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A Republican will borrow $20 BILLION for a vanity project before they spend $55 MILLION to protect citizens from lead in drinking water [that MI Republicans are responsible]

This is fiscal idiocy mixed with hatred of black communities, aka, GOP default.


“This isn’t some vanity nameplate.” says self-promoting wanker about company literally named after himself, which has been founded expressly to promote his books, tours and merchandise and to get him on the telly and radio.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has scrapped the Garden Bridge - a vanity project for a part-time foot & cycle crossing but closed for private banquets etc, colonising public domain over the Thames. (As you can tell I wasn’t keen!)
A new pedestrian bridge with genuine open access would be an asset on this stretch of the River, & could function like a short section of the High Line in NYC.
Separate link in next post to Guardian article.

Conservatism. Is. A. Scam.

Conservatives: “There is a finite amount of dollars in the world, we can’t help everyone. The debt is too high. We need to tighten our belts. Healthcare reform and college education reform are too expensive. There’s no such thing as free stuff. Taxes are the government stealing. Let’s take care of our own needy first. These deficits are out of control.”
Conservatives: * Support wasting 20+ billion dollars on a useless vanity project wall for Trump to metaphorically blow himself with*

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But isn't that what every actor wants and dreams to be? indispensable? lol i don't understand why do you make it sound so bad, literally EVERY single one of the actors in the industry is working towards that same position and goal, to be indispensable. And, its not like they didn't work their butts off to reach where they are, they have been in the industry for more than 27 yrs now, i mean, you gotta get what you earned.

Whenever we get to this point in the conversation, I can’t help but laugh (and cry a little) at how obvious it is that so many of you guys know nothing of famous actors anywhere outside of Bollywood. Like, as if the greed these three men show is somehow applicable to actors everywhere, and the ONLY way (and apparently the natural way?) to do things is the way Bollywood does them. 

When you look at the most celebrated actors in the world, you’ll find people who will willingly take a reduced paycheck for a project they believe in. You’ll find men who will champion their female costars’ demands. Men who produce films about important subjects featuring underrepresented groups, whether they’re “female-centric” or focus on black/LGBT/ethnic minorities’ issues. Hollywood is misogynistic as well and far from perfect, but do you really think George Clooney or Brad Pitt would cringe at the idea of working with a woman over 40? Probably not, considering most of Hollywood’s biggest stars are over 40. Or that those women, like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, who are lucky enough to have enough power to produce their own films don’t turn around and make vanity projects where they’re paired opposite a guy with a six pack 20 years younger than them, but instead use their power to back stories they believe in? Does it surprise you that so many of the top actors around the world care at least as much about the films they’re making as they do about appearing younger or padding their own pockets without giving back to the industry?

Most actors want to build a legacy. Most people who achieve the type of power that the Khans have feel at least a little responsibility to contribute to the industry, not just their own bank accounts. They care, at least a little bit, about changing the landscape of cinema, even in small ways. And they may not be above acting with whatever hot young actress is big at the time, but that doesn’t mean their entire career after the age of 40 will look like that. 

This is not the audience’s fault. Don’t shift blame to people who have NO choice about what is made. That’s like saying there are no dark skinned actresses because of the audience, there are no chubby/fat actresses because of the audience, there is no X, Y, or Z representation because of the audience. It’s total bullshit, the audience doesn’t make the films. They’re given VERY little choice about what to watch, but these men could make anything in the world and you see what they decide to put out (and who they decide to cast). 

These self-absorbed, greedy multimillionaires don’t need you to defend their right to maintain the status quo, but it genuinely makes me sad that you think there’s not a viable, more ethical way to do things and that there aren’t powerful men in the world who can and are willing to do better for the sake of the industry they’re in.

I end up reading a lot of home living magazines while waiting in doctor’s offices and such, and based on the articles contained therein, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a chunk of the population for whom financial planning is basically performance art - and I don’t think they actually realise it.

Like, just today I spotted an article about a case study in creating affordable home-building solutions by assembling houses out of old shipping containers. I’m figuring, all right, sort of a low-income housing initiative, right?

What I actually ended up reading was a rambling story that starts with the owner borrowing fifty thousand dollars from her parents to pay for materials and permits, off-handedly mentions getting her architect stepfather to draw up the plans for her, continues with her three brothers - all of them experienced builders due to overseeing their own hobby renovation projects - taking a week off work to help her put the place together, and caps off with a funny anecdote about how come the first winter, all the plumbing froze, so she had to go live with her mom for a few months anyway.

Basically, she used her family connections to score an interest-free five-figure loan, access to rare expertise, and hundreds of hours of free skilled labour, and plowed it all into a cramped, ugly playhouse that’s only livable for part of the year.

