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What do you think about Bernie still standing and fighting for what he believes whilst Hillary has seemingly vanished from the face of the earth?

1) Bernard is a sitting senator. He doesn’t get extra plaudits for doing his job.

2) Hillary has been front and centre in politics for 30 years. As a lawyer, as First Lady of Arkansas and then the country, as New York senator and as SecState. From April 2015, she WAS the front line against Trump and all he stood for. She was out there every single day for a year and a half offering a viable, experienced, informed, dedicated and - yes - progressive alternative to Trump. When you ask the question “What was this person doing to fight Trump?”, Hillary Rodham Clinton was standing up and saying “PICK ME. I’M 69 AND I WILL FORGO A CALM AND HAPPY RETIREMENT IN ORDER TO SPEND EVERY DAY OF HOPEFULLY THE NEXT EIGHT YEARS OF MY LIFE FIGHTING FOR YOU AGAINST THIS KIND OF BULLSHIT. PICK ME. I’M READY. I’M WILLING. PLEASE.”

And what did she get for it? The same patronising, sexist bullshit she got the 30 years prior. A primary opponent who falsely introduced an entire generation to her as ‘The Goldman Sachs Lady’. A legion of “concerned liberals” in key swing states voting for Jill Fucking Stein in numbers that made up the vote-difference and more. Twitter Eggs and Facebook Bros saying “She’s just as bad if not worse than Trump.” WORSE THAN TRUMP. SERIOUSLY. And that wasn’t enough. As a final slap in the face, despite winning 3 million more votes than THAT opponent, despite being educated and capable and experienced and diligent and caring and ready, she was denied the office she respected so deeply, (in contrast to the coward who sits in it now), denied the opportunity to serve the country she was willing to sacrifice her Golden Years for on a technicality, through an arcane, archaic system. And just to make sure she wasn’t allowed to end this farce with even the faintest shred of dignity, faithless electors stripped her of electoral college votes she DID win, instead voting for the male primary opponent she FAIRLY beat by every democratic metric, a woman who didn’t even run for President, and a Republican. Oh, and then be told “Bernie would have won.”

If Hillary had been elected, Bernard wouldn’t HAVE to be “still standing and fighting.” Sure, he’d be working. He’d be doing his damn job. He’d be making sure the progressive wing of the Democratic party was heard.

But would President Hillary Clinton have signed a Muslim ban? Would President Hillary Clinton have moved to repeal the ACA on day one? Would President Hillary Clinton have appointed an Education Secretary who literally hasn’t got the first clue about the education system? Would President Hillary Clinton have picked an Attorney General who actively tried to withhold voting rights from Black America? Would President Hillary Clinton have named to her inner circle, and to high-ranking governmental positions, people with strong, evidential ties to hostile foreign powers? The answer to those questions and more would be a resounding “HELL FUCKING NO.” But she was never given the opportunity to prove that. Because she gave a few speeches. And because she sent a few emails. And because her husband was the figurehead of a charitable foundation.

So if, as a private citizen, Hillary wants to walk her dogs in the woods for a bit, so she should. Lord knows she earned it. She played her part, and she was burned for it. She deserved better than the vitriol to which she was subjected in the election, and she deserves better than the scorn with which she’s now treated by people who chose not to tick the box because they wanted to cling to their vain, ill-measured notion of ideological purity. She’s not the one who should be paying the price for the fucking godawful cock up swing state voters made.

Thank you SO much for asking what I’m sure you intended to be a purely innocuous question, and my apologies that you got the brunt of my intense frustration - I’ve been holding that inside for rather a long time. It feels good to get it out.

Oh. One final thing. Please might I direct your attention to Hillary’s twitter feed - I think you’ll find she’s far from ‘vanished’.


Teach Me.

Warnings - angst, fluff, swearing, mentions of abuse (both mental and physical).

It was no secret that Bucky Barnes was a shell of a man, distanced from the new and foreign sense of reality he had come to know. The man himself was shy, very reserved, and somewhat lost with himself, he had distanced himself from life afraid, afraid that he would slip from his humanity and hurt someone by accident. And he didn’t want to hurt anybody, no one.

Steve knew the troubles and struggle of adjusting to a world far more advanced than what they remembered. And the team had attempted to ease the super solider into life, walks around the city, showing him the new technology and teaching him how to use it. Despite this, Steve knew that Bucky needed a push in another direction.

