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can I get some random facts about Hercules Mulligan or Thomas Jefferson?? or just a bunch of facts about the two in general?

  • He was born in 1740. 
  • Hercules Mulligan was born in Ireland and immigrated to the United States when he was six. 
  • He attended Kings College.
  • Her married Elizabeth Sanders at Trinity Church. 
  • The couple had eight children, five daughters and three sons.
  • One of Mulligan’s sons, John Mulligan, might of been in a romantic relationship with Charles Adams (son of John Adams). Both lived in the home of Baron Von Steuben for a time. 
  • Hercules met Alexander Hamilton in 1773 via his little brother Hugh.
  • Hamilton moved in with Mulligan and due to Mulligan’s influence Hamilton joined the Sons of Liberty and became dedicated to the American cause. 
  • Hercules was involved of the melting of a large statue of King George III which they turned into bullets. 
  • After Washington was defeated at Long Island, Hercules tried to leave New York. He was stopped the next day by a party of Tory militiamen who captured him and dragged him back to the city. He carried on tailoring for British officers. 
  • Washington mentioned to Alexander Hamilton that he was looking for a spy on the inside within New York City, Hamilton recommended his friend Hercules Mulligan. Hercules excitedly agreed. 
  • He played to the officer’s vanities, stroking their egos to elicit statements of speculation.
  • When officers requested repairs to their uniforms, he would ask the date they needed them back. If customer after customer gave the same date, he could surmise the day of their next movement. 
  • He would dispatch his slave, Cato, to Washington’s headquarters in New Jersey to share the information on the redeployment of a particular unit.
  •  Late one evening a British officer called upon Hercules to provide him with a coat. Hercules inquired about the late hour for such a request. The officer responded that he was departing on a mission to capture General Washington within the day. Hercules immediately dispatched Cato to alert Washington of his impending capture. The British had learned the location where Washington would be meeting with his troops and had planned an ambush. Thanks to the acquisition of this information, General Washington was not captured the following day.
  • February 1781, British General Sir Henry Clinton learned of Washington’s plans to travel to Rhode Island via the Connecticut shoreline. He ordered 300 troops onto transport boats to intercept Washington. And who was responsible for loading these boats with provisions for the journey? None other than Hugh, Hercules’s older brother. Hugh promptly advised Hercules of the plan. Hercules dispatched Cato, and Washington immediately rerouted his course and arrived safely in New England.
  • Cato was once captured and beaten on a return trip to New York after passing intelligence to Washington’s headquarters. 
  • Hercules was suspected by the British on several occasions and even spent time in jail before using his charm to slip away.
  • After the war Washington went shopping in his store and had breakfast with him. 
  • Hercules became a member of the New York Manumission Society. 
  • Hercules retired at age eighty and then died five years later. 
  • Hercules is buried in Trinity Church, next to his friend Alexander Hamilton. 

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TITLE: Taken


AUTHOR: i-wish-i-was-the-moon

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Jag!Tom (Underworld Tom)

GENRE: smut / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Virginia wakes up handcuffed to a bed. What happens when two master criminals engage in a battle of wills (and body parts)?

RATING: Mature (explicit sexual content)

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Underworld Tom for Sunday Smut Spotlight. Slight triggers for rough sex and anal play. Smut on.

I woke up with a jolt. My head hurt and to my great annoyance, I was forced to acknowledge the fact that I was hand-cuffed to a bed. This was somewhat alarming. Slowly I tested the cuffs. They were proper police-issued ones, damn. No chance of getting out of them then. I softly cursed some more. I had only a vague recollection of how I had ended up here, face-down on a hard bed, and tightly bound.

Last thing I remembered was leaving Sir John passed out on the sofa and trying to manoeuvre my way in to his office through the balcony. Not an easy feat with an evening gown, I might add. After that, nothing. What the hell had happened?

“I see our guest of honour is awake”, a low British voice interrupted my thoughts.

Slowly I raised my head from the bed. This can’t be happening, I thought, fighting down a flutter of panic. But the long legs my eyes met were unmistakable. Covered in the finest tailored trousers money can buy, they seemed to continue forever. I craned my neck and there he was. The bastard. Looking imbeccable in his blasted suit, a smug smile on his face.

“At last, we meet again, my dear lady”, his polished voice sounded like honey dripping on my body.

“Fuck you”, I spat at him.

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Leia Skywalker at the Galaxies Opera House
Marchesa, Fall 2013

What if… Darth Vader discovered Leia on Alderaan at a young age and reclaimed her. Raising her as his daughter and training her as secret apprentice…
A black and red Speeder appeared in front of the red carpet. The press, the crowd, all were waiting impatiently to see who was inside of it. A with fire rubies embellished black sandal was seen first, followed a long leg and flash of a red. It was Leila Almadima.

