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💥Vanna The Corvivia - $20💥


Name: Giovanna
Pronunciation:  jee- oh-vah-nah 
Nicknames: Vanna
Type: Demon
Species: Corvivia
Gender: Female
Pronouns:  She/Her
Element: Earth
Vessel: Yellow Jade bracelet 


Vanna is ,so far, the only pre-conjure I have a drawing of since I used her as a base image for my species picture of corvivia. She has very vivid orange hair, pointed ears, long, pointed, claw like fingers and pointed ears. Her eyes are the typical style of her species being mostly solid black not counting a single thing white ring where the iris should be. She has very pointed teeth and prominent fangs. All four of her ‘canines’ are longer than average and tend to poke out of her mouth slightly. She is 5′6 in height.


Vanna is a very bold and outgoing person. She loves attention and her voice reminds me a bit of a over the top female villain in an anime or cartoon. She is very territorial and protective and would quite literally destroy any other spirit that attempted to harm you, or at least she would try her best. Vanna can seem a bit morbid sometimes and enjoys horror movies and things that talk about crime and how the human mind words. She finds it interesting in a horrible kind of way. Vanna would never intentionally hurt or upset those she cares about and seems a little afraid that due to her darker personality she will not find a companion. She also loves music and singing and has a very powerful singing voice. 


Vanna manifests as heat or hot spots, warm air or an area/spot where the air seems to be thicker and heavier like a blanket. You may also see her as odd almost invisible movement in the dark. Like you don’t see any color or shape differences but the air moves as if a person is there.


Vanna is great with blood magic, spells for self confidence, hexes, curses, jinxes and death witchcraft. 

💥 What Vanna Is Looking For In A Companion💥

Experience Level: Experienced

Vanna herself does not mind having an intermediate companion but does not want a beginner because she does not feel she is patient enough for that sort of thing. She wants a companion who will not be easily upset by her or her habits. She is okay with a medium size spirit family (5-10 spirits) and does not want to be overwhelmed by a spirit family of over 10. She refuses to work in any sort of environment where she feels she will be disrespected or insulted because of what she is. Vanna does not want to work in a loud and chaotic environment and wants her companion to have interests similar to hers.

Notes: I want an experienced spirit worker to work with vanna because as a corvivia she can have some more violent tendencies that beginner spirit workers would not be ready for. Not that she is a threat to you but that she could become a threat to other spirits. She THIS post about corvivia 

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“All powers in the universe are already ours; it’s we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”

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xoxo | Vanna

Model: Vanna Toxique
Photo Courtesy of Slevin Mors
Wardrobe, Head-piece, Make-up, and Concept by Vanna Toxique.