Down the street from The Avengers Tower stood a gym, it was kitted out with the latest equipment and all of the staff and members were amazingly kind and helpful with anything. So, Steve pulled some strings and managed to get clearance for Bucky to teach a self-defence class. And Bucky saw the good in it, remembering the atrocities he had committed, he thought it was only fair to do what he could to help people.

On the first day, Bucky was extremely nervous, the most interaction he had with anyone besides the team was the guy who ran the coffee shop down the street, even then the interaction was limited. Although, he felt oddly calm in knowing that both Steve and Sam were there by his side in support. The room contained a small group of people, a mixture of men and women, and Steve couldn’t help but let his eyes gravitate toward her. A woman who always returned his pleasant greetings when he said hello and gave her a warm smile, a woman who always offered to help him with workouts if he needed it, Steve hadn’t seen her in awhile. Sam also noticed her, how her dull eyes scanned the room and she looked down, her arms hugging her chest; he always bumped into her in the line in the cafe by the park, she always ordered the same thing and offered a kind smile each time they passed one another. But even he could see the obvious discomfort distorting her features, her body stood rigid and she looked paranoid, scared even. The woman stuck to the back of the class, watching carefully as Bucky demonstrated moves on volunteers but not wanting to get involved too much.

Once the class had ended, the woman grabbed her gym bag and pulled her sleeves further down, as if to conceal something. Dark strands of hair fell over her face as she quickly pushed them back in place as she headed for the exit, her lips turned downward and her eyebrows tensed, “Hey Lyla,” Steve called out to her, watching her freeze before turning back to face him, sighing as he beckoned her over to the trio of bandits. Sam watched her closely, how her blue orbs scanned the room before she decided to head over to them, “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages,” Steve stated as he looked down on her, noting her behaviour on the notepad in his brain.

Lyla shrugged, pulling the strap of her bag further up to sit on her shoulder, “Oh you know how things can be, work is pretty demanding,” she brushed off the situation with a tight lipped smile, her loose ponytail falling over her collarbone as her head moved from side to side.

Steve frowned, not believing a word she was saying, “Alright,” he said, earning a glare from Sam which he returned with a look of his own, “Lyla, this is Bucky, my best friend,” he paused as he turned to Bucky who wiped his forehead with a towel, “Bucky, this is Lyla, a friend of ours,” he motioned between Sam and himself with a grin.

Steve knew how shy Lyla was, almost as shy as Bucky in some ways, but despite her height it was clear that she possessed a large heart and a body full of compassion, “It’s nice to meet you,” Bucky told her, surprising himself by how easy the words left his lips.

Lyla nodded gratefully and felt her lips pull upward slightly as she looked toward the glass door, her expression dropping as she did, Steve followed her eyeline and found a man stood there, his arms folded over his chest and narrowed orbs focused in on her, “I’m sorry guys, I have to go,” she told the trio quickly as she hurried out of the room toward the man that neither Steve nor Sam could place in their minds. The man clenched his fists as she approached him, the trio couldn’t hear what he was saying to her, but judging the way she shrank when his lips moved, they knew it wasn’t good.

Sam sighed as he watched you and the mysterious man walk away, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Sam asked Steve, his eyes glued to the two retreating figure, watching Lyla snatch away from his reaching hands.

Steve nodded, “Thinking what?” Bucky inquired with confusion, looking between the two males in the empty room.

The pair shared a look before turning to Bucky, “Lyla doesn’t wear hoodies in the gym, Buck, never,” Steve stated, his eyes filled with worry, “Lyla has always worn a smile, she’s never been so reserved, she’s shy but she loves to get involved with things, loves to be challenged,” he paused, “Plus, since I’ve been going here, Lyla has always come to the gym every Thursday night, not even work could stop that, this place gives her some time to herself.”

Sam cleared his throat, “Every night at 6pm she goes to the cafe down the street, always orders the same drink and sits in the booth by the window with a book in her hand, she hasn’t done that for weeks,” he told them, his arms folded over his chest as he looked at the place where she once stood.

Bucky frowned, suddenly feeling angry, furious even, “Why? I mean, why has she just stopped doing stuff?”

The blonde haired super solider pinched his nose and took a deep breath, “I think we’re asking the wrong questions,” he muttered, “What we need to find out is who that man was, because I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

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In honor of April...










