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Back from my lunch… well I have been, but shut up. I would like to give a formal welcome to my 71st follower, vannehenly! Her icon is making me crap the fuck up, to be honest. She has great taste in music and TV, and you’ll find a lot of Avengers, Doctor Who, and Steve n’ Tony love on there– obviously a good haul. I also adore that theme! So if I’ve managed to entice you, please give her page a look. Thanks for the follow and I hope you like my page!

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Omg Patrick Dempsey? …….. No.

you know, when you say that someone looks alike someone else doesn’t mean that they’re like, dunno, separated twins. I mean, I’m talking about shared features (eyes, nose, that tired look they get sometimes), I found myself more than once thinking about their resemblance. It’s not blatant, you have to catch the right moment.
Anyway, it’s still Patrick Dempsey we’re talking about, I complimented the bastard.