@ Red Nephilim


Some people turn in disgust at a tan-skinned girl with black hair no older than 16 as she taken a sip from her soda. Walking through the streets of the city called Limbo. She smiles under her navy hoodie attached to her short sleeve short jacket as she continues to walk, taking a break off. Her converse walks over the paved streets as she glances at the artwork on the walls. Nice!

Vanity"Ink"Vanguard. That’s her name. Ink keeps drinking her favorite soda, Dr.Pepper Diet as she enjoys herself on a walk through the city. Ink rolls her shoulder, happy to be relax right now.

humanfuckass RP: Hello there

An young girl no older than 16 was walking among the crowds inside the park of a perfect normal warm weather. To people ti was weird that this girl was wearing black. Grey t-shirt, black short jacket, black jeans and grey converse. Listening to her ipod filled with rock music.

Something catches her grey eyes on a specif individuall who is playing the guitar.

jackie--estacado-types RP: My apprentice

The young light brownish skinned girl woke up, yawning as she got into shower and within 5 mintues she got out then dresses into a black t-shirt and black jeans. Got her trademark short jacket with a anarchy symbol on its’ back before she goes downstairs, she turns on the TV and watches the reakin news about an infamous youth gang called The Rotguts. 

A gang terrorizing communities with no mercy. Frowning, wondering if they’re demonic or not, she goes downstairs to check on Jackie and how is he doing.

@ thebearerofyamato : The D.B.T

“Ugh…” Ink groans as she flutters her eyes open to see an girl with long brown hair in rounded glasses as Ink can see her green hues. 

“Ophelia…” Ink groans as she felt sore as she looks to the witch doctor, Ophelia.

“Ink, don’t try to move.” Said Ophelia as her hands were glowing light green over Ink’s wounds. 

“What happened?” Asked Ink closing her eyes.

“Senkai brought you here.” Ophelia answered. 

“Senkai… wait…WHERE IS HE?!"Asked Ink as she instantly sat up but only to wince at her wounds."Don’t try to move!” Ophelia cried as she tries to calm her down. Ink was now thinking on where the man in blue went.

“So what do you think of this place?” Asked Senkai to the man about location whereas it’s a abandoned large factory within the abanboned district.

@ thebearerofyamato III
The next morning, the DBT members were sleeping within their rooms as they were sleeping due to the hard training of the blue-clad man,Vergil. Everyone was glad that that yesterday test AND training was over. The teens have the cuts and bruises due to speed test and real sparring against him. But! Thanks to Ophelia, the fraction’s healer, they were happy that their wounds were taken care of. For now..

The teens were sleeping peaceful as they were enjoying their rest as there were snoozes and snorting from each room. That is until…

@ thebearerofyamato

An young girl no older than 16 was walking through the dark streets as she leaves from the abandoned building where the ceased screams have been silent. Blood was on her face and on her grey tee, as black bangs covers her eyes under her dark navy hood. Wearing a short jacket hood with short sleeves and wearing dark jeans and grey converse. 

Another gang down. Few more to go.” She thought as she keeps on walking as her medium sword is dripping in blood. The girl takes a look at it then shrugs. Oh well, it going to get clean. Taking out her iPhone, messaging her friends about the update on the mission. 

“Wow. Guess, we have three to take down.” The girl said out loud. The girl yawns. She needs to get a can of soda…

beersexpizza RP: Dragon

A girl no older than 16 was walking in the streets. She has light brown skin as she wears a black short jacket with short sleeves and  a hood over her black hair as her bangs conceals her grey hues.

Wearing black jeans and converse, she continues to walk as she has earphones on her ears, syncing herself to the beat of metal. She continues to walk, minding her own business as she walks towards the checkpoint. 

Her name is Vanity Ink Vanguard. A teenager who turn demon to escape the world’s problems for good and maybe try to fix it at least. She goes to the checkpoint to mess up a warehouse by stealing their products or vandalized it. 

She wonders what her friends are doing, right now. Hoping they didn’t start the fun without her. 

royal-guard-nero RP: Bank Heist Of the Demons

Ink and her friends decided to rob a bank. Due to legalized frauds of a rich businessman named Flint Scump, who elimates local business using frauds and scams to get into more power. Since the regular authority cannot touch him, these demons can.

“ Ok, whose got the watch?” Asked Ink. Everyone has one expect one.

“ Dude.. why?”

“ I forgot..” Said Gerald. 
“ You always need a watch, Gerald!” Said Fireleo who rolls her eyes. 