“On Earth, I am called Selene, Goddess of the Moon. I am the former queen of the Silver Millennium, Serenity. We who were born on the Moon had a long lifespan…our duty was to protect the Silver Imperium Crystal and vanish evil from the Earth…to watch over and guide Her people on the path of good.”

Not just a Kid’s show.

So, i’ve been having a really really hard time lately. The suicidal thoughts have come back, the feeling of being completely and utterly useless. A failure. My life isn’t worth living, etc. I’ve been dealing with that for the past few months. I believe my dad’s death made it even worse. I’m grieving his loss and i am also struggling to see any light, but, you know what has helped? in my darkest moments, where all i wanted to do was vanish from the face of this earth, what has kept me afloat and helps me deal with all the shit i’m feeling. This. Steven Universe’s “Here Comes A Thought”. I close my eyes, and sing this song out loud, over and over.

I cannot begin to describe how much this song has helped me. The melody and lyrics and everything is set up in such a way that whenever i’m singing it, i am forced to take deep breaths before singing the next part. I take a deep breath before saying “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok” and it calms me. It helps me in a way no other song ever has. I am so incredibly thankful for this show, the creators, the voice actors, the musicians and everyone involved in creating this song.

And no, i am not a child, hell i am not even a teenager. I am a 27 year old woman who is struggling. Who is incredibly sad and disappointed in her life, in herself, in everything she has become. In the dreams she failed to accomplish, in the fact that she can’t become a mother even though it was all she ever wanted. A 27 year old woman who thinks about ending her life more than once a week. Yet, this show that so many regard as a “Kid’s show” has impacted my life and has (and continues to) help me so much.

Thank you Steven Universe.

Most alone and low i’ve felt in a long time. Revisiting tumblr has been both incredibly successful, yet horrendously disheartening. It’s good in the fact that i’ve been scrolling through my dash and felt so reassured and much less alone. Yet negative in the sense that i hate i’ve found myself low enough to find comfort in a potentially harmful and toxic place, but realistically my head being x100 more of a toxic place than tumblr could ever be. I’ve taken a million steps backwards in terms of progress, and i feel my old life grasping desperately at me from all over, pulling me into a darker place, and reassuring me that helping myself is redundant and completely undeserved. It’s just that with the main positive influence in my life being gone, and the replacement being so inadequate, i’ve lost all will to live. Nothing in my life is even somewhat good right now, and i have absolutely nobody. I need to be dead and gone, i need to vanish from this earth. And more than anything, i regret not doing it years ago.


Just a PSA….I went gif happy….like really gif happy. So just a warning. :)

The night was winding down to an end and despite feeling like you had drank way too much, you were still enjoying what was left of the night. Tony always knew how to throw a good party because at the end of the day, it was always the Avengers that stuck around the longest. Everyone had long since gone home to their nice, comfy beds and passed out from all the rich food and alcoholic beverages. 

You could feel your eyelids droop as Clint made a silly remark about the Mjolnir. Chuckling to yourself, you leaned your body back on the couch, letting everything you’ve consumed get the best of you.

Steve leaned towards you, concern washing over his face. “You feeling okay?” His voice was low to keep from anyone else to hear. 

Smiling, you nodded your head. “I’m fine, just a little light headed.” You had a soft spot for Steve and you weren’t sure if you actually truly liked him or if it was because he was the one who had found and saved you. It had been awhile since he had rescued you from HYDRA. You were brainwashed as well but not nearly as long as his friend had, you knew very little information about The Winter Soldier. He was supposed to be a ghost but you vaguely remembered working on a few missions with him. 

It was all blurry, the memories of HYDRA. All you really could remember was the torturous electroshock therapy you had to go through to build into your body the intense physical training you endured. It was still strange to you that you could essentially pick up any kind of gun and have such precision. You hardly ever missed your target, similar to Clint with his arrows. It was a tough road piecing together everything about yourself and despite wanting to scream and shut yourself out from the world, Steve was there to guide you from it. 

He always made a point to ask how your day was going even if he was beaten head to toe with bruises and cuts from a mission. You were still on a pardon, only being used if they absolutely needed you. It was driving you crazy but you understood, Steve didn’t want to risk you choking in a fight and losing your life because you weren’t ready. You don’t know how many times you had argued with him but he was firm on getting the all clear and even then he would need to be reassured himself that you were ready.

“Do you need to go home? I can take you, if you’d like.” Steve smiled, “I don’t mind.” 