The unfathomable part is, based on how how the article framed the whole thing, it’s clear that both the subject and the author honestly believe that they’ve discovered some sort of amazing money-saving life hack. They’re seriously convinced that this is the magic-bullet solution to the country’s affordable housing shortage, and not an expensive and impractical vanity project that ultimately failed to produce a house people can actually live in.

Just blows my mind. And this is the segment of the population that basically all of our politicians and business leaders are drawn from!

tear down the walls babe, let me in | Sungjin [Oneshot]

 it’s three in the morning and i’m trying to change your mind

flangst | ~5.9k words | slightly mature content ahead | I Wait 

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op of the concrete post is an aphobe D:

Mother fuck, okay so hypothetically if you wanted to destroy concrete because a racist wants it for a vanity project. You don’t need sugar, you don’t need anything besides the ability to delay the truck carrying it. The concrete will set on its own ruining everything. Capitalists don’t like it when you cost them money.

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I just read that article about Kristen's directing a new music video for Planned Parenthood. It sounds really great. Of course, that self-proclaimed Rob's number one fan called it a vanity project. She claimed Kristen has never done any charitable actions after more than a decade in the filming business and suddenly attached herself to Planned Parenthood. I really wanted to punch my computer screen. I have no doubt that Kristen donates to charties and participates in charitable causes. (part 1)

She prefers to keep quiet about her charitable actions, though she did show up at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert after she received an invitation for it. I remember she was accused of using it to promote herself. That’s not something she’d do. However, Twigs does use charitable causes to promote herself. The 2015 Go Gala is the perfect example. She did a very inappropriate dance in front of young children. It was all about what she could get from it, not what she can give. (part 2)

That is one of the reasons why I will never respect her. She is such a spoiled little brat who thinks the world should bow at her feet. She could never be a Power Ranger because she’d use her powers for personal gain. That means she’d reap the rewards the populace would bestow on her if they knew her identity as a Ranger. Kristen deserves my respect because she is taking on a charitable cause. She is not using it to promote herself. It’d be cool if she directed a film about erotomania. (part 3)

Erotomania is a condition where the patient believes someone is in love with them. It typically involves famous people, but complete strangers can also become targets. A film about erotomania would be a great insight into the complexity of the human mind. Several celebrities have been victims of erotomanics. I hope Kristen does a full-length feature film in the future. Short films are just a stepping stone, but they are a good start. - Sharky

Sharky…I have absolutely nothing to add to this. I don’t know what to say, other than I agree with you!

