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Their Venus Sign

 Venus represents interpersonal relationships. This includes platonic and romantic relationships, including family and even coworkers.  It especially rules how you are in these relationships…

Venus rules your attachment and what you are attracted to.  It also stimulates how you are attractive to others.  Venus often gets a lot of attention in the romantic area, but more realistically, it touches all of your relationships equally.Venus has many sides.  This includes  compromise, peace, love, as well as jealousy, vanity and self-indulgence. No one is immune to any traits associated with Venus, and learning how to manage each one is essential to a more positive experience with others.  Venus can give an extensive list of what your expectations are in a relationship.  More than likely, this force will guide you through all of your interpersonal relationships.

Venus also determines how you give and how you expect reciprocation, and also what you feel your role is. It is important to understand that your needs are unique, and that projecting your needs on to others with the assumption that theirs are the same isn’t a healthy display of your Venusian qualities.​

                                        VENUS IN LIBRA  ♎

Venus in Libra is full of charm, grace and good manners.  Their idea of a relationship can be idealistic and romantic.  Venus Libra gets great joy from doing things for others.

 This can bring them great disappointment when sentiments are not appreciated.  Seeds of resentment can grow quickly with Libra Venus if they feel taken advantage of.  This Venus is not very expressive with feelings or emotions, so it’s important to ask them if something is bothering them because they may not tell you if they feel slighted.

Libra in Venus detests confrontation and will try to compromise to avoid it at all costs.  Some may feel that behavior in Libra Venus is too accommodating or almost superficial.  When the equilibrium in a relationship is off, Libra Venus can become brooding and pouty.  They will work quickly towards bringing balance back into the equation, possibly glazing over real issues or concerns that need to be dealt with.  This Venus is a great negotiator and will try to make sure all decisions are fair and just for everyone, but at times, they may make too many personal concessions in order to maintain diplomacy.

When Venus is in Libra, they are stimulated by intellect, wit and confidence.  This Venus can be offended very easily by rude behavior or from those who lack tact.  Venus Libra enjoys a beautiful atmosphere with a calming ambiance.  They can be social butterflies and then, on a whim, they can also enjoy spending time alone.  This Venus can appear to be quite susceptible to those who are brash or harsh.  However, they will even try to accommodate those situations in an attempt to keep the peace.

                                     VENUS IN ARIES  ♈

Venus in Aries is unrestrained and impatient in love.  This Venus can express themselves with an abundance of daring flirting and prefers to be the center of their love interest’s attention.  

They are not shy or coy in telling you exactly where they stand with you.  Venus in Aries may not have the patience for lovers who prefer a slow and smooth courtship.  This Venus can exclaim exactly what they want, when they want it, at any moment, without requiring much reciprocation.Aries in Venus may appeal to their interest with a child-like innocence even though they may behave in a precocious and self-centered manner. This Venus is impulsive with sentiments and impatient for reciprocation.  They want to know right now whether you are attracted to and if you are not, you will need to explain why.  Any explanation is fruitless because it more than likely will be taken as a personal slight to their being. This Venus will normally initiate the chase and appreciates the conquest.  In order to keep their attention, you will need to keep up with their pace.When Venus is in Aries, they will prefer to lead the relationship.  They enjoy playful competition and spontaneity.  This Venus falls fast without consequence.  However, they can lose interest in you as quickly as they fell.  This Venus requires some tautness to keep the interest thriving. Conflict or controversy can create mental stimulation to the Venus Aries by adding drive and a mental spark, creating their steady need for instant inspiration.

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The gawjus and kind sandersmcgee tagged me for the 20 Beautiful Women thing floating around *blushes profusely* so hahaha y’all gon have to suffer through some more of my selfies! :D

Now let’s see, the 20 lovely ladies I’m tagging (in no particular order): thafineness letmalikharrysdimples justbethany scandalalldey janellebearden kawaiiflowerchild trublulotus afro-elf nanamixbaby recovery-after-depression sindels-scream lemme-sit-this-aaash-onya yungpoundcake webcop brownglucose kehinki mochafleur onlyblackgirl thoughtsofablackgirl kiarasnaps

anonymous asked:

Kit for the Oc Meme?

