vanner horse

“I love English countryside, aged towns and villages. I can’t wait to visit again this beautiful old country! On photograph lovely cottage from XIII century (some parts dates back to XI century), located in my beloved Devon”.

Colt McCartney’s Albert, ow. Norman Scott, England 2015 © Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek

“Too Short to Ride… Horses!“
As I promised, Amethyst is riding a female Tinker (Gipsy Vanner): thanks to Anonymous for the advice! This race is perfect for her and it’s not as tall as Garnet’s horse. It has a very loooooong mane (like Amethyst) and tail and I love it!
I had lot of fun drawing this. Amethyst is having fun, too ;P
Hope you like it

Next one is PERIDOT!!!
This time I know PERFECTLY which race she ride. But I would like to know which suit you think she wears ‘cause I’m undecided.

And…. I want to thank you for all the support your’re giving me for this little crazy project!! I love you all!
(omg… hope you forgive my bad english <3 )