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Have you ever started a great book and then life comes along and makes sure you don’t have a single second to read? This is the month I’m finally gonna finish American Gods. Day 1 of the May challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point, EF
Ink: Monteverde Olivine

Just a ride

Warning(s): Explicit sexual contents
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Pairing: Kraglin x Reader (Female)
Song: Bill Whiters - Lean on me

*My native language is not English so I apologize if you find some mistakes, I’m still improving :)

*Gif is not mine.

Story © cinnamon-and-mey

A/N Embarrassing sweetness lol


Your mother arrived to Knowhere when she was pregnant, you born and raise there and when you were twelve, your mother died. You was forced to survive in that place, working in a betting place, as a waitress in a tavern and in the end selling fripperies at the market square.
You try to keep the wolf from the door but the truth is nobody is interested to buy your stuffs so you start to think to leave Knowhere.
You have just one problem: credits.
When Yondu and his crew arrive to Knowhere for business, you can see your occasion to have ride somewhere else.

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anonymous asked:

What's some of your favourite Robert storylines and/or moments?? (Including Chris and Karl's Robert) 😊

HI NONNIE YOU CUTIE!! Well I was only born in the 1990s Nonnie, so Little Suggs had nearly a decade on me. By the time I came into unfuzzy consciousness Karl had taken over the role. Because my family watched the show, I vaguely remember Sarah Sugden. But in a mythological kind of way. Sorta like how I remember Neighbours. I know of it but yeah, I don’t know how or why. 

But I tell you what… I’ll do a top moment for each Robert and a runner up…


Runner Up: 

Robert & the Owl

I only know about this plot line from Tumblr. But jfc, I’m so glad I do… I wanted to link to the original post/channel. But I think those bastards at ITV have shut it down. Honestly, what have they got against Little Rob and his Owl Friend?

All you basically need to know is that soft Little Suggs falls in love with a lost/injured/baby (?) owl and nurses it back to health in a wooden box, before giving it up, very reluctantly. I can’t link to the actual ep cos its vanished, sorry, but I managed to find the brilliant @carlwritesbadsmut summary here:

He struggles to part from his owl even as it has to be released back into the wild. Family friend Lorraine convinces him that in life it’s better to learn when to let go. I think she needed to teach Robert that lesson a few more times in later life…

Originally posted by robsugdens

What a little softy. Much nicer than the moment he “punched” Donna (for Andy) cos she teases him, “Oooh are you gonna hit me with your handbag?” Only for Robert to Forrest Gump leg it out the playground… If this and the portacabin yesterday are anything to go by, Suggs always had a hard time controlling his temper! But no, he loved that little owl.

No wonder Aaron loves him tbh. They need a pet don’t they..? Like, can we put babies on the back burner and just get a dog instead? Even a parakeet tbh…? 


Sarah Sugden’s Death

So this is where Christopher’s Robert first enters my consciousness. Vaguely. Sarah, his adoptive mum (most real mum he’d known) was having an affair with some random bloke (I remember literally nothing about him). Jack is pissed off… but Rob’s on his Mum’s side of course, he loved Sarah and she loved him, but he has to stay with Jack cos Sarah isn’t his bio mum. It’s sad. Muchos sad. 

HEADCANON ALERT: this is around the time I imagine the farmhand incident happening, cos Jack and Rob’s relationship just shattered completely.

Annnnywaaay… Jack is having financial problems but Robbo don’t give a shit. Not with his mammy not around. Why would he? Golden boy Andy Sugden cares though. SO MUCH. He loves Jack and the farm. So being the bright spark he is…  he decides to fake an insurance claim and burn down the barn. 

Only, in his infinite wisdom… (lol) He forgets to check it beforehand and course Sarah and her fella are in there having a super secret discussion about god knows what. Sarah doesn’t manage to get out. And Robert rocks up just in time to see the barn and her aflame. Great timing Suggs. It comes out that Andy lit the match, but Jack takes the fall and goes to court. Cue lots of years of “you killed mum!” from Robert to Andy. And general jealousy at the lengths Jack will go to, to protect the son that Robert never really saw as one of them.

