How to make yourself love Pokemon you hate.

There are simple ways of doing it really. Everyone seems to hate “inanimate object Pokemon” such as Trubbish and Muk. Now while those two are confirmed to be basically radioactive mutated garbage, there are some Pokemon that look like objects, that are never stated to be objects. Such as that Vannilite line.
As you should know Vannilite and its evolved forms look like Ice-Cream. But does this mean they are literally Ice-Cream? No. Their design is just inspired by it. Here: 

Quite clearly looks like Ice-Cream. But the white creamy stuff on its head is just a layer of snow that is gets covered with due to its environment; and that layer can actually melt away.

So what am I getting at here? Well if you don’t like Vannilite because it’s “just ice-cream” or you don’t like Voltorb because it’s “just a ball”, think of it like this:
In our world, Pokemon are based on objects. In the Pokemon world, objects are based on Pokemon.
Pokedex entries state that Voltorb began to appear around the time that the Pokeball was invented. So the inventors probably would have based the Pokeball on Voltorb. And when Vannilite was discovered, they based Ice-Cream or “Castelia cones” on it.
I don’t know how to end this post