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All the Vanity you need comes in a box.

I’m turning 21 in two weeks and I’ve started thinking about actually getting a proper skincare regime (mind you, I’m one lazy person when it comes to skin care). Turning 21 feels like such a milestone, not forgetting old, that I fear to think of the day when those pesky wrinkles start peeking through. Yes, I’m that paranoid.

I came across these beauty boxes some time back and thought it was a complete marketing genius! Think about it. It’s a whole box of the latest beauty products that would be delivered straight to your doorstep for a certain amount of money each month. It’s like receiving a surprise in the mail every single month! No girl could resist that.

Well, I couldn’t say no to Vanity Trove so they sent me one of their beauty boxes that was specially packaged for the month of January, all festive for the New Year and all.

External image

External image

Oh, they nailed it. This is a new beginning for me.

External image

Each month, Vanity Trove includes a different set of products in the box that may consist of brands you’ve never heard of before. If like me, you don’t understand some of the foreign instructions you could always head here where there’s a detailed write up on each product included in the trove. It’s pretty nifty!

External image

I’m pretty excited to try out these Yadah products (was sold from the packaging alone). They’re based on natural plant extracts and are geared towards the young adult crowd, so apparently they’re supposed to be exceptionally gentle on the skin. I hope that’s true.

Not only do these beauty box subscriptions work perfectly for beauty junkies, it also works for those who are still learning about this complicated world of beauty. You don’t have to subscribe for a year, you could simply try one trove.

One trove is all you need to get the ball rolling.

‘cause you might just get hooked!

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Like Kinder Surprise

Just came in the mail yesterday afternoon! Was pleasantly surprised as it was totally unexpected. Didn’t know who it was from till I found a lil handwritten note from Victoria on behalf of Chic Kiss Love + Vanity Trove for attending The Fashion Uprising event.

Thanks Chic Kiss Love + Vanity Trove for the goodies! Can’t wait to use them and am looking forward to the next event at the end of the year!

Starting 2014 right with Vanity Trove

External image

2014 is the year I turn 23 and as far as beauty regimes go, I’m not the most dedicated, lazy even. The idea of keeping to a set system and routine bores me and I’ve learnt that the only way to keep me going with skincare is to constantly try something new. So that is where Vanity Trove comes in handy with their personalized curated boxes of beauty samples - true saviour!

This time round, the tresses get a little experimentation with Redken and Sebamed while I try the much talked about snail slime (who knew slime could be a worthy skincare ingredient) and a L'Oreal anti-spot brightening essence to remove traces of 2013’s mistakes (i.e. popping zits). Throw in a black eyeliner by Dejavu and I’m all uppity about the new year because black and liner is my undebatable poison that creates serious heart palpitations without warning.

So here’s to experimentation, good skin and no unfortunate side effects. And if I can just add a little bit of caution here for those of you me, who don’t cleanse off traces of makeup religiously every night because after a night of drinks, who even has an ounce of energy to grab a cotton swab? Well you should. Here’s the big deal: going cleanser free for 30 days is akin to adding on a decade of aging to your face, 10 saggy years on that beautiful face of yours, ten

Let’s pray on that, shall we. 

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My “Summer Days” are officially starting, thanks to Vanity Trove Indonesia.

If you don’t know already about Vanity Trove, you must’ve missed my previous post here

And… never a better day to open my trove at the beginning of June, known as the holiday season (thanks to school holidays). As I’m preparing my family holiday, my monthly beautiful surprises, surprised me once more. Their June 2013 edition theme is “Summer Days” and filled with beauty goodies to company me throughout my holiday with my lovely boys.

Instead of all samples sizes, lucky me, I’ve got three real sizes this month. They are: Lioele Nail Color (and the color name is “Bikini Pink”), Wink Kiss Premium False Lashes and Masami Shouko Powder Puff. And…I’ve got myself a voucher worth Rp100K to try Natural Dreamlash at Brow Studio by Anggie Rassly (I definitely going to use this voucher soon, and I’ll review about the result later-so stay tune).

