@denvercaphilldabber tagged me to take a hit a while ago, and it’s taken forever for me to post this hit of Chem 4 Crumble. It refused to work over and over again in video form, so here it is in gif form. I’d like to see @vannabis @littlegh0stt @pr0digee @bakedandborderline @baked-bbw @trippy-hippyy @dabcandycannabis @kiefeon @godshideouscreation @dab-magi & @ladyabigale take a hit :)

Hiii :D @chocolatemamashighdeas tagged me to stop, drop, &take a hit so here’s a vid from the pool last night xD umm I’d like to taggg @coffeepotsmokin @bongtokingprincess @kawaiidabber @stoneroftheshire @weed-breath @earlymorningbonghits @suckmybigbong @cummy-eyelids & I’d like to tag some peeps I started following recently! @vannabis @choking0ndaisies @weedstop @dazedandhigh & @lifeisarukkus