Full Name: kit schwitz

Gender and Sexuality: trans pansexual girl

Pronouns: she/her

Ethnicity/Species: some.. kind of monster??? idk she has horns and big teeth and purple skin so whatever species that is

Birthplace and Birthdate: july 30th

Guilty Pleasures: would die for attention

dying, being alone

What They Would Be Famous For: will do literally anything for fame, but honestly would probably date someone famous then leak her own sex tape

What They Would Get Arrested For: partying

OC You Ship Them With: no one atm

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: they arent from the same verse but shed drive jenna crazy

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: stupid comedies ie 21 jump street

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: 

Talents and/or Powers: v charismatic and a lot stronger than she looks

Why Someone Might Love Them: personable and funny

Why Someone Might Hate Them: self centered and vain

How They Change: her aggressive vanity is replaced w genuine self love

Why You Love Them: relatable™

thank u 

How To Love Yourself

There is no definitive way to learn to love yourself. There is no plan containing steps that you meticulously follow, with self love and confidence promised after 21 days. Self love results from the most minuscule actions: acknowledging that you look good, unfollowing that girl who’s “perfection” and causes mentally exhausting comparison, or eating a salad followed by a huge cookie because it’s what you’re craving. Stop apologizing for your appearance, accept the fact that who you are, not what you look like, defines you. 

You are allowed to take up space. You are allowed to have a voice. You are allowed to say that you look good and post that selfie. Do not shrink yourself for others’ insecurities. Confidence is not the same as conceitedness, and do not let people threatened by the fact that you are comfortable in your skin lace your journey to self love with cries of vanity and narcissism. 

Remember that not every day will be sunshine and smiles. You will have days where you loathe every inch of you, but on those days you will tackle the world anyways because you have flaws but those flaws are what make you beautiful, even though society has told you that your imperfections are there to be fixed.

Self love is not something that you accomplish and never think about again. You have to choose every day to love yourself. It may seem like an impossible choice, and it may seem like this world is against you. But be radical, take the leap, and watch your life change, in both the biggest and smallest of ways.

Demi Lovato

The celebrity I chose to discuss was Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato is known for a variety of reasons. I think she is particularly interesting because of her transparency on social media. She began the hashtag #NMM or #NoMakeupMonday to promote self love. She also participated in a Vanity Fair photo shoot with no clothes, no makeup, and no retouching. She is also an advocate for mental health education and awareness and is open about her struggle with bipolar disorder. She promotes body positivity by posting fitness pictures and videos, and is open about the fact that in the past she has struggled with an eating disorder. She is also a humanitarian and a feminist. 

This first image shows Lovato in a philanthropic, humanitarian light. This photo is from a series of pictures Lovato posted on Instagram when she took a service trip in the beginning of January. The reason she chose to share this moment publicly can certainly be debated. The obvious reason is that Lovato shared it to make herself look like a good person. Although she is a celebrity that has millions of dollars, posting this photo of herself wearing tribal clothing hugging a native woman makes her seem humble. This is not to say that this is entirely disingenuous or calculated, however. Her intentions may or may not have been sincere. Her audience is likely just about anyone. She is probably hoping to convince people who might not like her that she really is a good person. Perhaps to win over new fans or strengthen her current fan base?

This picture portrays Lovato a bit differently. She is wearing a lot of makeup and is wearing clothes that are probably really expensive. She is posing in a manner that is certainly NOT candid, sprawled out glamorously on a chase lounge. This image contrasts with the other post because it is portraying Lovato in a way that shows off her beauty and fame. This post is definitely catered towards her fan base. The comments say things like, “My new wife. I can dream right?” “YAAS QUEEN” and “Are you wearing sheer tights or are your legs just flawless?”. The people who will appreciate this picture are her true fans, who get a kick out of Lovato’s beauty and personality in this picture.

This is probably obvious, but I love awkward and insecure Dorian. Dorian that puts up a front at all times. That only pretends to be confident and arrogant, that fakes all the self-love and vanity. The Dorian that, deep down, is actually worried all the time, insecure and easily flustered if he’s not careful. If he doesn’t keep his front up. 

This is the Dorian that I adore to write. The one that gets flustered when the Inquisitor is genuinely interested in him. And the one that realizes the Inquisitor loves everything about him and not the “danger” or “scandal” of being with a man of Tevinter. Or the handsome, charming man who can’t help but flirt every other word with such an incredible person. 

And this is the Dorian that easily gets jealous. That worriedly gets jealous. He fears losing the man that he so loves and admires, fears the possibility of rejection or that he really wasn’t what he thought he was to the Inquisitor. The Dorian that wants to fight for the Inquisitor, but is just insecure enough to stew in his jealousy from afar. 

Bury me with this.