You tried to fight back a blush but you knew it surfaced by the look on Steve’s face. He turned shyly away and you sighed. “It’s alright. I’m sure I can wait the few hours out.” 

About to respond, he was called up to try his hand at the Mjolnir. Watching him, you chuckled as you took a breath and gripped the handle. You swore you saw it budge, your eyes snapped up Thor’s who wore a look of worry. With your mouth hanging open slightly, you returned to a smile once Steve couldn’t make it move again. Thor seemed quite pleased with the result and settled back into his normal gloat. 

You weren’t positive if you were just being hyper-aware of Steve’s presence but you were pretty darn sure that when he sat down, he sat closer than he was prior. You sipped on the room temperature wine that you had been nursing for the last two hours to prevent him from seeing your pink cheeks again. Every now and again, you’d peek through your hair and find him looking at you which would prompt your face to flush all over again. 

“[Y/N]! Your turn!”

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azrael - yuta scenario

Nakamoto Yuta - NCT

words - 4222

genre - angel!au, action

warnings - demons, violence, sehun + taemin cameos 

soundtrack - imagines dragons believer (x)

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Water slide over your clothes, soaking into the material and causes it to cling to you like a second skin. You cursed softly, leaping over miniature oceans that covered the streets, keeping one hand above your head to prevent it from being drenched too. Tragically your fingers didn’t provide enough protection and you could feel the droplets slinking their way down to your skull. Running down the road wasn’t a great idea either. Yet the shadows of the sidewalks seemed like abysses in the dark of the night and no cars would dare drive now anyways. Not with the downpour of rain erupting from the heavens; even your vision was blurred by the droplets falling. It was as if Niagara Falls had relocated itself to the sky.

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Okay but if the earth is destroyed by flood like the noah before, who knows Nea can manipulate natural disasters? 
Since he kinda live inside the water in Allen’s mindscape and always thinking thirsty(to drink) and when the Arc is being downloaded it goes poof to water below

Tho that won’t be much of a stand to other noah because they got regenerative power and highspec body… 9v9

Savitar meets Reverb (The Flash Imagine)

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Barry bounced against  ground skidding to a halt. He cursed stepping out of the silver suit. He was sure he’d gotten this thing working yesterday.

“Huh…” He stood up hear a familiar voice behind him, “What…is…this?”

Barry turned toward the voice, scar first to use as an intimidating feat, “You should go.”

“I can’t see you…it’s strange. I’ve gotten so used to vibing everyone. You’re not from here are you?” Reverb flexed his fingers readying himself for anything.

Barry smirked at him, “You don’t have to worry about me Reverb.”

“You know me.” Reverb scowled.

“We’ve met…just not yet.” Barry turned back to the Savitar suit. 

“What?” Reverb hissed.

“I wouldn’t worry about it…though…” Barry turned a little smirking, “I would consider not over playing your hand…just a little advice.”

“Who are you?” Reverb clenched his fist.

“A god.” Barry stepped into the suit standing up turning to Reverb, “See you around.”

Reverb watch the silver blur rush off vanishing from this Earth. He was getting real sick of speedsters telling him what to do. He was going to have to change that…

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Can I just say I worried about you while you were gone and I'm glad you're back, friendo? (Also, I may or may not be reading a true story about a girl who's kidnapped and tortured for 18 years and I may or may not have been thinking something along those lines had happened to you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Ahhh, I’m so sorry. I should have posted a heads-up before I disappeared. Was in the process of moving earlier this week and it took awhile to get my internet set up…no kidnapping or torture involved, except the torture of unpacking all my junk :I Thanks for worrying about me though ^_^;

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Just sitting here thinking about how Briana and her family literally didn't exist before BG. So we couldn't find anything on them from before. Just thinking about how that's probably not even their real last name and if we knew their real name we would stumble upon a whole pile of incriminating information. Don't mind me.

There’s a few stuff, but they whipped a lot. Like B’s social media vanished from Earth. Her old ig was deleted completely and everything linked to her name gone. That before bg happened… Makes you think 

Religion should unite all hearts and cause wars and disputes to vanish from the face of the earth; it should give birth to spirituality, and bring light and life to every soul. If religion becomes a cause of dislike, hatred and division, it would be better to be without it… Any religion which is not a cause of love and unity is no religion.
—  Abdu'l-Bahá