Or rather that was whom the people believed her to be. Leia smiled prettily at the photographers and reporters stationed outside the Galaxies Opera House as, with some help from the footman, she stepped out of speeder. Flashes went off as many tried to capture the moment, her dress sparkling and clinging to her every curve as she descended the aisle.

She never considered herself vain person but the attention, but walking on the red carpets as Leila Aladima certainly stroked her vanity. Of course that wasn’t the foremost reason she was quite fond of her persona of a young wealthy socialite from Coruscant. No it was because her fake identity made it remarkably easy to spy on the upper echelons of the empire in ways her father couldn’t. High ranking members of the imperial military and politicians, none if them might even consider that the lovely, blue eyes redhead she pretended to be was spying on them. And Leia would keep it that way.

A Sensible Match


Twirling one of her golden curls around her index finger, Marie Dufresne observed her own reflection in the mirror, watching the way the lock bounced before settling against the exposed flesh of her chest, bare of the lace that had previously climbed up to her throat. Now that she was old enough to woo men, her mother made a point of the importance of using her figure to allure what Marie truly considered to be the weaker sex.

That was not to say, of course, that the blonde’s own vanity was not stroked by this style of dress, taking pride in the way gentlemen’s eyes darted down in approval before returning to her face as they spoke to her, this newfound power thrilling to her, fueled by the hormones coursing through her young veins.

“How old is this young man again?” she asked as her maid set three diamond encrusted pins where her hair was gathered

“Eighteen, miss,” she replied softly, patting her mistress’ hair gently with a smile, “handsome too, from what I hear.”

Absently, Marie ran her fingers across the beading on the neckline of her bodice.

“I don’t care what he looks like,” she bit off, her voice quiet but harsh as she stood, “they’re all the same.”

It wasn’t that she had any predetermined ill will towards the guest that would be arriving at her home, but as a young woman in a society where young women were good for all of two things, it didn’t matter what her opinion on potential suitors was. At the end of the day, she was a bargaining chip, a means for her parents to rise in society through her marriage to a good—no—a wealthy, titled man.

“Good” had no part in it.

Still, as much as she hated her role, she played her part with an air of excellence, even at sixteen, and with all her doubt and cynicism left in her bedchamber, she led herself through her parents’ estate and into the parlour where she was to greet her guests with her parents.

To meet Erwin Smith, a boy whom she may very well be forced to marry.

anonymous asked:

Could you talk a bit about possible parallels between Arya training to be a Faceless Man and Jon joining the Knight's Watch?

I’m supposed to be writing my job applications but this ask was too tempting.

Yes, yes, I would like to talk about that.

Well, for starters, both Jon and Arya join the NW and FM respectively because they’re place, Winterfell, is lost to them.

There is no place [at the House of Black and White] for Arya of House Stark, she was thinking. Arya’s place was Winterfell, only Winterfell was gone. Arya, AFFC

Once he swore his vow, the Wall would be his home until he was old as Maester Aemon. “I have not sworn yet,” he muttered. He was no outlaw, bound to take the black or pay the penalty for his crimes. He had come here freely, and he might leave freely… until he said the words. He need only ride on, and he could leave it all behind. By the time the moon was full again, he would be back in Winterfell with his brothers.

Your half brothers, a voice inside reminded him. And Lady Stark, who will not welcome you. There was no place for him in Winterfell, no place in King’s Landing either.  Jon, AGoT

The NW and FM also allow both Arya and Jon to learn and accomplish things that their position in society would otherwise prevent them from learning/accomplishing.

  • Jon, the bastard, becomes a leader of hundreds of men with a “family” of his own.
  • Arya, the girl, learns to fight and is on her way to becoming more skilled in fighting/killing than almost every man.

This is sort of hinted at here:

Jon shrugged. “Girls get the arms but not the swords. Bastards get the swords but not the arms. I did not make the rules, little sister.” Arya, AGoT

In some ways, the NW allows Jon to get the “arms” (he’s distinguished as a man of the NW with a band of “brothers” and symbolically represented by wearing black) and allows Arya to get the “swords” (her training with Syrio is beyond limited, but the FM are training her to become very skilled in fighting.)

Also, both the NW and the FM test Jon and Arya’s Stark identity thoroughly. With Jon, it’s his loyalty to his Stark family (chiefly Ned, Robb, and Arya) while with Arya, it’s with her ability to let go of her Stark ideals.

Notably, both fail.

He is a man of the Night’s Watch, she thought… the singer should be on the Wall…

“Who could have done this thing [killing Dareon], I wonder?”
“Arya of House Stark.” Arya, AFFC

“No. I ride south.” Then Jon read them the letter Ramsay Snow had written.

