vanny shut up


i added shitty subs to my favorite 10 seconds of the dangan ronpa anime here u go


i’m bored and my life is persona 3 rn so i decided to color some manga panels. the left images are the originals, and the right images are my colorings of them !!! (oh god the ken one took for-frickin-ever so many shades of brown. and dont even get me started on the fucking table and chairs BUT I GOT TIRED OF DEALING WITH THEM)

might do more but they probably wont be as complicated as the ken one l o l

working on this required alcohol education program for school and

its the little things like this that make me smile. everything has been so much more…. open and accepting and great since ive gotten involved in college things and its a nice change from high school


Come one, come all! Grab a seat and get comfortable as we take a gander at this wonderful website that we call Tumblr. As we are all well aware, Tumblr posts include a tagging system. This system is wonderful!! However, sometimes users are not quite sure of how to work it. What should be tagged “no matter what”? What should I tag things on my specific blog? What things shouldn’t I tag in certain ways? Which things should I come up with special tags for, that no one else will be likely to see? All of these questions–though we all may not admit it–are rather common ones as we scroll along our dashes, especially if others we follow have posts that are well equipped with tags. Hopefully, with this post, I can help to clear up any questions you may have. (Now, please note, I am no Tumblr expert myself! Take this as some friendly advice–it is of course totally your choice whether you want to follow it or not!)

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If you are a regular on Tumblr, you have probably at least heard of “trigger warnings”. Of course, some people go a bit over the top when they are mentioned, so let’s try not to use that term here. Instead, let’s reference the media. Now, you may think of them as you will, but the media is a good example to abide by here. As a Golden Rule: If the Media believes that a thing isn’t appropriate to show to the public without a proper warning, and a post includes something of the sort, you should probably tag it accordingly! How specifically you want to warn people about things is really up to you, but generally, if a post includes the following things, you should probably tag it:

  • Graphic violence or body horror (e.g. guts, extreme gore, realistic organs, etc.)
  • Animal abuse
  • Extreme slurs
  • Quickly moving/flashing images
  • Certain issues such as rape, self-harm, suicide, etc.
  • Puncturing of the skin or any surface like it (e.g. use of syringes, needles, stabbing, etc.)
  • Common phobias (e.g. arachnophobia, claustrophobia, etc.)
  • Jump scares
  • Generally NSFW content (e.g. nudity, soft core AND hard core pornography, etc.)

Please note that this all depends on your blog as well. If your blog is specifically about spiders, for example, tagging for arachnophobia would not be necessary. But, in general, these are things that should be tagged. 

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Though this does not come up nearly as often, are there times where you should NOT tag things in certain ways? Of course. Most of the time, this simply includes spam. As you should be aware, users are able to search posts tagged with certain things to browse content. For example, to find fan art of a ship one enjoys, they can look at that tag. If one constantly spams a tag with irrelevant posts (e.g. “saw some salt today at walmart and couldnt stop thinking about my babies!! LOL XD tagged: supernatural, castiel, destiel, dean winchester, sam winchester, salt, walmart, food, babies) this can become quite an annoyance for other users! Perhaps this is the case in which one should come up with their own personal tags for things–so that you can categorize it on your own blog, but it does not interfere with others. Things that you should think twice about before tagging certain ways are:

  • Personal posts
  • Posts irrelevant to what it is tagged as
  • "Don’t reblog this. Screenshot it and tag your OTP’s” (please stop i’m begging you)
  • Hate and/or dissing the content within the tag
  • Unsourced Art (!!!)

Of course, it is perfectly fine to post to Tumblr about how much something reminded you of your OTP today! Your blog is your blog, after all. But perhaps you might want to come up with a personal post tag instead. You may have no ill intentions, but some people get very defensive of their tags, and it’s generally just not a good idea to start conflict with others when it can be avoided rather easily. Be careful!

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This is where pretty much everything else goes! Though some people may have differing opinions about whether some things should or should not be tagged, at the end of the day, YOU are the one controlling content on your blog. If you feel that for your blog, you don’t need to tag certain things, then you do not. Those who follow you should know coming in about what you do and don’t tag, and if they are uncomfortable with your choices, they can unfollow you at any time. Therefore, you should feel no obligation either way. Some things that fall under this category are:

  • Fandoms
  • Certain characters
  • Ships
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Political views (as long as the post does not include anything listed at the top!)
  • Pictures of yourself or others
  • Art
  • Audio posts
  • Personal blurbs
  • Etc.!

I hope that this post can serve as a good reference to others, and that this is generally something most people can agree on! Yet again, this is only my personal opinion in the long run, but I believe that it is good advice to abide by. Have a good day, friends. :)