Robert’s so fucking pissed. He leaves after this for a sunny summer in Espagne and the warm embrace of his Granny Annie. Oh and to go get a fancy new (better acted) head. See ya Christopher! Sweet and soft! Far too good for us…

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Runner Up:

NuRob’s Debut

Like, so much of Karl!Rob is my jam. And there is so much to choose from. Karl could REALLY act. Once he settled in a bit. And they knew it, like with Danny. So they kept him busy. His feet barely touched the ground and he was already “winding up” Andy and his newly acquired girlfriend Katie. Lots of girl trouble of course, starting with Donna (cough, well Nicola, but… yeah). I couldn’t pick one SL out of that messy, gorgeous time. They’ve shifted into a foggy haze of nostalgia. Just look at this wonderful shithead at work. Poor Donna tbh, punched and now this:

So I’m just gonna go with Karl’s arrival as Robert. Honestly, I love Karl!Rob so much. I don’t think the Robert character would have been legendary enough to warrant a third outing (by Ryan) if Karl hadn’t put the leg work in first. He and Kelvin (although Ryan continues to fly the flag singlehandedly now) justified another generation of Sugdens on the show. And not only that, but he made characters like Aaron Dingle possible too, in my mind at least. 

As the “naive pillock” (Rob’s words not mine) Andy says to Katie just before Karl’s explosion onscreen: “He’s got a right edge to him though, Robert… Like everyone’s picking on him all the time. Even when he’s not here he wants my Dad mithering about him…” - This was truly the beginning of the Robert Jacob Sugden we know and love today.

This is worth watching just for Katie’s hair alone… The noughties seem like a dark dark time tbh.


The Robert/Katie Love Story

I mean this is like being asked to pick a favourite ‘moment’ of Ryan’s tenure and just vacantly mouthing ‘RobRon’ over and over again and until someone bashes your head in to make the incessant droning stop. Katie and Robert? It was a long, drawn out and torturous affair. But I don’t care if it was long. It was epic.

And this is my ask box so we’re playing my rules (I’m the youngest of 5, I get my own way :P). Of course, you’ve probably all already seen Robert scowling his way through Katie x Andy’s wedding (a.k.a the first Robron meeting). But there was so much more to this. 

For Andy, Katie was the true childhood sweetheart. She and Andy met at school when Robert was in Spain. Quiet, shy Andy loved her straight away. Course Robert came home and immediately sussed she was Andy’s weak spot. He tried and (hilariously) failed to get her onside. It wouldn’t be till a while later when they Andy x Katie were playing house and being grown ups, running the farm, that Robert would finally catch her eye. He was much less serious than his brother, less dour. And with the responsibility of Daz on her back, he felt like a welcome relief from Farmer’s Wife Duties. Katie and Robert’s flirting was honestly everything (see above 👆👆).

👆👆👆👆👆 = NO

It makes me weep for what they did to Katie x Rob when Ryan arrived. It could have been so good, because Karl!Rob really grew into the archetype RJS personality through his love of Katie. He was an audacious flirt, out to get what he wanted one minute, but with a heart pulsating madly underneath the next. A heart that eventually consumed him entirely. It also makes me sad for the travesty that is Robert and Rebecca now. I can easily imagine how incredible it would have been if Robert could have got Katie pregnant at any point. How much damage it would have caused. In comparison, the story of his actual first child is just a sickly shadow… Ugh I cry.

I won’t rehash in detail, but Rob x Katie have an electric affair. It all comes out. Andy wants to shoot Robert but shoots Jack instead. And Rob x Katie get engaged. And then duh duh duh… Sadie King… Robert has an affair (do you see a pattern emerging?) and it all unravels from there causing him to lose the (at that point) love of his life. 

To Rob x Katie “shippers”, Sadie King was a fucking nightmare in stilettos. She also arrived in the village in a helicopter and was too posh for her own good.

But you know what? You could see why it happened. You could see the attraction. It was sexy and a bit dirty too. It was everything Robecca isn’t. And it all came out in most explosive way possible. Oh god, so much emotion and drama. And so much Sugden Sibling hatred and rivalry followed. So delicious. Yeah. I’m gonna pick the start of Rob x Katie up to the aftermath of the Sadie reveal. But it was a close run thing between this and Chicken.1 (Max King’s death and all the Jack x Rob content there). 

