hey guys, it’s been awhile..

as you can see, I’m no longer in my old apartment. boyfriend and I separated and I moved to Austin to be near family a few weeks ago.

it’s been a rough few weeks so any good vibes y'all can send my way, would be greatly appreciated.

love you💜

A hit to turn the mood around 😊

@lameeejaneee tagged me a couple of times, it’s always wonderful to see you 😙

Todays Tune: atlas

Hey @budmuffin, @vannabis, @coffeepotsmokin, @cannabisblisss, @cannaqueer, @stonerjpeg, @stoned-adventurer, @qushqween, @fairy-pot-mother, @ohhighalex, @indig0sunflower. @glittertokes, @spaced-queen, @haywood-you-give-me-hamilton, @bbylungx, @dudeletsflyaway, @seasonsgreenings, @thesquidbat! Come take a hit with me! 🍃🔥💨❤

tagged by @babybaked & @hon3ybuds so here’s a quick bong rip before I lay down c:
would love to see @yourlovelymonstrosity @can1getahit @vannabis @qushqween @dabakin-cloudblower @hallucin8 @stoned-babydoll @bake-at420 @trippy-hippyy @rambunctiousrump & @jesssimaginex3 💘💘💘


know any good places to buy a bong?

I broke mine yesterday morning & am in the market to buy another pretty damn soon. ✌🏼

Please, help me outtttt.

@godshideouscreation & @angryreeferqueen tagged me to stop drop and take a hit, so here it is. I want to see @gorgeousganjagirl @vannabis @lilacsatin @theunidentifiedstoner & @weed-breath take a hit :)