Prince talking about Vanity after she died

Voiceover: Prince live in Melbourne Feb 2016


“ Can I tell you a story about Vanity?…or should I tell you a story about Denise? Her and I use to love one another deeply. She loved me for the artist I was and I loved her for the artist she was trying to be. And as much as we loved , we used to fight. She was very headstrong…because she knew she was the finest woman in the world…she never missed an opportunity to tell you that. Back then I used to have my best friend security guard named Chick. Chick was 6 ft 6, and all muscle except for his stomach…where he kept fried foods. Well, one day Vanity and I got into a fight and I told her that if she didn’t stop, I was going to throw her in the pool. And she said ‘You can’t throw me in the pool, you’re too little!’…so I said ‘Chick, throw her in the pool’ ”