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can I get some random facts about Hercules Mulligan or Thomas Jefferson?? or just a bunch of facts about the two in general?

  • He was born in 1740. 
  • Hercules Mulligan was born in Ireland and immigrated to the United States when he was six. 
  • He attended Kings College.
  • Her married Elizabeth Sanders at Trinity Church. 
  • The couple had eight children, five daughters and three sons.
  • One of Mulligan’s sons, John Mulligan, might of been in a romantic relationship with Charles Adams (son of John Adams). Both lived in the home of Baron Von Steuben for a time. 
  • Hercules met Alexander Hamilton in 1773 via his little brother Hugh.
  • Hamilton moved in with Mulligan and due to Mulligan’s influence Hamilton joined the Sons of Liberty and became dedicated to the American cause. 
  • Hercules was involved of the melting of a large statue of King George III which they turned into bullets. 
  • After Washington was defeated at Long Island, Hercules tried to leave New York. He was stopped the next day by a party of Tory militiamen who captured him and dragged him back to the city. He carried on tailoring for British officers. 
  • Washington mentioned to Alexander Hamilton that he was looking for a spy on the inside within New York City, Hamilton recommended his friend Hercules Mulligan. Hercules excitedly agreed. 
  • He played to the officer’s vanities, stroking their egos to elicit statements of speculation.
  • When officers requested repairs to their uniforms, he would ask the date they needed them back. If customer after customer gave the same date, he could surmise the day of their next movement. 
  • He would dispatch his slave, Cato, to Washington’s headquarters in New Jersey to share the information on the redeployment of a particular unit.
  •  Late one evening a British officer called upon Hercules to provide him with a coat. Hercules inquired about the late hour for such a request. The officer responded that he was departing on a mission to capture General Washington within the day. Hercules immediately dispatched Cato to alert Washington of his impending capture. The British had learned the location where Washington would be meeting with his troops and had planned an ambush. Thanks to the acquisition of this information, General Washington was not captured the following day.
  • February 1781, British General Sir Henry Clinton learned of Washington’s plans to travel to Rhode Island via the Connecticut shoreline. He ordered 300 troops onto transport boats to intercept Washington. And who was responsible for loading these boats with provisions for the journey? None other than Hugh, Hercules’s older brother. Hugh promptly advised Hercules of the plan. Hercules dispatched Cato, and Washington immediately rerouted his course and arrived safely in New England.
  • Cato was once captured and beaten on a return trip to New York after passing intelligence to Washington’s headquarters. 
  • Hercules was suspected by the British on several occasions and even spent time in jail before using his charm to slip away.
  • After the war Washington went shopping in his store and had breakfast with him. 
  • Hercules became a member of the New York Manumission Society. 
  • Hercules retired at age eighty and then died five years later. 
  • Hercules is buried in Trinity Church, next to his friend Alexander Hamilton. 

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Leia Skywalker at the Galaxies Opera House
Marchesa, Fall 2013

What if… Darth Vader discovered Leia on Alderaan at a young age and reclaimed her. Raising her as his daughter and training her as secret apprentice…
A black and red Speeder appeared in front of the red carpet. The press, the crowd, all were waiting impatiently to see who was inside of it. A with fire rubies embellished black sandal was seen first, followed a long leg and flash of a red. It was Leila Almadima.

Or rather that was whom the people believed her to be. Leia smiled prettily at the photographers and reporters stationed outside the Galaxies Opera House as, with some help from the footman, she stepped out of speeder. Flashes went off as many tried to capture the moment, her dress sparkling and clinging to her every curve as she descended the aisle.

She never considered herself vain person but the attention, but walking on the red carpets as Leila Aladima certainly stroked her vanity. Of course that wasn’t the foremost reason she was quite fond of her persona of a young wealthy socialite from Coruscant. No it was because her fake identity made it remarkably easy to spy on the upper echelons of the empire in ways her father couldn’t. High ranking members of the imperial military and politicians, none if them might even consider that the lovely, blue eyes redhead she pretended to be was spying on them. And Leia would keep it that way.

Growing Old Together - M!Hawke/Fenris

I thought I’d repost the Fenris/Hawke part of this fic for Fenhawke week!

Rating: T

Warnings: mention of heart problems


Fenris let himself into his and Hawke’s estate quietly. The hour was late and he was sure that Hawke was in bed already. He deposited his pack and weapons next to the door, rolling his neck back and forth with a tired sigh. He wasn’t sure how many more of these trips he could do. The older he got, the longer it seemed to take to recover from the weeks of travel.

He tiptoed lightly into the main room, but stopped when he saw a light flickering from underneath Hawke’s study. Pushing the door open quietly, he found Hawke standing over his desk, head bent to read documents spread out all over the surface and hands resting on either side of them. He still cut quite the impressive figure. He had started to lose a few inches of his height and had gained a little more softness around the middle rather than the hard muscles he used to have, but Fenris still found him undeniably attractive with his salt and pepper hair and grizzled beard. Dog was sitting dutifully next to him, his muzzle greyed and worn like his master’s and head resting on his paws.

Fenris stepped further into the room and Dog lifted his head, looking back and giving a happy bark. Hawke turned as well. “Fenris!”

In moments he had his arms around him and his head tilted up for a kiss. It didn’t matter how many years they had been together, Fenris never failed to feel a thrill at seeing him again, at feeling his lips on his own once more.

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