Your Ass Is Grass, And I'm About To Mow The Lawn

Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Jonathan: *psychotic laughing*
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Luke: I mean…buy me dinner first.
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Craig: Alright. Let me just go get ready first
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
David: EAT MY ASS!…WAIT!!!!
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Lui: *squeaker voice* Can I get some gummy worms afterwards!?
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Brian: Mow your own lawn!
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Brock: *blushes and hides his face*
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Marcel: I’m done with your shit, Evan *faint blush*
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Bryce: *giggles awkwardly, and looks aside with a blush on his face*
Evan: your ass is grass, and i’m about to mow the lawn~
Ryan: You can after I mow Bryce’s.
Bryce: !!!

Vanoo. 786 words.

Felt like writing something short and fluffy a few days ago so I wrote this quick lil thing :P It’s set in an au @jaysketchin and I have been talking about a lot recently in which Lui is Evan’s baby brother (he’s about seven in this), and Evan is raising him on his own. It’s also set in space for no reason other than because we like space. Enjoy <3


Lui’s soft voice gently roused him from his sleep, but Evan wasn’t quite ready to wake up yet, and groaned quietly to himself. He knew he wasn’t winning any ‘guardian of the year’ awards by ignoring his baby brother like this, but it was hard to convince himself to get up when his bed was so soft and cosy, and the body pressed up against his back was so warm and comforting.

“Evan?” Lui repeated, and his tiny child sized hand gripped his shoulder and not-so-gently shook him. “Are you awake?”

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Okay but I always see stuff that has Evan protective of Del, but get this… Del protective of Evan.

I just… Love the idea of short!Evan (bc lets face it he pretty smol and I love it) being doted on and like, protected by a taller Del. Maybe Evan gets kidnapped one day while they’re returning from a heist or something, and Del nearly tears apart the city trying to find him. Or maybe Ev is simply just being hit on and Del is like “aw hell no he mine bitch”. 

It doesn’t even have to be Del who’s protective of Evan, nor does it even have to be shippy, I just… Love damsel in distress!Evan and I need more of it in my life. 

More angsty shit, where someone didnt get there in time and I just… HIT ME WITH THE ANGST FEELIES AND CUTE HEADCANNONS 

Moo: *looking for props*

Delirious: *laughs* He’s so dumb!

Mini: He’s so lost!

Vanoss: He’s not dumb! Don’t call him dumb! Don’t be mean!

Moo: I have feelings you know!

Vanoss: Don’t be mean! This is actually a good spot. Don’t be a dick! Don’t be a dick, okay?

jaysketchin  asked:

Wait, so if Night Owl and Early Bird are both birds, does that mean that if they help each other out when they're molting? Like one of them walks around with a broom and plastic bag for when one of them sneezes and it's just an explosion of feathers??? (I'm so happy to see you back on my dash btw, I missed you and your lovely face ;-; <33)

y e s!! ♥

bunnyandcreek  asked:

Maybe Minicat/Vanoo GTA au? Like Brock/Mini both got hurt during a heist, and Evan/Tyler get worried and/or go apeshit on the enemies? Sorry I'm not the best with prompts ;v; I really do enjoy your work though! I'll read whatever ya write <3

Title: Revenge

Pairing: Vanoo & Minicat

Rating: T

Word Count: a very short, very lame 552

A/N: I know this is extremely late in the making, and I apologize profusely for that. It’s also extremely short, which again, I apologize for. I’m not too great at writing Minicat or Vanoo, due to my lack of stories for them, but I’m hoping this will help me in the future. Anyways, take this drabble and my apologies, pls :’)



When Brock and Craig burst through the door, holding each other up and limping, covered in their own blood, the gang was surprised, to say the very least.

Not so surprisingly, Evan and Tyler were the first to their sides.

They took them to the infirmary and patched them up, each getting special care from their lover, Craig receiving a few kisses and a questioning gaze, and Brock getting the most bone crushing hug of his life.

