vanishing twins

NEW Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers
  • Daenerys sends a letter saying “Bullshit Kings Meet @ Casterly Rock 6pm: Free Punch and Pie” 
  • Daenerys hits each person who shows up and no one questions it because clearly they have differing opinions of “punch and pie”
  • She has a whirlwind romance with Euron Greyjoy then feeds him to Drogon, Yara gives Dany the thumbs up and takes back the Iron Islands
  • Jorah Mormont is cured of grey scale by doing shots out of Stannis Baratheon’s skull
  • Bronn and Pod have sex for the first time on a romantic boat ride (captained by Gendry)
  • Ned Stark returns as Ned Stark the White 
  • Ser Davos is Azor Ahai 
  • Brienne pulls off Jaime Lannister’s mask to reveal he’s been Arthur Dayne this whole time
  • Jon Snow captures a white walker and tames it–this white walker is Renly Baratheon. They become good friends and share in an adventure where each one learns a little about themselves
  • Sansa is the Princess That Was Promised and she is fantastic, lemon cakes for all
  • Inspired by Vanishing Twin Syndrome, the Hound eats what’s left of his brother
  • Everything is actually fine in Dorne 
  • Same with Highgarden
  • Ireland wins, but Krum gets the snitch

Gemini is misty and flittery. Most Geminis are very light on their
feet, as if they fly. It’s like they are being carried by the winged sandles
of Hermes floating in a translucent air bubble. Many people exist within
the one Gemini, and the twins continue to multiply with every experience that passes and every idea that
activates their golden mind. The Gemini is playful and light, and yet the individual can be a warrior of words, a ferocious aggressor with a silver
tongue, but this way with
words can also be poetic, articulate, written by the songs of constellations. Geminis can whip language into indulgent sun honey and
transport others to a world of pure, childlike imagination. And so many selves paint the Gemini portrait. It’s a multiplex of voices and opinions,
musings and curiosities, talents and experiences of consciousness. One twin vanishes, while another emerges, there is a trail of bemused
partners and friends behind wondering how they were so charmed and enthralled, and then left dizzied and confused. Because one of those Gemini sisters was so expressive and animated, and yet
another was so disorganized and frantic, like the nerves would be the death of her. And there was that other sister who seemed so logical and intelligent, but
she was always replaced by her comedic and witty sister. The beautiful
Gemini is wrapped in many colours and symphonies, they can be a
mirror but they can be magic, they are cocooned in a whispy daisy
cotton, the Gemini is a breath of fresh air, their bright eyes leave an afterglow, that spectacular mind dancing behind
And to absorb so much, experience so much, and know so much, the Gemini
must be many people. One brain could never
be enough

image by Audrey Kawasaki

  • Twin Peaks: calls its protagonist like notorious hijacker D B Cooper who vanished in Washington state
  • Twin Peaks: sets him up as the King of Spades
  • Twin Peaks: and also as the black king in chess for good measure
  • Twin Peaks: makes him an Aries while spending its entire lore pointing out that Fire is Bad
  • Fandom: what