“ It’s not my fault.” Said Gerald then the two continue to argue then a voice silences them all.

“Hey,hey,hey! We about to rob the most richest scumbag in the town!” Said a boy named Navarro.

“ He’s right. We all know our code names right?” Asked Ink. Everyone nodded, even though their names are just their demon names, it’s a caution if anyone in particular knows them.  The teens enters into the banks wearing their causal normal outfits. Each one of the seven take positions  Then Gerald bumps into Rust, dirty blonde boy, each of them give each other the angry look.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Navarro hissed.“ Don’t you two screw up!” In a low voice. Then as Ink signals, everyone puts on their masks and drew their guns.

EVERYONE GET DOWN!!”  Ink roared demonic with her dragon mask. Navarro takes out the sercuirty bank guards as Gerald hits them over the head as Hellmare, the Abarbic girl is aiming her assualt rifle at people to get down. All are on the floor but one escaped.

The ciziten was fleeing in terror as he bumps into someone in peculiar.

@ dante-lazyassdemonslayer

An girl no older than 16 was lost and now starting to rub her arms as her skin was having the goosebumps. She breathe out cold air as her nose was a little red. Damnit.. she just explore the city from splitting up from her friends and now lost. Since when the temperature is below 30 or something? She thought

She sneezes. “Oh man…"Ink said, she didn’t think as the cold was getting on her nerves like literally on her nerves. Ink rushes inside into a nearby shop without hesitation or knows what’s it about.The girl shivers as her teeth chatters. 


An humanoid giant than a tree was petite as black hair covers her eyes as she has big jaws with big sharp teeth but unlike other giants was that her bottom jaw was indigo which the blue trail was trailing to her front side all to the abomanded. She smokes out black ash then a breath after as she carries two boys on her each shoulder.

One was Fosh, a black-skinned boy with dreadlocks drawing out a map and another which is fair-skinned with messy black hair named Navarro looking out for anything in the distance which includes the giants.

“Hey Van Ink! Stop.” Said Navarro to the titan. The titan named Van Ink or just for short, Ink stops as Navarro points to a abandoned house next to the big forest. Ink blinks as she lowers to her knees and lifts up the roof of the house..

“No one is here…"Fosh said. 

"I’m going down there!” Said Navarro as Navarro carefully slides down from Ink’s shoulder to arm then lands onto the house’s floor. 

thedevilswillcry RP: Office Vandalism

Midnight was time within a tall tower which is corporate office building, 18 floors. Then going up into the middle floor, the 8th floor. Paper balls were thrown around as desks were flipped over as printing and copying were misused. A girl no older than 16 was playing with her friends by throwing paper balls as her two other friends were playing with office chairs y riding down the office. What were they doing?

Vandalizing the office as the teens decided to violate the office with spray painting, spit balls, and using fire extinguishers to make a mess to prove a point. 

Metal objects were rusted as some were torn apart. 

“ Hey Ink! Heads up!” Said a black-haired teen to the same girl who have tan skin and black hair which is covered by her black hood attached to short black short sleeve jacket as she dodges a paper ball from one of her friends. She takes cover as she has black jeans and her footwear is grey Converse.

“Thanks Navarro!” Said Ink giving her a friend a thumbs up. This was the best vandalism night they ever have.

reddevilbuster RP: Let's Rock!

Times changed, teenagers began to lose faith in humanity and it’s society. They gave up their humanity to become something more and be more free from errors of society. 

Now demonic teens decided to trash a human mansion owned by richest man of the neighborhood by throwing a party. Inviting demon and human youth to participate  by having the great fun for once. Being free from society and their expectations.

Unlike some so-called teen parties, there were no drugs or beer. It was prohibited.  Popular cliques, and gossip were not allowed. That’s for melodramatic clubs. People who are outcasts, bullied, and anything that is label as not normal are invited. The nerds, the goths, the rappers,the outsiders, the geeks, the skateboarder punks, the outcasts, and such. 

Teens were doing graffiti, pranks, dares, stunts and anything you see on funniest shows on MTV. The teens were on sugar rushes when doing these things. 

Two boys with demonic aura are guarding the entrance even though they are talking with their friends. 

dantesheaven RP: The Vandal and The Hunter

A girl no older than 16 was walking in the streets. She has light brown skin as she wears a black short jacket with short sleeves and  a hood over her black hair as her bangs conceals her grey hues.

