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-walks in with a glass of ice water with a lemon and hands it to you-

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-flourishes wrist, vanishes in a swarm of blue butterflies which fly out the nearest window and vanish into the horizon-


It had all happened so quickly. That was the only thing Killian Jones could think, circling endlessly round and round his brain. One minute, Emma had been standing there on the docks just a few short feet away from him, feet planted shoulder-width apart, hands raised ready to fight; bold, brave, and braced for anything - his brilliant sheriff Savior - and the next her lovely, mischievous eyes had gone dull and blank, clouded over with something unearthly strange. Her hands had fallen to her sides, she had given a short, jerky nod, and then stepped backward to fall right off the pier without protest.

The sinister gentleman that they had been facing off against had chuckled low and mirthlessly, face changing to reflect a sinister and wholly inhuman soul. “I’ll leave you now, Captain,” he’d intoned in the silky deep voice that somehow drew one in even as it repulsed. “You had best see to your lady if you know what’s good for her.”

Killian didn’t understand what was going on, why Emma had sent herself tumbling, but he knew she could swim and that she would be more than a little irked if he played unneeded rescuer to her and let their current troublesome foe get away. However, one glance behind him showed that Emma had just begun to surface and she wasn’t moving to swim back to the ladder up or even stay afloat. Something wasn’t right.

He had never been so glad to have Dave at his other side; the Prince drew his sword, sparing his son-in-law a single glance with the words, “Go, Hook! I’ve got this!” then charged their enemy with a full battle yell.

At that, Killian had turned and flung himself into the icy water of the harbor, fear for Emma flooding his veins along with chill, as his Swan didn’t flinch or move at all when he splashed up to her, snagging her jacket with his hook just as she began to sink lifelessly. Focused on keeping both their heads above water, turning Emma’s limp form so her back was to his front and her head could lull into his shoulder clear of the surface, he paddled awkward and one-handed but determined, back to the dock.

He’d had to pause at the base of the ladder back up, unsure how to proceed. With Emma clearly unconscious, there was no good way to lift her and climb as well with one hand. Luckily as he had tried to maneuver, the Prince’s head and shoulders had appeared over the edge of the dock. Reaching down, his mate had called, “Killian, here! Pass her up to me! I’ve got her!”

He had managed to lift his wife’s unconscious form up high enough for her father to grasp under her limp arms and haul her onto the dock again, with Killian scrambling after as quickly as he could, breathless with worry and shivering from the prolonged dip in frigid Atlantic waters. All he had been able to focus on though was the bruise forming at Emma’s temple and the thin line of blood that trailed down the side of her face and disappeared into her sodden hair. She had been breathing on her own, which he had tried to take comfort in as her father seemed to, but the fact that she still hadn’t come around, even moved or made a sound, by the time Storybrooke’s lone ambulance arrived kept the pirate tensely on-edge. Clamoring into the vehicle after her awkwardly, he refused to release her cold hand from his and rode to the hospital at her side - a silent sentinel, even if to late to guard her from the strange calamity that had just befallen her.


Now, sitting at the hospital some hours later, Killian Jones has a bit more to go on as he keeps vigil at his wife’s bedside, Henry on her other side, looking equally concerned but still hopeful as they wait for some sign that she is coming back to them. Her parents have already been and gone - a toddler at home to care for and a town in disarray still needing them. Apparently, what Killian had missed when he dove into the water after his Swan was their nemesis transforming into a bat, taking flight, and vanishing without a trace. While he has spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching over Emma, her father, mother, Regina, and Belle determined that their foe is some powerful Romanian count, capable of both seduction and mind control to achieve his desires, as well as being possessed of supernatural strength and speed and the ability to take on various forms, including bat, wolf, and even sentient mist. It had been Belle who had quickly identified the rather infamous literary villain as a vampire named Dracula; had done it quite easily in fact after hearing David’s account of their stand-off at the water’s edge and the enemy’s quick getaway. What the fiend wanted in Storybrooke was still anyone’s guess, but they all seemed to be of the opinion that the Count had used some sort of ‘mesmer’ on Emma - his strongest threat - coercing her to throw herself into the water where she had struck her head on something beneath the surface.

He has been told that she should wake up any time now. The swelling in her head is already going down, her vitals are strong, and though she could be disoriented or have a mild concussion, they have every reason to believe that she will make a full and quick recovery once she regains consciousness. However, that has not stopped Killian’s heart from lodging in his throat, staring down at her placid, motionless face while continuing to hold her hand, hardly daring to blink as he wills her to open her eyes and still know him.