Course, Robert was never quite the same after Katie left him for good. 🍋🍋🍋He ended up playing chicken with Andy, killing a man, lol sorta (standard Rob) and being sent away by Jack. He leaves the village, under duress, saying he’ll go in whichever direction his car is pointing. So SO SAD… BYE KARL! THE OG FUCKED UP SUGGS… I LOVE YOU. MY FIRST EVER CRUSH… NEVER FORGOTTEN…

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Runner Up:


OK so maybe it’s just all the Karl!Rob Feels clouding my judgement tonight. But this remains one of my favourite Ryan scenes of all time. Literally perfection. 

This scene had so much history and chemistry between Kelvin and Ryan. It was just unreal. It was like Ryan had been there all those years as Karl!Rob. 

I will admit here that, sometimes, especially during affair era, it was hard to conflate the Evil Robert we often got with the Sweet Misguided Boy of my childhood. I didn’t ever think Ryan was bad, he had bags of charisma, but the plottiness let him down (doesn’t it still do tbh??). So for a while, I sorta saw him as a new character. Separate from my Robert Sugden. Just with a shared history (stole that way of looking at it from @gargoyles42​).

But Kate Oates aligned all the stars and constellations for him when she, or her team, came up with idea of revisiting Max King’s death. The inclusion of Rob, wanting to find out the truth - not only for himself but - because Aaron had been arrested just added that element of sweetness to Andy x Rob’s bitter rivalry. Basically, the Sugden brothers would be best mates if their love lives (and dead Mum) didn’t keep getting in the way. I mean, the shooting of Rob itself and weeks long coma was terrible (bye bye Ry Ry) but I would happily sit through that again if it meant we got quality content like this - RYAN OWNED AND BECAME ROBERT SUGDEN TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FOR ME IN THESE EPS. He took the legacy and made it all his own… 

Originally posted by robsugdens

I just cannot believe how long this show has been running. And that we’ve been watching these munchkins for almost 30 years now. That’s just incredible to me. Very Truman Show. Anyway, Chicken.2 felt like another epoch was beginning for them. I hope Kelvin comes back one day to continue it. 


SSW & The Day After the Robron Wedding (FUCKING 😬 FIGHT 😬 ME)

It won’t let me include ANY MORE EMBEDDED YOUTUBES. SORRY.

HaVe LiNkS iNsTeAD

Look, if I can have the whole of fucking Katie x Rob, I’m gonna have SSW AND the prison goodbye. I couldn’t pick between them if you forced me. 

Both utterly perfect and heart ravaging. And yes, I have written so much about them both at this point I just feel like there’s nothing else to add. But I’ll try. 

Who would have guessed that the little owl loving bubba up there would fall for Aaron Dingle tbh? As a kind Nonnie pointed out to me, they’re the world’s most unlikely couple on paper. But they work. They do. There’s no accounting for it. Well, to me, it’s because Robert sees so much of who he WANTS TO BE in Aaron Fucking Dingle. Courageous, brave, proud of his roots, honest, universally liked, even if he is sassy and has a temper with it. He’s everything dispossessed little Rob wanted for himself, but especially since he came back from Spain. 

And yet somehow, when Aaron is in his life… Just standing beside a person like that is enough. Rob’s love for Aaron? It’s the kind of love that asks nothing in return. Just Aaron’s quiet presence in his life makes Robert a better man. And Ryan kills it every time proving that. If you told me in 2014, Robert Sugden was coming back to be another fella’s husband, no offence, but I’d have laughed in your face. I wouldn’t have bought it at all. But slowly, surely, like the inching tide, Ryan has got me submerged. I’m seeing things I never saw before in Karl’s portrayal, because of episodes like SSW. Ryan did that…

Originally posted by nooneelsecomesclose17

A masterclass in subtle acting. Ryan never really steals a scene for me, but he’ll chip away at you until your hanging off his every word with baited breath. Especially in the quiet, raw moments with Aaron. It was just so still. So much of their relationship has been like a rollercoaster. But these episodes were distant, silent. Like they belonged to the mists of time already, like what was said here had already happened in some way and was just being reconfirmed. Which is, really, kinda the case, with Jack x Robert at least.