Wearing black jeans and converse, she continues to walk as she has earphones on her ears, syncing herself to the beat of metal music. She continues to walk as she had a goal in mind. 

Her name is Vanity Ink Vanguard. A teenager who turn demon to escape the world’s problems for good and decided to use her powers to clean up messes left behind by the society. Continue on her way to her fraction’s meetup, she drinks her Dr.Pepper.

She and her fraction were responsible for the vandalism of factories throughout the area because of underpaid abused workers. 

After that, they have fought the cops by beating them brutally leaving them only with broken bones and concussions. After meeting them up and planning how to ruin the factory called Metal Mines, it was typically easy. Search and screw shit up!

Ink and her five friends went into the factory to have vandalism fun begin


A light-skinned girl no older than sixteen was walking down the streets. It was chilled night, nothing too serious or such in the matter. Vanity “Ink” Vanguard breathes out the hot air from her mouth just to get warm by rubbing her hands against each other. Ink didn’t notice until she hears a motorcycle coming up.

avengette RP: A Teen Party Of Freedom

In a town where mostly of the population is more youth than ever and whereas crowd of teens was surrounded two teens handing out papers. Invitations to a party to a mansion up hill above the suburban area of Badge Hills. The invitation was only to teens and young older no older than 25. It was free as it was stated that all the meals such as pizza, milkshake, wings,chips, soda and candy was on the hosts hosting this party for the teens.

There were called the DBT. Demon Blood Tears whom did the impossible, take the rich’s mansion and throw a party to punish them and also getting away with it. Everyone hears of this group who are also against the flawed system and inequality encomonic system.There was a rumor that the teens were not human but it didn’t matter. It aspires people to do the same as they talk about the DBT's accomplishments. 

The two teens are also allies or members of the DBT. They were called Rust and Fireleo.

“Guys! This is a free kickass party of the year. Come and get it until it sold outs

@ deepest--blue

An teenager girl in a short navy hoodie was in unfamiliar place within the dark alleys as she was dusty, bloodied and battered while other like her peers were towering over her as they laughed and sneered at her, kicked the grime at her eyes.

She was growling as the devil within her was beginning to let lose but can’t stay consciousness. Her teeth sharps, her grey hues flashes brightly then growls. Minutes pass as Ink was limping across the street to alley to alley,then her sight begins to blur and was losing her balance.


Within the streets of a city called Death City, laughing was heard as a young petite girl in her teens was exploring the city by going to rooftop to rooftop. Vanity “Ink"Vanguard was traveling with her friends and now spilt up to tour around this unusual city. So far, it’s cool. She wonders if there’s anything interesting here. She wonders why it was called Death City. At first, it sounded bad before she got here so now it wasn’t so bad. It’s just like any other city.

Ink stops at the edge of the roof, glancing around, wondering if there’s pizzeria nearby. Ink stretches as she yawns. She wonders what’s next.

@ rukondistrictkingabarai

Boom! Thud!

An crash was heard then for an moment the dust has cleared within a mysertious place as two figures were on the ground and trying to stand up.

“Navarro! Are you okay?"A brown-skinned girl coughed as she tries to look for her friend. 

"I’m okay!” A fair-skinned boy replied as he coughs out the smoke.“Where the fuck are we, Ink?"Asked Navarro. The girl, Ink looks up and looks at the surroundings around them.

"This isn’t part of Japan, I have ever seen."Said Navarro.

"Yeah.” Ink replied. “We need to look for anyone who knows this place around here."Said Ink."Also we need to find our friends if they crash-landed somewhere…"Ink said as she and Navarro walks throughout the place. Ink then sees a group of people dressed in black robes.

"We should ask them!” Asked Ink.

“I"m not sure but be careful, Ink.” Navarro warns her, Ink shrugs it off then goes to the group.“Hey!” Ink held out a wave.

@ smoke-and-spraypaint

Crap,crap, crap! She cursed mentally as her gray converses were picking up the pace as a young tan-skinned teen was running away from the authorities. The reason? For vandalism. Not just any type of vandalism, it was destruction of property of an government office. She split up and was separated from her friends due to the police chase.

Grey hues were frantically scanned for any escape route. She grins under her black hoodie as she darts into the alley, then jumps up onto the roof with little effort. 

“See ya later!"Vanity "Ink "Vanguard turned and shouted at them then runs off only to stop herself to see a stranger,"What th-"But- she didn’t finish as she crashes into balcony glass then hits the floro after she tripped. "Ow…"She said, laying on the floor.