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Drunk Headcanons (Trios + Namine & Vanitas)

Sora: The Insatiably Hungry Drunk

All Sora wants to know is where the food is at. It isn’t a party until there are serious nom-noms involved. Pizza, burritos, ice cream, sushi– he needs all of it, now. And yours, too. Please? :)

Kairi: The Holds-Her-Liquor-Surprisingly-Well Drunk

Kairi, despite her small-ish stature, remains relatively composed under the influence. She can do shot after shot without even the slightest hint of a grimace, and will most likely drink you under the table while she’s at it.

Riku: The “I’m Not Drunk (But No, Actually, I’m Wasted)” Drunk

Riku is still totally sober– or so he wants you to believe. “I’m fine,” he insists, trying to act all normal-like. But then he goes to stand up, or perform some other ordinarily simple task, and it becomes apparent that he is far, far from it.

Roxas: The Wandering, Stumbling Mess Drunk

Roxas just wants to explore. Everything. He’s there one minute, gone the next! Although he may be stealthy at first and difficult to track down, he can usually be found once he’s lost control of his basic motor skills, either passed out or rolling around on the floor somewhere.

Xion: The Feist-Meister Drunk

Xion gets super spunky when she drinks. And super scrappy. That weird side-eye you just gave to one of her friends…? Come at her, bro. She dares you.

Axel/Lea: The Straight Chillin Drunk

Axel is straight chillin. And drinking. And chillin… And drinking. You better turn that frown upside down, ‘cause it’s all good, man. It’s allllllllll good. As for the implications of that statement? Well, he’ll leave those up to your imaginations. ;)

Ven: The Dancing Machine Drunk

Ven is a better dancer than most, and he knows it. When drunk, his moves become even more gravity-defying and mesmerizing to watch, and he likes to incorporate said moves into whatever it is he’s doing… Until he has too much to drink, in which case he turns into a Stumbling Mess (see Roxas, above).

Aqua: The (Uncharacteristically) Uninhibited Drunk

Aqua, who’s normally very rule-oriented and self-controlled, unleashes the beast, so to speak. She has a wild side, too, dammit! An incredibly-embarrassing-after-the-fact kind of wild side that, without fail, leaves her feeling absolutely, positively mortified the next day.

Terra: The Touch-y, Feel-y, Affectionate Drunk

Terra is bear-hugging, face-squeezing, hair-ruffling, tackle-lifting, and all up in your personal space bubble. All he wants is for you to SMILE!, feel the love, and know what a precious cinnamon roll you truly are. So go ahead. Bring it on in. You know you want to!

Namine: The Can’t-Stop-Giggling Drunk

Namine can’t. Stop. Laughing! It’s pretty much impossible for her to form a complete sentence– or listen to anyone else form a complete sentence, for that matter– without busting out into a fit of hysterics. She doesn’t know why it’s all so funny. It just– *gigglesnort*– is!

Vanitas: The Emotional(ly Volatile) Drunk

Vanitas is on a roller coaster. Of emotion. So many feels, so little time. You can’t fully understand what the term “intense” means until you’ve watched him go from the highest high to the lowest low, all in a span of four minutes (or less). And if you bring up the fact that you saw him genuinely smile last night, he’ll kill you. In the most brutal, painful, horrific way possible.

none of the wonderful gifs here were made by me, unfortunately, and i’m not sure who to credit for them. the drunk categories and descriptions are my own. 



Hey everyone! Exciting news! I’ve been working on improving my Wayfinders and I’ve made a few changes, mainly:

  • They are now a little bigger, closer to actual size while still working as a pendant. They now measure approximately 3.5″ (or 9cm) all around, as opposed to the old size of 2.75″ (or 7cm) all around. (You can see a size comparison in the last picture!)
  • A bigger size means a thicker wire too! So they’re a little more sturdy and less bendable than the smaller size!
  • I’ve developed a way to make the individual wire pieces that is a) faster, b) a little easier on my hands, and c) leaves me with nearly identical pieces every time. In other words: Much more uniform (shape and size) Wayfinders!!!
  • The Vanitas Wayfinder now features GEARS in the center instead of the mark of mastery symbol that the BBS Trio Wayfinders have, making it a much more fitting design for his character.

I’ve updated the Etsy shop listings too, so they’re ready to order! Be sure to get orders in early for Christmas, I tend to get swamped in December.

Single Wayfinder Listing: [link]

Set of 3 Wayfinders: [link]

… … … … … … … … …

“What is that Wayfinder in the last picture, that looks suspiciously like a Zexion Wayfinder,” you may ask???

Well, a long time ago, I had the idea to make an Organization XIII Wayfinder Set. Sadly, I only made Zexion’s, Vexen’s, and Lexaeus’s and no one else.

BUT!!! I do plan on finishing them and selling them eventually! They will all be in the old size, since I already have 3 of them done, but if there’s a demand for more, I will upgrade to the new size because the new size is honestly improved.

I’ll keep you posted!

// Sarai // Starlight Synthesis // <- New shop name!!!


*hears Vanitas’s theme at the end*

Either because Vanitas is now part of Ven again or Nomura is hiding something…

1 Daddy Cool – Placebo // Hyper Worm Tamer (Remix) – Grinderman/U.N.K.L.E. // 3 Closer (Thrust Remix) Nine Inch Nails // 4 Behind the Wheel (Live, 1993) – Depeche Mode // 5  She’s Hit – The Birthday Party // 6 Dirt – Depeche Mode //  7 All Mine – Portishead // 8 Breath Control – Recoil // 9 Taste It – INXS // 10  The Asphalt World – Suede

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