The rest of the items inside the pretty box are: Spa Essentia Salt Bath, Lancome Visionnaire & Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, Clarins Double Serum, Lioele BB Cream and Zap Underarm Brightening Cream.

Envy me? Don’t. Just be a part of the Vanity Trove Indonesia’s troops because it is that simple to subscribe: just click here to get your special price. You just sit there and relax, wait for them to come knocking at your door every month to be enjoyed. Because that’s what beauty is all about, to be enjoyed. 


Got this last week. The first ever edition of Vanity Trove Indonesia.

Beauty box ini kurang lebih sama kaya’ subscription boxes laennya. Dengan Rp. 180.000 perbulan, kita akan dikirimin beauty box berisikan 6 sampe 8 deluxe sample produk kecantikan.

What I got:

SilkyGirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner - already had one, never actually used it. Jadi yg dari Vanity Trove ini saya kasih ke co-worker aja. She’s been eyeing it, so I thought that would be nice to give it to her.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - I love!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus 

Elise Eyelashes - selalu gagal pake bulu mata palsu, jadi ga begitu excited begitu tau klo bulan ini dapet produk ini. Tapi pilihan false lashes-nya natural, I might gonna give it a try.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

Juicy Couture Peace, Love & Juicy - gave it to my co-worker since she loved it and I didn’t.

OVERALL: I don’t hate it. 

Berharap dapet Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm-nya, but ah well… I do know that I’m loving the hand & foot cream.

Get Snap Blingo! - Vanity Trove's Influencer Event

How many of you remember playing this game  of chance called Bingo? Where players are required to match the randomly called number with the numbers on a pre-printed card or a self-made card. The aim of the game is to get a specific pattern on the 5 X 5 cards from these randomly called numbers. When the winner achieved that, he or she is required to call out the word “Bingo!

Well last month, Vanity Trove managed to create the event, Get, Snap, Blingo! using the wonderful concept of Bingo. 

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Hello Personalized Beauty Boxes | Vanity Trove

Let’s face it, the monthly beauty boxes we once adored are now lying deep in the crust of earth, hidden from view. Who wants to receive boxes with samples that may or may not be applicable to them – does wrong skin condition or shade ring a bell?

The number of times I’ve received shades-too-light bb creams. Horror. I’d rather not look like a pale faced zombie, even though zombies are all the rage and can supposedly become human again ala Warm Bodies. 

External image
Instead, I’d prefer receiving products I desperately want and are relevant to me, which is only possible through a personalized trove. To revel in this beauty insight, open up an account, fill in your beauty profile (from skin tone to hair colour) and watch as the recommendations flow in. Then, for every SGD$25, choose up to 6 items and have them delivered to you within the week. This is speedy beauty for ya’.

External image
Delve deeper and interact with other users to understand what works for them based on reviews or spy on products they’re lemming to put on their actual beauty table, without any of the awkward psst psst gossip. This way, Vanity Trove becomes a beauty social network where you can discover the next cult product, all in one place at your fingertips. 

Oh, remember the days you would squeal & count your lucky stars when a shop assistant throws in a sample sachet (or bless her heart, two)? Well, consider those days prehistoric. Vanity Trove is working to provide more full sized samples that are worth every buck you spent on the trove. From skincare to makeup, these personalized beauty boxes are on track to be the next fad in the constantly fleeting beauty world.

External image
My personal trove came with 6 items, 3 full sized items and the other 3 being decently sized samples. Till the next shake up in beauty comes along, you know where I’ll be. Also, just putting it out there - this would also be the ideal place to pour your sorrow in after a bad day. Whichever your reason, VT is your go to. No judgment. 

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When it feels like opening a Pandora’s box with all the beauties inside. Read on.

As blogger, I’m lucky to try out different new beauty products before they even launch to public. But I can imagine being one that eager to try but spending cash for a full size beauty product which totally new (as in we never tried them ever before), is too much to ask. This familiar situation was read by Harumi Sudrajat, fellow beauty blogger and her friends.