And the prison goodbye… Oh… cut out my heart?? Have they ever looked more in love or complete? Sarah Sugden, Sadie, Chrissie EVEN KATIE - the past all pales into insignificance standing at the foot of the MOUNTAIN OF LOVE Robert has built to Aaron. Temple. Taj Mahal, whatever…

Originally posted by justleavemebreathless

Ryan has crafted this character around the pairing. As has Danny. Which really, when you think about how epic the characters were separately and the legacies both of them brought with them… Two icons of two different Emmerdale golden eras colliding to make something so much bigger than anything that’s gone before. No wonder the show won a Bafta last year tbh. It’s really fucking astounding. I just… I know I’m speaking in abstracts but I can’t talk about the little touches, the little breaths. The way their bodies just fit together… Or I might cry. 

Nothing beats these two scenes for me, Robert has come full circle. He’s found a home in his childhood village. A husband and a best friend. Family, and a kid who relies on him the way he needed to rely on someone. And I just can’t wait to see him grow even more. 

I mean

Look at this cutie: 

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And this one:

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And this one too:

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THANK THE LORD AND SATAN FOR ROBERT JACOB TBH… and all the content creators - gifs and videos for making this post look fancy just like Robbo deserves! And thank you for the question Nonnie.. x

Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance ,mystery yet to be solved?

Amelia Earhart’s disappearance is still one of the most famous mysteries. In an attempt to fly around the world, the American pilot and her co-pilot vanished near Howland Island,24 hours after leaving Lae, New Guinea in the central Pacific Ocean in 1937.

The Mystery of Aemelia Earhart has captured the imagination of young and old, amateur and professional, since she disappeared on July 2, 1937 on her flight over the Pacific which would complete her around-the-world flight - the longest (following the equatorial route) and the first by a woman.
Despite a $4m search which covered 250,000 square miles of ocean, no trace of the pair was ever found. Most researchers believe that the plane ran out of fuel and ditched into the sea.

Theories about disappearance

There are three main hypotheses – that is, educated guesses that can be tested through research and exploration:

Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, disappeared over the Pacific in 1937. What happened to them?

1. They crashed at sea;

2. They were captured by the Japanese military and died; or

3. They landed on Nikumaroro, an uninhabited coral atoll in what is now the Republic of Kiribati, survived for awhile but finally died.

Despite massive search efforts by the U.S. Navy, Earhart and her plane wreckage were never found. The longtime mystery has led to creative conspiracy theories. Among the most popular are that she was a spy and that she landed and was executed by the Japanese. Another one claimed that she survived, moved to New Jersey and assumed a new identity.

For a long time, the most likely explanation was that the plane ran out of fuel and the flyers ditched or crashed and then died at sea. More recently, another theory has gained some traction. It holds that the flyers landed on uninhabited Nikumaroro Island, formerly called Gardner Island.

According to the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), Earhart and Noonan survived on the island for several weeks. They caught fish, seabirds and turtles and collected rainwater. Earhart died at a campsite on the island’s southeast end. Noonan’s fate is unknown.

This theory is based on on-site investigations that have revealed improvised tools, bits of clothing, plexiglass and an aluminum panel. In May 2012, investigators found a jar of freckle cream that some believe could have belonged to Earhart. Additionally, reports of lost distress calls have been reported.

Also, in 1940, a British Colonial Service officer found a partial skeleton on the island, as well as a campfire, animal bones, a sextant box and remnants of a man’s shoe and a woman’s shoe. The officer thought he may have discovered Earhart’s remains, but a doctor believed the skeleton to be male, and American authorities were not notified. The bones were later lost. Recent computerized analysis of the skeleton’s measurements suggests that the skeleton was probably that of a white, northern European female.

TIGHAR has led several expeditions to the island and found artifacts that suggest they were left by an American woman of the 1930s. The organization plans more expeditions in the next few years.

fic: Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats
Rating: PG
Summary: An unusual customer wanders into a coffee shop and everything promptly spirals out of control.

Note: This is a human AU based off like 3 different prompts at once, and my weird little contribution to the Pearlnet bomb. Also, outwardly anxious Garnet is too much fun.

Every Wednesday afternoon like clockwork, the coffee shop employee would stare out the window expectantly, hoping to catch a glimpse of something – or rather, someone – unusual.