Apparently, while they were on a simple robbing heist with Lui and Nogla, it quickly turned into a gang shootout, after their rivals showed up, showering the place with bullets.

Lui and Nogla went to their own safe house, to try to pull their enemies away from Brock and Craig, who at that point, were severely wounded and tired from the fighting.

They made their way back to the warehouse, where Tyler and Evan found them.

Tyler was furious. It was supposed to be a simple heist, and it went horribly wrong.

Evan was livid. Someone had tried to kill his Brock, successfully hurt his Brock.

But when the two exchanged glances, their lovers thought nothing of it.

Until Tyler and Evan didn’t come to bed that night.

• • •

“Whoever the fuck hurt them….”

Wildcat pulled on his mask, signaling for Vanoss to drive, who had already pulled on his signature owl mask.

The owl nodded, looking up dangerously from his mask and speaking through gritted teeth.

“They’re gonna fucking pay….”

• • •

Bloodied knuckles gripped a shirt collar, pulling hard to make a point.

Cries and begging filled the air as bones cracked, no doubt broken.

Shaky gasps mixed with painful coughs, voices long gone from the beatings.

Masks had been tossed to the side, they wanted their victims to see who was killing them. See who was exacting their revenge.

Bruises and marks, indentations from the many rings that Wildcat wore, now littered quite a few mens’ bodies, mostly their faces.

The blue eyed man dropped the body he had been pummeling, smiling at the lack of life and spitting on the fresh corpse. He looked over his shoulder to see his partner on top of another enemy, hands around a throat, pushing and squeezing until the man beneath him had stopped moving. Stopped breathing.

With a swift kick and a scowl, Vanoss was done. He removed himself from the man, standing and brushing his hands together, wiping them off.

He turned to face Wildcat, and gave a small smile, which the man in zebra pants returned rather easily.

They surveyed the damage around them, a laugh escaping Wildcat’s mouth as he noticed the ring leader of the group, a tall man dressed in a dark suit, gasping for breath and holding his side, attempting to crawl for the discarded gun just five feet away.

But, before he could reach it, his mouth became covered in blood and he began choking, oxygen blocked from entering his lungs.

The two watched in pure satisfaction as the leader exhaled for his last time, face hitting the concrete lightly.

They had shown no mercy. No remorse or guilt for their actions.

How could they, after all, it was in the name of love.

They only hoped their two favorite people wouldn’t be too upset over the damage done tonight.

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Vanoo in a mythical creature AU?

Sure! <3 How about Brock the Centaur and Evan the Owl Shapeshifter? with some bonus fairies just because angry fairy tyler is hilarious to me :P

‘Keeper of the Arcane Woods’ was not a title to be trivialised, and Brock took his role very seriously; it was his duty to protect the fairies in the forest and keep the peace (even if sometimes all that meant was splitting Tyler and Nogla up when they started bickering for the umpteenth time), and he always did his absolute best to ensure that all his friends stayed safe. It was a difficult job, but not one he had to work alone thanks to Evan who would regularly shift into an owl and watch over the woods from above, and he was eternally thankful for his partner for ensuring that he never ever had to do anything alone. 

Even now, when all he was doing was tending to an injured fairy’s wings, Evan still swooped down and perched on his antlers to keep him company, cooing softly when Brock reached up to stroke his feathers in a quiet greeting, and Brock couldn’t help but smile, grateful to have someone as caring and devoted as him. 

I heard that @banana-bus-squad sadly never got their Secret Santa gift, something that I was a victim to as well. I don’t want anyone to feel as crummy as I did, so here’s a little late gift for them to make them smile. I know I wasn’t your partner, but hopefully this makes up for your missing gift. I also know you like Vanoo, so here’s a little doodle of the two birbs being lovey dovey with each other. Please enjoy, and smile! (Style heavily influenced by @owlbooty who I also hope feels better and takes this as a gift for themselves as well, because I know they’re not having the best of times either.) ❤️❤️❤️