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A lone Katrina wanders in and whispers, "You are the cutest in the world, only you." And then steals a few kisses and wanders off again. (omfgyouthinkyou'rebadatsendingmessages/criesagdjkfhl;)

“… but you’re wrong. You’re the cutest person in the entire world and universe and so very much farther beyond all that– all of time and space,” Joyce whispered as cherry blossoms began to descend towards the ground and an extremely over-dramatic wind blew the pink blossoms 2 countries overseas. “I love you. Don’t go–”

akjdas; squeee~ this is one of the songs Katrina sang to me on Skype alskdja; and it means a lot to me and so she leaves the lyrics in my ask box and I just– ; n;

You’re so adorable and perfect and amazing to me, and I love you so very much~!

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Even if all of the butts in the world were gathered, they would not be as amazing as just you uwu (shhomgcriesafdkjals)

Nothing can make me as happy as you can u vu/~ you’re the most amazing person in the universe, shhh and I would share allllll of my pizzas with you and only you – (akdjlakjdasd;buttsarestillprettynicethoughhhshhuvu)