do this top five ships thing. I don’t have a lot of ships atm, but dangit, I’ll try to fit five in :P

1.) Vanoo. All day, everyday. Seriously, if you looked through my google docs, you’d see at least 15+ notes for aus that are Vanoo centered.

2.) Delimoo is always adorkable.

3.) I’ve been on a Brohm kick as of late. 

4.) BasicallyIDo407 has always been my pride and joy since I got into ships for this fandom.

5.) Silent Calibre is basically my guilty pleasure of ships. It’s either angst or unrequited every time, with an occasional “idk if the other likes me, halp” scenarios.

I now tag @banana-bus-squad @@iigoeyei @bananabuslover​ for this game! :D

@tinyladdd​ tagged me to list my top 5 faves otps and I’ll take every excuse to talk about my ships that I can get so here we are. My faves change on a weekly basis but these are the faves right now:

  1. Vanoo lol big surprise there
  2. This is cheating, but for the sake of this list not just being the same three people over and over again, I’m gonna say that every combination of Brock/Evan/Tyler is number two. Tyvan, moocat, vanoocat, I’ll take it ALL
  3. Delitoonz. I arrived to this ship like a year late but hoo boy if I don’t love it now. Romantic or platonic, I don’t care, I’ll take it whichever way it’s going
  4. Delimoo is always cute <3
  5. It’s hard to pick a fifth, but I’m gonna say Tyler/Anthony since that pair has been on my mind a lot lately even though I don’t know what it’s called :P

Special mentions go to: every combination of Lui/Nogla/Droidd, & basicallyIdo407. There are many many more (I could prob do a top 20 tbh) but those are the ones I’m most passionate about <3

Tag 3 people: @averysmallkitten @iigoeyei @jaysketchin @bananabuslover @zeroyalchilly @blogmarinnakaciasuniverse

That’s more than three but I’m v curious about a lot of people’s ships so  

 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

top 5 otps

so i got tagged by @mediumladd so lmao thank

1. minicat (mini ladd / wildcat)
they will always be 300% my otp i don’t care

2. brohm (bryce mcquaid / ohmwrecker)
these two SHITS are all i’ve been writing for like weeks now and omfg

3. vanoo (vanoss / moo)
idk they’re just cute and i love them sm

4. cougar alvarez / jake jensen (i don’t know what their ship name is)
ok THESE TWO right omfg i’m convinced they’re married honestly like they are so gay and i love them

5. mchanzo (jesse mcree / hanzo shimada)
i’m sorta new to this ship but hOLY SHIt am i here for the cowman and dargon man

i guess i tag @thenewtieist @knownamenibbles and @iamwaldcat idk

@brocksnuckel and @jaysketchin tagged me to do my five favorite OTPs!! Thank you!! So here were I’m currently at with my faves:

  1. BasicallyIDo407 I’ve been thinking abt this ship for weeks
  2. Basically407Panda would tie for first too tbh
  3. Daithi De Calibre the height difference still gets me lmao
  4. Vanoo… Early Bird and Night Owl…
  5. Delimoo idk why I’m so fond of this ship but I am

Some honorable mentions would be Moocat, Pancat (BigJigglyWildcat??), and Poly!BBS (can you imagine…)

I tag: @holydemonics and the rest of the people I thought about tagging has already done it so UH

@brocksnuckel tagged me for my top 5 OTPs and it took me a while to decide, but I’ve made up my mind now! Yay! :D

1. Tyvan. They’re friendship is amazing I love this ship as a romantic or platonic ship, I soak their interactions up like a sponge. I love them so much.

2. Vanoo. Super Cute!! (Pretty much any ship with Evan in it, he has a lot of love to give and damn it, he has such amazing chemistry with everyone.)

3. Daithi de Calibre, I like opposites attract trope and they are exactly that. Lui is more out spoken of his opinions to others, while Nogla is more reserved. And, let’s be real here, their friendship is also pretty rad.

4. Terrorknuckel. This ship is so pure and sweet, it purifies my evil aura just thinking about it.

5. Tyler/Anthony. Iamjigglypanda? Bigjigglycat? Pandacat? Wildpanda? Idk, anyway, I just love that when they record together their always laughing and having a great time. Their laughs give me life. :)

I tag: @pokka-dotty @thesparrowfliessouthforships and @sataninshortshorts :D