vanishing art
Vanishing Art

Violet Strays is an online gallery that displays exhibits only for a week at a time.

A physical gallery has limitations that an online gallery does not.It’s as simple as that.

Sometimes the pieces change throughout the week and sometimes the one art piece dominates Violet Strays for the entire week. Regardless of the artist or the piece or art on display, their is a magic in the notion that the art can just vanish in the blink of an eye. One artist had a piece up just for a few minutes.

This is an amazing concept and delightful use of the powers of the internet. The kicker? All of our lives will continue to get more culturally and intellectually rich as more and more artistic types pioneer still unexplored corners of the interwebs.

- Jeff

Like Jr Jr’s “Gone”, I’ve been really enjoying the music video to The Chemical Brothers’ “Wide Open” ([link]). The theme and narrative is fascinating, the special effects are astounding, and the music’s rather nice, too. In fact, like Gone, I thought I’d draw inspiration from it and get a drawing done.

Yeah, this one lacks the sort of wireframe mesh of a person underneath the skin and flesh, but I think that a more direct look of emptiness and reduction that I feel is more appropriate for myself.

Tumblr finds my art explicit

Long policy short: We don’t allow sexually explicit videos to be uploaded to Tumblr.

Shield your eyes! No seriously. This video of my art was tagged as pornographic? They warned me they’d delete my website.

Here’s the nearly-finished artwork, btw:

Anyway, for my friends, in case I vanish on the next art progression/update, here are a couple of my other sites (or in the event you like glitter, colour, and forest spirits in art)!

Also thank you to everyone who has supported my art on tumblr so far!