On a beauty day out (a lovely pampering event) exclusively for Fimelahood Bloggers United last Tuesday, me and fellow blogger were introduced to Vanity Trove Indonesia. For those who’s unfamiliar with the Vanity Trove, allow me to put it this way: you subscribe monthly for a certain amount of money, and depends on how long you’ll subscribe, you’ll receive a package of sample beauty products from skin care to makeup at your very own door by the end of the month.

Previously available in neighbor countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, now you can subscribe for Vanity Trove Indonesia. “In Singapore, they already running for a year and currently sending out 6000 boxes every month. We want to take this beauty experience in Indonesia to the next level with Vanity Trove Indonesia. You can try out different beauty products without leaving home, by just a click away. The whole experience is that efficient and super exciting,” explained Harumi. She also chatted with me how she used to be a member of Vanity Trove Singapore, and she herself experience that excitement of opening the trove every month.

Vanity Trove Indonesia’s very 1st edition (for May 2013) will be available for 200 troves only, and here’s how to get your own trove of surprises:

  • Subscribe before 14th each month
  • Redeem your exclusive gift code (exclusive for my fabulous blog readers): “SHINTARO”. Click here.
  • Starting from 25th to 31st you can expect that pretty troves right at your door.

So, what are you ladies waiting for? Go on become a Vanity Trove subscriber and indulge yourself. 

Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening | Fairness or Radiance?

Let me lay some points out on the table before I begin this proper. I am in no way interested in being fairer or as white as a sheet or porcelain. Radiance? yes. 

That’s that. Now, on to the good stuff. It’ll be a quickie but a goodie. 

External image
Vanity Trove’s April box had a little range of Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Whitening products and boy was I a happy camper to pack these along for my little trip. 

Open up the drawstring and you’ll find a smoothing cleanser, a BB cream and some night capsules, all from their Visible Whitening range. As a virgin to the Elizabeth Arden skincare range, this was a treat I couldn’t resist and had to get my manicured hands on ‘em. I say manicured but I really mean (diy)manicured. 

External image

Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser
Test drove this for a few weeks now & honestly, this has succeeded in giving my tired little face a much needed radiance boost. It’s the cleanser I’ll keep for days when I’m absolutely dreading school or work but somehow need to look refreshed or risk scaring the commuter next to me.

Still, I won’t be a convert to this cleanser, because let’s face it, I love trying out new cleansers. People might think I have severe commitment issues. Maybe.

Visible Whitening UV Shield BB Cream
Ever since, BB creams came out, I knew they weren’t meant for me or for the other brown-skinned girls. BB creams are just formulated in really really light shades, almost pale at times. We just don’t go together. 

While, I wasn’t all bouncy to try EA’s BB Cream, I gave it a go anyway and may all mysteries be solved because this thing blended seamlessly into my skin tone. I’m not sure how, but it did not give me a ghost like layer and instead created a nice balanced complexion. Additionally, as most BB creams go, this one wasn’t oily or heavy on the skin & with SPF 30, it’s a good sunblock too. I’m truly awed. Will be finishing these up & might just invest in a full sized one. You’ve got me Elizabeth Arden!

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to try the capsules but will give them a whirl soon and update this.

Can I just say, Vanity Trove has opened up a whole treasure box of beauty brands for me and I’m basically going nuts trying them all. It’s a maze, I’ll probably not get out of. Or don’t want to. Heh. 

Destination Beautiful

The lovely gals at Vanity Trove invited me for their Phillip Wain event last night held at United Square. I brought my momma along for the ride since I knew she would probably enjoy it.

Vanity Trove organized a clever fun-filled yet informative walkthrough of the club presenting us with a little passport which we had to collect stamps at the various stations. What’s more at the respective stations we got our skin analysis, body composition analysis, workout demonstration and even pampered with the trial treatments available.

