vanitas versace


Today’s my baby’s 21st birthday and I feel like she was just starting her career at 15 last week. Lindsey has always been a source of inspiration due to her determination and hard work because that’s what lead her to a solo Miu Miu campaign at only 15 years old, a 4 year fragrance contract for Versace Vanitas, to have a whole exhibit only of pictures of her from all sorts such as candid to portraits, to become the muse of designers like Donatella Versace and Karl Largerfeld and not to mention she already has 3 million under her belt. When I read and watched all of her interviews and how she was bullied for her gapped teeth and despite that she still decided to pursue a career in modeling. Lindsey showed me at a young age that you can really accomplish anything if you really put your mind and effort to things! Happy Birthday to my gapped toothed, rose bud pout goddess of mines!!