Day #1: Your favorite character: Meg (Hurcules) and Mushu (Mulan)

Day #2: Your favorite princess: Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph) and Eilonwy (Black Cauldron)


Did another double. I know these are really hipster choices, but both are technically Disney princesses. Black Cauldron is a great movie, a little dark, but I loved it when I was a kid. Came out in 1985. Eilonwy was never a damsel and I thought her relationship with the hero, Taran, showed a lot of parity (#sorryforthefeminism #toomuchfeminism #pitzercollege) For some newer Disney, I also wanted to honor the adorable and feisty Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph - an amazing movie with a great soundtrack. 

I love both of these princesses because they are stubborn and somewhat rebellious, but not in the bullshit Ariel way who just wants her man. They like… ACTUALLY are strong women. 


Eilonwy art by 


And blamo, the youtube version of my Epic Orchestral arrangement of Sugar Rush: ‘Sugar Rot: The Last Moments of Vanellope’ is now live!

What if the Cy-Bugs succeeded in consuming Sugar Rush?
What if Vanellope had to spend Sugar Rush’s last waking moments surviving in the husk of her world?
What would happen as she stumbled across her barely recognisable home?
The sugar all gone and nothing but the smell of ruined code the Cy-Bugs left in their wake.
How would that little girl react in such a hostile turn of events, knowing that it didn’t matter if the Cy-Bugs did get her; the world was ending anyway?

This is the image/scenario that is depicted in this music.

Enjoy and there’s a download in the video description!