The Shieldhall went mad…

“The Night’s Watch takes no part in the wars of the Seven Kingdoms,” Jon reminded them when some semblance of quiet had returned. “It is not for us to oppose the Bastard of Bolton, to avenge Stannis Baratheon, to defend his widow and his daughter. This creature who makes cloaks from the skins of women has sworn to cut my heart out, and I mean to make him answer for those words … but I will not ask my brothers to forswear their vows.”  Jon, ADWD

These quotes highlight this parallel:

She saw her father’s face upon the wall. Beside him hung her lady mother, and below them her three brothers all in a row. No. That was some other girl. I am no one, and my only brothers wear robes of black and white. Arya, ADWD

By now she’d be eleven, Jon thought. Still a child. “I have no sister. Only brothers. Only you.“ Jon, ADWD

If Nymeria’s storyline does come into play for Arya, then another parallel will be that it allowed both Arya and Jon to achieve leadership positions that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to have.

Another parallel is that through the FM and the NW, Arya and Jon gain “brothers” that way different than the brothers they had in Winterfell (highborn and sheltered vs. criminals and assassins.) Also, the NW and FM introduce Jon and Arya to vastly different types of people than they were accustomed to (wildlings and Braavosi.)

Furthermore, the NW and FM both stress the idea that joining them will be akin to never getting recognition. The NW and FM are as anti-glory as organizations come, they don’t seek acknowledgement for what they achieve.

“Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory… Jon, AGoT

"Your greatest deeds all go unsung" Jeor Mormont to Jon Snow, ACoK 

"We are not warriors, nor soldiers, nor swaggering bravos puffed up with pride.” KM to Arya, ADWD

And they both give up having families and love.

"I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.”Jon, AGoT

“You will be no one’s daughter, no one’s wife, no one’s mother.” Arya, ADWD

Both the NW and the FM stress the importance of serving:

“Robb will rule, you will serve.”Jeor Mormont to Jon Snow, ACoK 

“Then he went to the slave and said, ‘You offered all you had for this man’s death, but slaves have nothing but their lives. That is what the god desires of you. For the rest of your days on earth, you will serve him.’” Kindly Man on the origins of the FM to Arya, ADWD

The FM serve the Many Faced God, NW serves the realm. And they serve for life.

Overall, the NW and FM stress that they give everything up for the chance to serve and learn from it.

“We do not kill to serve some lord, to fatten our purses, to stroke our vanity. We never give the gift to please ourselves. Nor do we choose the ones we kill. We are but servants of the God of Many Faces.” KM in Arya, ADWD

“I want to serve in the Night’s Watch, Uncle.”…

“You don’t know what you’re asking, Jon. The Night’s Watch is a sworn brotherhood. We have no families. None of us will ever father sons. Our wife is duty. Our mistress is honor.”  Jon, AGoT

There’s some more parallels I’m sure, this was done quickly, but the point is that there are some big parallels.

  1. Jon and Arya both join the NW/FM because Winterfell holds no place for them anymore
  2. Jon and Arya are allowed to learn more than their station would permit through these organizations
  3. The NW and FM both are forms of servitude for life
  4. The NW and FM require you to give up the chance to be a parent, your current and future family, and any love you could have
  5. The NW and FM ask you to detach yourself from your past and loved ones forever
  6. Both Arya and Jon are given multiple options to leave, but they both stay because they have nowhere else to go
  7. The NW and FM are both “brotherhoods”
  8. The NW and FM both force Jon and Arya to interact with people of lower social stature than they had at Winterfell (criminals and assassins) and call them brothers
  9. Both the NW and FM test Jon and Arya’s abilities to leave their Stark identity behind, which both of them fail
  10. The NW and FM are teaching Jon and Arya a lot- leadership, unusual skills, discipline, combat techniques, ect.

So yeah, there are a bunch of parallels. 

Growing Old Together - M!Hawke/Fenris

I thought I’d repost the Fenris/Hawke part of this fic for Fenhawke week!

Rating: T

Warnings: mention of heart problems


Fenris let himself into his and Hawke’s estate quietly. The hour was late and he was sure that Hawke was in bed already. He deposited his pack and weapons next to the door, rolling his neck back and forth with a tired sigh. He wasn’t sure how many more of these trips he could do. The older he got, the longer it seemed to take to recover from the weeks of travel.

He tiptoed lightly into the main room, but stopped when he saw a light flickering from underneath Hawke’s study. Pushing the door open quietly, he found Hawke standing over his desk, head bent to read documents spread out all over the surface and hands resting on either side of them. He still cut quite the impressive figure. He had started to lose a few inches of his height and had gained a little more softness around the middle rather than the hard muscles he used to have, but Fenris still found him undeniably attractive with his salt and pepper hair and grizzled beard. Dog was sitting dutifully next to him, his muzzle greyed and worn like his master’s and head resting on his paws.

Fenris stepped further into the room and Dog lifted his head, looking back and giving a happy bark. Hawke turned as well. “Fenris!”

In moments he had his arms around him and his head tilted up for a kiss. It didn’t matter how many years they had been together, Fenris never failed to feel a thrill at seeing him again, at feeling his lips on his own once more.

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