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where did this vanity fair info come from? i'm starting to doubt they'll release something today

It came from a senior editor’s cryptic emoji usage on Twitter in relation to the subject. To be fair, I only blame myself for getting hyped. I shouldn’t trust authority figures not to play games with our hearts. There’s still a slim possibility of the photos being released today, but suffice to say my hopes dwindle further with every minute that passes.

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Maybe we'll get the vanity fair photo's on Revenge of the 5th instead since they seem to be going for the more darker theme with the last jedi with the red font which is a homage to the red font titles used for Revenge of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith. So maybe they'll come out tomorrow instead. (I know I'm being hopelessly desperate and wishful rn

Maybe, but I’m avoiding pinning my hopes on any specific date now - it’s a recipe for disappointment. We will get the photos, we just don’t know when.

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I'm so mad I thought they were going to release something today wtf 😭😭😭

Aww, don’t be too upset! May the Fourth has never been good for new info, tbh. As a rule it’s pretty much always about nostalgia and looking back, rather than looking forward. The Vanity Fair photos are coming - we just don’t know when.

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This is currently my facebook coverphoto. 

“I’m a firm believer in Karma and I think this situation was attracted into my life because it was supposed to be a huge learning experience for me to grow and expand as a spiritual human being. I see myself being like and Angelina Jolie, but even stronger, pushing even harder for the universe and for peace and for the health of our planet. God didn’t give me these talents and looks to just sit around being a model or being famous. I want to lead a huge charity organization. I want to lead a country for all I know.”

-Alexis Neirs