The event began at Philip Wain’s garden terrace filled with lovely table treats but I absolutely loved the little cocktail! Yummy!

Covering most of the fourth floor of United Square, the premises was large enough to cover a gym, treatment rooms, a dance studio, a yoga studio, a locker and shower area, a garden terrace and a juice bar! If you had a whole day to yourself, Phillip Wain would be one of those ideal places to head to pamper and improve your overall wellness.

Our last stop was trying out the trial Body Con Therapy treatment where masseus Bebe gave a shiokers massage. It’s been a while since I’d had a massage so I was definitely enjoying every minute of it.

After completing the our passports, we were rewarded with a complementary treatment which I’m looking forward to. On top of that we received a bag full of Vanity Trove/Phillip Wain goodies.

As their tagline suggests, it really was beautiful surprises in a box. I was really surprised by the amount of goodies that I immediately laid them all out on the bed when I got home. A good range of brands including Clarins, SKII, Laneige and Chloe just to name a few.

So for those who love beauty products and have not heard of Vanity Trove listen up! Vanity Trove works on a subscription where as a member, an indulgent surprise trove of goodies will be delivered to your home every month to pamper yourself with. For more information and/or to join head over to

I would like to thank Tiffany and the rest at Vanity Trove for the invite, it was a great event which I enjoyed thoroughly together with my momma.

5 Favourite Beauty Products from Vanity Trove

Have been receiving a couple of Vanity Troves recently and I’m not gonna lie, I love getting a chockfull of beauty products to experiment and try out. Every month has been a real treat and I figured it’s about time I shared what I’ve been adoring from all the troves I’ve gotten so far!

In case, you don’t already know, Vanity Trove is basically a beauty box subscription where for a certain amount, you receive a box filled with beauty goodness delivered to your doorstep. 

1. Essie Nail Polish in Size Matters 

Essie has always been amazing with its formula and this one packs a mean punch. A deep ruby red that smoothens out on your nail with just one coat. Size matters alright. You can always add another coat just so it’ll stay longer but one coat is opaque enough. Oh and the polish stays on forever, I had it on for two whole weeks with minimum chipping. 

Join me on the Essie bus? 

2. Mekhala Soothing Tamarind Facial Cleanser 

When it comes to cleansers, I’ve not found THE one yet. What I love about this product is that it is soap-free and doesn’t contain any of the usual irritants. It removes make up as well, while retaining the skin’s natural moisture so you don’t get a completely stripped feeling. Main ingredients include Tamarind, Honey and Vitamin E, which are relatively soothing and gentle for the skin so in effect, this is pretty good for people with sensitive skin. 

I might be getting close to finding the one

3. SKINC Pure Happy Hand Dew 

A guy friend of mine pointed out the other day that my hands are dry (are guys getting more beauty conscious?), so that was pretty much cue for me to start a moisturizing regime. Me, being the lazy one is not particularly keen on regimes but I’m going to try to keep this one going. What I normally hate about moisturizing hand creams is how they’re thick, oily and take really long for absorption. Surprisingly, SKINC Hand Dew was none of that and immediately blew me over with its thin consistency but yet heavily moisturizing formula. 

This one’s going into my beauty bag for good! 

4. Uriage Moisturizing Refreshing Cream Gel 

You know how moisturizers often feel too icky on your face? That is precisely why I often skip moisturizers. Well, good news comes in a Uriage bottle. The cream-like texture applies rather smoothly and leaves a velvety finish. It absorbs readily into the skin as well, so you don’t have to wait for long before putting on other products. I wouldn’t particularly recommend this for people with oily skin though. 

Uriage might just convert me into a moisturizing addict. 

5. Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal 

I love a good smokey eye and I do own a whole truckload of eyeliners. The Bourjois kajal is amazing for creating a smoked out, sultry eye but the staying power isn’t entirely fantastic. Though, you could always go over your lined eyes with a black eyeshadow and the kajal will then stay put longer. 

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