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Have you ever started a great book and then life comes along and makes sure you don’t have a single second to read? This is the month I’m finally gonna finish American Gods. Day 1 of the May challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point, EF
Ink: Monteverde Olivine

Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance ,mystery yet to be solved?

Amelia Earhart’s disappearance is still one of the most famous mysteries. In an attempt to fly around the world, the American pilot and her co-pilot vanished near Howland Island,24 hours after leaving Lae, New Guinea in the central Pacific Ocean in 1937.

The Mystery of Aemelia Earhart has captured the imagination of young and old, amateur and professional, since she disappeared on July 2, 1937 on her flight over the Pacific which would complete her around-the-world flight - the longest (following the equatorial route) and the first by a woman.
Despite a $4m search which covered 250,000 square miles of ocean, no trace of the pair was ever found. Most researchers believe that the plane ran out of fuel and ditched into the sea.

Theories about disappearance

There are three main hypotheses – that is, educated guesses that can be tested through research and exploration:

Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, disappeared over the Pacific in 1937. What happened to them?

1. They crashed at sea;

2. They were captured by the Japanese military and died; or

3. They landed on Nikumaroro, an uninhabited coral atoll in what is now the Republic of Kiribati, survived for awhile but finally died.

Despite massive search efforts by the U.S. Navy, Earhart and her plane wreckage were never found. The longtime mystery has led to creative conspiracy theories. Among the most popular are that she was a spy and that she landed and was executed by the Japanese. Another one claimed that she survived, moved to New Jersey and assumed a new identity.

For a long time, the most likely explanation was that the plane ran out of fuel and the flyers ditched or crashed and then died at sea. More recently, another theory has gained some traction. It holds that the flyers landed on uninhabited Nikumaroro Island, formerly called Gardner Island.

According to the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), Earhart and Noonan survived on the island for several weeks. They caught fish, seabirds and turtles and collected rainwater. Earhart died at a campsite on the island’s southeast end. Noonan’s fate is unknown.

This theory is based on on-site investigations that have revealed improvised tools, bits of clothing, plexiglass and an aluminum panel. In May 2012, investigators found a jar of freckle cream that some believe could have belonged to Earhart. Additionally, reports of lost distress calls have been reported.

Also, in 1940, a British Colonial Service officer found a partial skeleton on the island, as well as a campfire, animal bones, a sextant box and remnants of a man’s shoe and a woman’s shoe. The officer thought he may have discovered Earhart’s remains, but a doctor believed the skeleton to be male, and American authorities were not notified. The bones were later lost. Recent computerized analysis of the skeleton’s measurements suggests that the skeleton was probably that of a white, northern European female.

TIGHAR has led several expeditions to the island and found artifacts that suggest they were left by an American woman of the 1930s. The organization plans more expeditions in the next few years.

fic: Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats
Rating: PG
Summary: An unusual customer wanders into a coffee shop and everything promptly spirals out of control.

Note: This is a human AU based off like 3 different prompts at once, and my weird little contribution to the Pearlnet bomb. Also, outwardly anxious Garnet is too much fun.

Every Wednesday afternoon like clockwork, the coffee shop employee would stare out the window expectantly, hoping to catch a glimpse of something – or rather, someone – unusual.

It had started a few weeks ago on a particularly slow day, her gaze having drifted out of focus to indulge in a bit of daydreaming. When she’d been jarred harshly back to reality by a balding middle-aged customer tapping his foot impatiently, the first thing she saw from the massive storefront window was the slender woman in the outdoor seating area of the quaint little restaurant across the street. She was stunning, with short pink hair and a pair of dazzling blue eyes that simply radiated with warmth, and before she’d even blinked the dark-skinned woman realized that she was hooked.

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janice rand's "in event of disaster" to-do list

4we all know janice is resourceful and can totally take control of a situation whenever she’s needed. i mean, we’re talking about the woman who made hot coffee with a hand phaser when the power was out, the woman who can switch from going about her day to taking the helm in a snap (even if that’s not exactly in her job description). so what does she do on the day all the ranking officers on the enterprise mysteriously vanish while they’re trapped in orbit?

first things first: get a handle on the remaining members of the landing party who were there to witness their captain and first officer blink out of existence.

calm them down. beam them back up.

(rand to engineering, scotty’s disappeared and i don’t know how to work this transporter so someone get up here and beam these poor souls back up! miss rand? hurry up! rand out. is it me or does she sound weirdly like the captain? be quiet.)

hand them over to nurse chapel.

(chris, thank god you’re still here. tell these ensigns that it wasn’t their fault their COs vanished and hit ‘em with a hypo or something, they’re bleeding. i can tell. are you alright, janice?– gotta go, chris, i hear there’s chaos on the bridge!)

addendum: flash christine a reassuring megawatt grin and sprint out of the sickbay with an urgency that would make doctor-mccoy-in-mama-bear-mode proud.

next item of business: accost whoever has the conn right now and passive-aggressively help them wrangle the others.

(hey, sulu, need a hand? no, i’m fine, janice. really? because right now chekov’s glaring down roberts over the subspace scanner and i think we’re gonna need them to cooperate in order to find the captain. wait, what? chekov! roberts! i don’t think this is really the time–? sulu. you’re in the chair. our COs are gone. i feel like you could be a bit more assertive. thanks…  i guess. boy, it’s cold in here. it is, huh? wait a second– janice? i’ll be right back!)

addendum: clap sulu on the shoulder, give him an encouraging look, and take a brief moment to break up the mini cold war brewing between roberts and chekov.

third on the to-do list: hustle down to engineering. panic slightly at the fact that so many red lights are blinking and so many redshirts are hustling.

then get to work.

(so what’s wrong here? oh, yeoman rand! i, uh, the heating systems are powering down… how bad is that? no, wait, let me guess: space is really cold. well, not cold, just not warm enough. what broke? it’s over here, and we’ve used up all our sealant on the cracks in hull– hang on, i don’t think scotty will be too happy if i let you– duct tape. huh? you don’t need sealant. you just need duct tape. what’s that? are you telling me scotty lets you work down here without the wonders of duct tape? did you just pull that out of your hair? just grab the roll and get to work patching this up.)

addendum: macgyver the hell out of the enterprise’s heating systems. pray that scotty won’t go ballistic when he finds out– if he finds out?– she’s been tinkering with his silver lady.

fourth in line: continue running around the ship and giving things a little nudge to help them along.

worry about the captain. worry about mister spock. worry about doctor mccoy. worry about–

shake off the worry. keep running, keeping grinning, keep things going until that roll of duct tape runs out.

when all the ranking officers are retrieved: let out a little yell of triumph as nyota reports that the captain and company are back on board. give her a bone-crushing hug and dart off to the transporter room.

notice the hum of the heating systems fully coming back online. make a detour.

walk calmly into the transporter room five minutes later bearing a tray of mugs of steaming hot coffee and a smile.

(janice! it’s good to see you– oh, i see you’ve brought coffee! well, of course, sir.)

watch as the captain and the others take their coffee and smirk slightly as the medical team begins its slow attack. nod knowingly as jim sighs in resignation to the hypos being jabbed in his neck and gulps down his coffee, then blink in surprise as he smiles.

(you know, janice, i just don’t know what this ship would do without you.)

 this was supposed to be just a headcanon but i love janice so much it escalated 
(sorry it’s late! i can’t reign in my love on janice though)

@twelvedimensional you honestly had me with a big ol’ grin troughout the entire thing! thanks so much for this amazing work which truly let us know just how badass rand is