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Kistenian always looks so soft in your screenshots. How do you do that? Elezen faces are normally very sharp, but Kistenian has very delicate features and this makes him very beautiful..

First of all, thank you so much ♥ I headcanon that Kist has interited his mother’s features and so he is very pretty/feminine when compared with his brothers, all of whom are taller (save perhaps for Francel) and have strong facial features.

It’s a mixture of many things, to be honest. Firstly, his hairstyle. Trust me when I say that no other hairstyle looks good on him. None. His hair covers his forehead which otherwise seems to bring out the sharpness of his face. Also, it rests very nicely against his cheek which highlights his cheekbones and adds depth to his face. I also have a little eye makeup on him to add depth to the eyes (unless you are referring to my most recent post, in which he has a lot of eye makeup because spoopy All Saint’s Wake!!). This way, his face has depth and detail before I even begin the editing process.

This is from Forgall and isn’t edited in the slightest, other than having being cropped. And it’s beautiful. Look at those cheekbones ♥

Then we come onto the edits themselves. Firstly I have to pick good lighting in-game. Some of the lighting is very harsh (usually daylight) and so I tend to be very selective with where I take my screenshots (the lighting in Weeping City at Forgall is a favourite of mine, see above). I do my edits in photoshop (a painstaking process of adding contract and structure to the face, brightening the eyes, smudging any sharp lines along his chin and nose, etc etc.), then I have an additional editing programme which adds a really nice effect to soften the picture (though sometimes I lose a lot of detail, and unfortunately there is no way to set a percentage. You either erode it, or you don’t).

And that’s about it. Probably a longer explaination than you were looking for, but it is a lot of factors and it’s worth noting it takes a long time to get from taking a screenshot in-game to posting up the finished picture.

Hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to ask ^^


Just about everyone likes to feel pretty sometimes, even this South American caiman and its impressively sassy side-eye. Photographer Mark Cowan, traveling the Amazon studying reptile and amphibian diversity, spotted this pretty caiman on the riverbank whose head was covered in lovely butterflies.

“The phenomenon itself isn’t particularly unusual, salt is critical to the survival of many creatures like butterflies and bees who sometimes drink tears from reptiles in regions where the mineral is scarce (we’ve seen the same thing happen with turtles). What made this sight so unusual was seeing the butterflies organize themselves into three different species groups atop the caiman’s head.”

This awesome photo received special commendation in the 2016 Royal Society Photography Competition. Click here to view all the finalists.

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