It had started a few weeks ago on a particularly slow day, her gaze having drifted out of focus to indulge in a bit of daydreaming. When she’d been jarred harshly back to reality by a balding middle-aged customer tapping his foot impatiently, the first thing she saw from the massive storefront window was the slender woman in the outdoor seating area of the quaint little restaurant across the street. She was stunning, with short pink hair and a pair of dazzling blue eyes that simply radiated with warmth, and before she’d even blinked the dark-skinned woman realized that she was hooked.

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janice rand's "in event of disaster" to-do list

4we all know janice is resourceful and can totally take control of a situation whenever she’s needed. i mean, we’re talking about the woman who made hot coffee with a hand phaser when the power was out, the woman who can switch from going about her day to taking the helm in a snap (even if that’s not exactly in her job description). so what does she do on the day all the ranking officers on the enterprise mysteriously vanish while they’re trapped in orbit?

first things first: get a handle on the remaining members of the landing party who were there to witness their captain and first officer blink out of existence.

calm them down. beam them back up.

(rand to engineering, scotty’s disappeared and i don’t know how to work this transporter so someone get up here and beam these poor souls back up! miss rand? hurry up! rand out. is it me or does she sound weirdly like the captain? be quiet.)

hand them over to nurse chapel.

(chris, thank god you’re still here. tell these ensigns that it wasn’t their fault their COs vanished and hit ‘em with a hypo or something, they’re bleeding. i can tell. are you alright, janice?– gotta go, chris, i hear there’s chaos on the bridge!)

addendum: flash christine a reassuring megawatt grin and sprint out of the sickbay with an urgency that would make doctor-mccoy-in-mama-bear-mode proud.

next item of business: accost whoever has the conn right now and passive-aggressively help them wrangle the others.

(hey, sulu, need a hand? no, i’m fine, janice. really? because right now chekov’s glaring down roberts over the subspace scanner and i think we’re gonna need them to cooperate in order to find the captain. wait, what? chekov! roberts! i don’t think this is really the time–? sulu. you’re in the chair. our COs are gone. i feel like you could be a bit more assertive. thanks…  i guess. boy, it’s cold in here. it is, huh? wait a second– janice? i’ll be right back!)

addendum: clap sulu on the shoulder, give him an encouraging look, and take a brief moment to break up the mini cold war brewing between roberts and chekov.

third on the to-do list: hustle down to engineering. panic slightly at the fact that so many red lights are blinking and so many redshirts are hustling.

then get to work.

(so what’s wrong here? oh, yeoman rand! i, uh, the heating systems are powering down… how bad is that? no, wait, let me guess: space is really cold. well, not cold, just not warm enough. what broke? it’s over here, and we’ve used up all our sealant on the cracks in hull– hang on, i don’t think scotty will be too happy if i let you– duct tape. huh? you don’t need sealant. you just need duct tape. what’s that? are you telling me scotty lets you work down here without the wonders of duct tape? did you just pull that out of your hair? just grab the roll and get to work patching this up.)

addendum: macgyver the hell out of the enterprise’s heating systems. pray that scotty won’t go ballistic when he finds out– if he finds out?– she’s been tinkering with his silver lady.

fourth in line: continue running around the ship and giving things a little nudge to help them along.

worry about the captain. worry about mister spock. worry about doctor mccoy. worry about–

shake off the worry. keep running, keeping grinning, keep things going until that roll of duct tape runs out.

when all the ranking officers are retrieved: let out a little yell of triumph as nyota reports that the captain and company are back on board. give her a bone-crushing hug and dart off to the transporter room.

notice the hum of the heating systems fully coming back online. make a detour.

walk calmly into the transporter room five minutes later bearing a tray of mugs of steaming hot coffee and a smile.

(janice! it’s good to see you– oh, i see you’ve brought coffee! well, of course, sir.)

watch as the captain and the others take their coffee and smirk slightly as the medical team begins its slow attack. nod knowingly as jim sighs in resignation to the hypos being jabbed in his neck and gulps down his coffee, then blink in surprise as he smiles.

(you know, janice, i just don’t know what this ship would do without you.)

 this was supposed to be just a headcanon but i love janice so much it escalated 
(sorry it’s late! i can’t reign in my love on janice though)

@twelvedimensional you honestly had me with a big ol’ grin troughout the entire thing! thanks so much for this amazing work which truly let us know just how badass rand is