vanishing skies

petite-pocket-bee  asked:

Sweetheart, would you kindly befriend me and my town?

Somehow, it’s only a few minutes after you’ve sent this message that the world around you turns very nearly pitch-black, the sun overhead either having quite suddenly vanished in the western skies for the night - which seems unlikely, since it’s not all that late - or having been replaced by something big enough to block it out. A rain cloud, perhaps? It seems to be the only plausible explanation. Your brain brings one other explanation to mind, but it seems so unlikely - you only just sent the message, after all, and aside from that, in the world beyond Sugar City, few believe the city itself is even real. It seems too good to be true.

And yet, your curiosity gets the better of you. You step away from your computer to investigate your house’s surroundings - and out of the nearest window to you, all you can see in one direction is a translucent wall of pink. Your heart nearly stops; you weren’t quite prepared to see something this big, especially not so soon. Pictures and stories and hearsay just don’t do it justice; you live in a decently-sized town, but compared to the mountainous wall of sludge that seems to have simply appeared at one edge of the outskirts, you don’t think there’s a single mark of civilization in the world that the goliath slime-rabbit - that’s who it has to be, no doubt about that - couldn’t hold on one hand…no, on one fingertip.

You’re at an absolute loss for words. Were it not for the fact that Sweetheart, in rumored conversations with others, has always been described as friendly, you’d be convinced that your entire town was due to be absolutely pulverized in a second or two, and from the hundreds of stories of particularly destructive giants around the planet over the last few months, your hind brain insists that it’s high time you packed up and moved out of town as soon as you can - and yet, transfixed by the infinite ocean of pink muck on the horizon, you can do nothing more than stare. Unfortunately for you, the slime-rabbit’s face is silhouetted by their position in the sky, their head blocking out the sun - or you would have seen that they were staring back at you.

Without a word of warning, a single, heart-tipped pillar of pink gunk slams into the earth with enough force that the crust of the planet itself should have been broken apart - and yet, you realize, you wouldn’t even have noticed that the finger, wider around than your town and a few dozen acres of empty space around it, had even arrived on the planet’s surface if you hadn’t just seen it for yourself. There’s no tremor, no distant, explosive thunder, no intimidating cracking as the planet’s crust is broken apart beneath your town - just an ominous silence and, occasionally, the rhythmic sound of leaves on trees shuddering to the breath of the miles-tall slime.

The ground below you lurches; you’re hurled to the floor. In the distance, beyond your window - beyond the edges of your town - the pink mass shifts in color, slowly but surely. You can identify a patch of hotter pink, a tuft of fluff-shaped sludge on what you assume is their chest, an enormous buckle made from glinting silver and an almost incomprehensibly large wall of pastel pink leather. For just a minute or two, the horizon is occupied by a hot pink heart-shape hovering in the sky, almost attempting to replace the sun - so close to your town, relatively speaking, that you’re starting to fear that a single drip of misplaced saline, if the slime-rabbit can even produce any tears in the first place, could swallow your town and a few miles of land surrounding it.

Don’t be afraid. You’re safe now!

Down below, a whisper, sweet and bubbly and all too cheerful - barely audible to the slime-rabbit, and yet impossible for anyone in your town to miss. Now other folks in other houses are starting to look outside. Starting to panic, you realize, and yet the slime-rabbit takes no notice. Atmospheric haze quickly bathes their eye, then their face, in a distinct blue tinge as the finger presumably positioned under your town lowers itself to just below…something on their collar. You blink a few times in confusion; rumors of Sweetheart say they have a heart-shaped charm dangling from their collar, and yet the only object you can identify here is a bottle just big enough for your town, suspended from their collar by a thin-looking chain - thin for them, at least, but each link is wider around than your home town.

With one free hand, they unscrew the shimmering silver cap from the bottle itself; you barely catch sight of a few holes poked in the top of the bottle. Something to make sure you - and the others in town - have enough air. For a second, you feel like you’re in free-fall, the world around you bathed in pink - you’re weightless, you could float up to the ceiling - and suddenly you’re on the ground again, and gravity has returned to normal, and everything has gone quite strangely still. Your town has been bathed in an ominous darkness, a wall of shifting, bubbling sludge - like the inside of a lava lamp - taking up everything to the relative south, a ceiling of glinting silver suspended too many miles above the rooftops for anyone inside to have any means of getting out. A sweet humming sound, gentle and kind and inexplicably welcoming, fills the air around you and everyone else in the neighborhood; the initial panic quickly settles down.

That’s another rumor you’d heard about them, isn’t it? They’ve been known to collect cities - and your home town, and everyone in it, has just become a part of their collection.

Bundy Moves to Utah: In the fall of 1974 Bundy enrolled in law school at the University of Utah and he moved to Salt Lake City. In November Carol DaRonch was attacked at a Utah mall by a man dressed as a police officer, but she managed to escape. She provided police with a description of the man, the VW he was driving, and a sample of his blood that got on her jacket during their struggle. Within a few hours after DaRonch was attacked, 17-year-old Debbie Kent disappeared.A Grave Yard of Bones: Around this time hikers discovered a grave yard of bones in a Washington forest, later identified as belonging to missing women from both Washington and Utah. Investigators from both states communicated together and came up with a profile and composite sketch of the man named “Ted” who approached women for help, sometimes appearing helpless with a cast on his arm or crutches. They also had the description of his tan VW and his blood type which was type-O.Profiles: Authorities compared the similarities of the women disappearing. They were all white, thin, and single and had long hair that was parted in the middle. They also vanished during the evening hours. The bodies of the dead women found in Utah had all been hit with a blunt object to the head, raped and sodomized. Authorities knew they were dealing with a serial killer who had the capability to travel from state to state.Murders in Colorado: On January 12, 1975, Caryn Campbell vanished from a ski resort in Colorado while on vacation with her fiance and his two children. A month later Caryn’s nude body was found lying a short distance from the road. An examination of her remains determined she had received violent blows to her skull. Over the next few months five more women were found dead in Colorado with similar contusions to their head, possibly a result of being hit with a crowbar.


Donten ni Warau Week || Day 5 » Forever: Unforgettable Scene(s)

» “Soramaru, Chuutarou. You guys were the source of my strength. If I could laugh with you, I could do anything. Thank you for being born as my brothers. I love you. 
Chpt. 14: The Sun, Vanishing in the Cloudy Skies

» “We’re all going home!”  
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