vanna smiled at you

Summary: Sometimes there are days in your life when you get extremely lucky. Days when you meet someone who changes your life in ways you can’t imagine. Someone who you fell in love with the first time you laid eyes on them. Those days become the beginning of forever.

A Calum Hood Fan-Fic By: kylielo22


Part 1:

Here’s the thing about long distance relationships. They suck and they’re hard. What makes it worse is that she’s dating someone who is taking on the world. Calum Hood. There is so much that goes into a long distance relationship with a famous band member. For example, you need a lot of trust. Not only that, but you also need to be supportive of how far the band has come. However, the hardest one for many long distance relationships is communication. Time zones play a huge factor. You could be all the way across the world, and you’d have to figure out how to make things work. In fact, you’d have to find a way to make anything work in a long distance relationship. Many times, the relationships never work out. However, this one managed to stay strong throughout everything that has happened since Savannah started to date Calum. So, let’s take a look through their journey.

It all started two years ago, when Savannah had taken a journey to Australia. She had been saving up for quite some time, hoping to one day get to her dream vacation with her friends Kylie and Claudia. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she boarded her flight. She didn’t care if she had the worst seats on the plane, as long as it could get her to Sydney. 

Hours passed and she had finally arrived. She practically ran off the plane, knocking almost everyone over as she got into the airport. She smiled to herself as she looked outside the windows, taking everything in. A few minutes later, she found her bags and got a cab to her hotel. She smiled brightly as she got there. She was lucky enough to have parents that met her half way for her trip to Australia. As long as she could pay for her ticket and still have a little left over on the side, they would handle the rest. She walked over to the receptionist to check in. 

“Hello! I just wanted to check in. My last name is Mckenzie. First name Savannah.” She smiled politely as the receptionist pulled up the information.

“Good day, Ms. Mckenzie. Your room number is 542. Please enjoy your stay.” The receptionist handed her the room key. 

Savannah kindly took it and headed towards the elevator. She still couldn’t believe she was here. It felt like a dream. She pinched herself, just in case. To her delight, she didn’t wake up from anything, and could feel the pain. She sighed in relief. As she found her way around the halls, she finally got to her room. She opened the door and to much of her liking, saw that the room had a view of the beach, and a small park nearby. She decided that she should message her parents to tell them she had arrived safely. 

After she talked with her parents, she left the hotel to explore and go to the park. Luckily, she wasn’t incredibly jet lagged. She walked around the the area, noticing that the block had a convenient amount of shops and restaurants. 

Street after street, she finally reached her destination. The park. It was lovely weather, so she pulled out her camera and started taking pictures of the scene. There were beautiful blue skies with no clouds, the sun was shining, giving a wonderful natural filter, and the air smelled of the ocean. As she made her way further into the park, she noticed singing. She followed the voices and came across some boys singing and playing guitar. She instantly recognized them, as she had been watching their YouTube channel for quite some time. She smiled to herself and took a seat to listen in. She bobbed her head rhythmically to the music, as she sang along in her head. 

A couple of more songs later, they were finally finished. She stood up and made her way towards them to tell them that they were really good. She suddenly felt a little nervous, given that she had a crush on one of the bandmates, Calum Hood. She shook off the jitters and got to them. 

“Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that you guys are really amazing. Your harmonies are really good and the relationship you guys have with each other is really admirable.” she managed to keep her composure as Calum looked towards her.

“Awww! Well thank you! That’s really kind of you to say. We’ve been working really hard on this. To be recognized by a pretty lady like yourself is awesome.” he smiled at the nervous girl and held out his hand. “I’m Calum. These are my mates Luke, Ashton, and Michael. It’s a pleasure to meet you…”

“Savannah.” she interrupted him. “But you could call me Vanna if you like.” she smiled and shook his hand, as well as the other members of the band. 

“Well thank you again for your kind words, Vanna. Pardon me, but I noticed that you aren’t from around here… are you?”

“No, I’m actually not,” she looked down at her hands, twiddling her thumbs. “I’m from America, actually. My parents let me come alone, seeing as my friends are meeting me here in a few days.”

“Luckily for you, I would be willing to show you around Sydney if you’d like.”

Vanna blushed a little and simply nodded. “I’d like that.”

“Well then it’s settled! I’ll show you around right now! The other boys can show your friends around when they get here. It’ll be fun! Come on!” Calum grabbed her hand and ran towards the streets.

Hours passed and they couldn’t stop talking to each other. The spark had lit instantly. It was exciting for Vanna, especially since she thought he was so amazing. It was exciting for Calum as well, having a friend that’s a girl. One who found him talented. 

They lost track of time. Everything seeemed to be moving in slow motion. To them, it felt like they were the only ones there. They had never felt this way with anyone before. It seemed odd to them, but maybe that’s how it felt when you were with someone that you were meant to be with. 

Giggling, Calum looked back at Vanna, as they exited the carnival. “It’s getting late. Maybe I should get you back to your hotel.”

She chuckled and nodded. “Thanks for today, Calum. I had a lot of fun.” she smiled at him slightly as he grabbed her hand. 

They made their way back to the hotel slowly, but surely. He wanted to spend more time with her, but there was never enough time in the day. He held her close as the wind started to pick up. 

She looked up at him and asked, “Could I tell you something?” 

He simply nodded his head as he listened to her voice. It sounded like an angel to him. 

“I’ve been a pretty big fan of you guys for a while. In fact, my friends that are coming are fans as well. Would it be a problem if we could all hang out sometime?” she asked a bit intimidated by him, seeing as she could talk for hours about Calum to her friends. They never minded, seeing as they could go on about Luke, Ashton, and Michael as well.

“Of course Vanna! That would be awesome!” he said excitedly, knowing he would now be able to see her again. “I’m going to give you my number. That way you can call me when they’re here, and we can all chill. My mates are going to have a blast. I promise.” 

She smiled at him, putting the number in her phone. She called his cell, so he would have her number as well. “Well I will see you soon, Mr. Hood.” 

He nodded at her and kissed her cheek lightly. “Thanks for letting me show you around, Vanna. Have a good night.” he turned his back and walked away, even though he didn’t want to leave her so soon. It was odd, developing feelings for someone he just met. But he couldn’t help but feel like he needed to snatch her up before anyone else did. He couldn’t bare to see her with anyone else. He couldn’t shake the thoughts running through his mind. That night, he fell asleep thinking about her, butterflies forming in his stomach. He knew he would have to talk to his band mates about this. He needed advice. He wanted to be someone that she would want to date. Not just someone she was a fan of. He woke up the next day, grinning. He knew that he was one day closer to her friends arriving in Sydney, and that meant they would hang out again soon. 

And he couldn’t wait to see her again.