The Birthday Massacre: Sentence Starters

“My belief is gone.”
“So how do you portray the sentiment?”
“The circle starts again, deception pulls us in.”
“You’re falling into season.”
“There is no time for reason.”
“You are a child of privilege, your reputation.”
“From this broken heart, by nail and by tooth, by the blood of my youth.”
“Falling like the rain.”
“These bitter words recall all that’s left and hard to swallow.”
“All she’s got to lose is everything she never had.”
“Intuition is awakening suspicion.”
“He tells me not to preach to the choir.”
“My tradition is the art of superstition.”
“I’m in the dark. I’m alone around you.”
“I’m losing my faith in every way.”
“Every minute shared is never mine.”
“Why can’t I just trade a dream for a way?”
“It points to you.”
“You just kept on pretending for both of us.”
“All the days that i’ve counted. You’ll never know.”
“Lets burn the path that was chosen.”
“Don’t let me see the light.”
“I remember the clouds in the summer and how the light kissed my eyes.”
“Now that you’re here, it is always this.”
“I fall to the night and the sky.”
“All that we know is all that remains.”
“I’m afraid i’ll disappear.”
“I know you’re in there. I sense your fear.”
“You can hide in the night while I’m waiting here, all alone.”
“By the end of the night we’ll be far from here.”
“I know where you’re hiding.”
“A painting for every face.”
“Broken hearts are never true.”
“Empty as the shadows walking over you.“
“Take me away from this.”
“This will be my last mistake.”
“Your hero’s worn and thin.”
“Today is the first of unnumbered.”
“Sometimes there’s a voice when I close my eyes.”
“I don’t need anyone to show me what I’ve done.”
“I just can’t get my fill.”
“We dance with our devils and dine with the snakes.”
“We’re falling to our hands and knees as the past and the future bleed into the world below.”
“A truth that we can’t unknow.”
“It’s a glass cage so I can’t pretend.”
“Tell me what I want to say.”
“Break me, it’s the game you play.”
“A boyish notion of false emotion.”
“I see it coming, but I can’t defend.”
“I’m not the only one whose bleeding.”
“It’s underneath my skin, it won’t die.”
“Before the past is done repeating.”
“This time if I can’t win then I wont try.”
“Every turn of the face can help to break the fall from a domestic disgrace.”
“One hand to cut the other.”
“You’re not a friend, you’re just a lover.”
“A loss of innocence, one hand to wash the other.”
“Be a perfectionist, you’re nothing if you’re just another.”
“We’re all dancing to the same sad song.”
“Don’t fall asleep.”
“There’s nothing to see below.”
“From here, I know, it’s a long way home.”
“Feels like pins and needles in my heart.”
“It’s always a nightmare it’s never a dream.”
“It’s been so long.”
“I can feel it tearing me apart.”
“A pity they’re not pretty like they used to be.”
“You’re not here to compromise.”
“Words fade as time goes by.”
“Repeating words until they’re true.”
“Before you walk you’ll learn to fall.”
“The beauty starts to die when it’s over.”
“I’m looking for a place I’ll never see again.”
“The time is getting late here.”
“I’m all washed up and graced with faint applause.”
“A second of affection.”
“There’s nothing here worth taking.”
“My reflection fading on the wall.”
“If I don’t come back here, will you remember me?”
“We all fall down into the fire.”
“I don’t want it if I can’t be with you.”
“We never could run faster than the passing years.”
“I’ll only want it when it’s gone.”
“I wish that I could fake it, but I don’t know how.”
“Time’s over now, can’t wait. It’s too late.”
“-And my wishes have all come true.”
“Leave me here.”
“I’ll never see tomorrow til my eyes are clear.”
“We’ll never see the light until we step into the dark.”
“Our time is never, ‘cause we’ll live forever.”
“You’re a curse.”
“I cut my lips on your diamond hands.”
“ I’d shown you the way but you won’t try.”
“You’d tear us apart but this won’t die.”
“Need me for my heart.”
“ This is a fantasy, projecting the vanity.”
“ It’s my execution, and you’re joining me.”
“The end is here and now.”
“This is a tragedy. I meet with it gratefully.”
“It took the best of me. Dissolving my sanity.”
“Over the roads like the blood in our veins.”
“I believed I could wake up from this dream.”
“You know I can’t stay here, and I won’t pretend, all that begins never comes to an end.”
“A heavy hand is holding me down.”
“What awful things happened in the dark?”
“Take just one last dare.”
“1.. 2.. 3.. 4 Underneath the cellar floor 5.. 6..7..8 Lovers will all suffocate.”
“You supply the rumours and I’ll provide the wrath.”
“Romance is breaking every heart in two.”
“I’ve been waiting here for you.”
“Fate changes faster than the death of light.”
“You provide the envy and I’ll provide the spite.”
“We’re drowning in cliches, so desperate to love.”

The podcast I’m listening to about Hollywood History has led me to discover so many historical gems. Like did you know that an executive producer on Man of Steel got his start as a hairdresser for prostitutes?

His name is Jon Peters. He used to brag that he got his start styling their pubic hair (he uses more vulgar terms). He dropped out of Middle School and is completely illiterate, and proud of it! He’s also a producer on Tim Burton’s Batman and Superman Returns, and an ep on Batman Returns. Plus a lot of other hit movies. So did an illiterate hairdresser to the prostitutes wind up a big shot Hollywood producer? Two words:

Barbra Streisand.

Seriously. Peters got his break when washed up movie star Sonja Henie hired him to do her hair. From there he made enough Hollywood connections to land a job interview with Babs. Upon meeting her he remarked “You’ve got a great ass!” He seduced her, they were married, and he inserted himself into her career. He convinced her to sign on for a remake of A Star Is Born, and make the studio name them producers on the film. They turned the movie into a total vanity project, even using their own clothes and furniture as props for the movie, and fought constantly with each other and with the rest of the crew. But the movie made money, and Peters was established as a producer, although he still couldn’t read.

After their marriage fell apart on Yentl he landed at WB and became involved with Superman in the 90s. All those infamous failed reboot attempts Kevin Smith and others have talked about–the insistence that he shouldn’t fly, that he have a Chewbaka style sidekick, etc.–those demands were all Peters. He hasn’t actually produced a movie since 2001, and he’s considered unemployable in today’s studio culture, but for legal reasons he got the credits on Returns and MoS, and a share of the gross. He claims he still tried to be involved though, to the point that Christopher Nolan had to ban him from the MoS set.

And that is how an illiterate, prostitute hairdresser, Trump voter (but he didn’t tell Babs), was paid 10-15 million dollars to do absolutely nothing on MoS. If anything ever captured why we both love and hate Hollywood, it’s that.