He has lived too long and known too much tragedy to play a naive fool. Blows to the head are always unpredictable and gravely serious. Not to mention that what the Mesmer has done to her mind - he is sure now that was the cause of the blank, clouded look he had witnessed - cannot be medically anticipated. The word ‘amnesia’ has floated on the periphery of his awareness more than once, though he realizes the nurses and staff do not think he has heard.

The very idea that his wife, his partner, the True Love he had survived three hundred anguished years to meet, might regain consciousness and look on him as a stranger is nearly more than he can stand. That their trip up the beanstalk and their adventure into the past of Henry’s book, their trials as Dark Ones and their victory over Death itself - everything from their first meeting to their wedding day - might be lost to her mind forever, is suffocating in its horrible possibility and Killian tries not to gasp against the panic tightening his chest.

Would she go back to the woman she had been? Mistrusting him and pushing him away as she retreated behind her protective walls? He would do it all again without hesitation; win her heart and peel away her armor to soothe her wounded soul. Still, he couldn’t help mourning the moments which would surely be lost.

As the first hazy streaks of dawn peek into the room, her lashes flutter and Emma Swan’s eyes finally blink open to find her husband leaning over her anxiously, waiting for her return with bated breath.

“Emma?” he whispers hoarsely, bringing her fingers up to his lips where he can ghost a kiss across her knuckles. She has no way of knowing that he is searching worriedly for signs of this dreaded 'amnesia’ as he continues, asking, “How so you feel, Love? Do you know where you are? … Do - do you know who I am?”

Her hand is clumsy and a bit uncoordinated and she lifts it to cup his scruffy cheek, but a bemused, familiar smile quirks her lips at his words. “Killian, of course,” she rasps, her voice rough from the seawater she had swallowed, but blessedly very much her own. “How could I forget you?”

by @snowbellewells


The Restless Spirits of Flight 401

One of the most famous and well documented modern day hauntings was that of the restless spirits of Flight 401. Flight 401 was an Eastern Air Lines flight that was regularly scheduled to fly from the JFK Airport in Queens, New York, to Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida. However, on December 29th, 1972, Flight 401 would go from being a routine daily flight to one of tragedy.

On this day, the flight was operated using a four-month old L-1011 jumbo jet. The flights pilot was Captain “Bob” Loft, the First Officer was Albert Stockstill, and the Second Officer was “Don” Repo. There were 176 passengers on board. When the flight began nearing its destination, Captain Loft and his crew were carrying out routine landing procedures when Stockstill noticed that the landing gear light,  which told the crew that the nose gear was properly locked in the down position, did not light up. After failing to get the light to illuminate, Loft had the airport give the plane permission to enter a holding pattern instead of landing right away. While in the holding pattern, the crew began measures to confirm that the landing gear was indeed down, and the jet was put on autopilot. At first everything was fine as the plane reached its assigned altitude of 2,000 feet. However, in the next two minutes the plane dropped 100ft, flew level for two minutes, and then began to descend at a pace so gradual that it could not be perceived by the crew. Within the next minute the plane lost another 250ft, and a few minutes after that reached only half of what the assigned altitude was supposed to be. At this point the Captain and crew noticed that something was going wrong with the altitude. However, it was too late. Ten seconds after this realization the plane crashed into the Everglades. The Captain and his officers died, along with 10 flight attendants and 97 of the passengers.

Months later, sections of Flight 401 were recycled to be used on other aircrafts. Soon after the parts were effectively disseminated among the fleet, paranormal reports began to surface. Many senior airline personnel on the planes that contained salvaged parts from Flight 401 began seeing the deceased captain and his officers. Crew members, flight attendants, and passengers would often see the silent figure of a “drawn and ill-looking man” wearing an Eastern Airlines uniform. When approached the man would disappear. This mysterious entity was identified by several of those who had witnessed his presence to be non-other than the captain, Bob Loft.

Although Captain Bob Loft would often be unresponsive, there were several incidents where people had full on conversations with the apparition. One of these incidents occurred to one of the vice presidents of the airline who was about to embark on flight to Miami from the JFK airport. While in the airport, the vice president saw a man in uniform standing near the terminal entrance. Assuming that this man was the captain of the flight, the VP began to speak to the him. However, mid conversation he realized that the man he was speaking to was in fact the deceased Bob Loft. As soon as he had this realization, the mysterious spirit vanished. Another incident involved two flight attendants and a flight captain. They were having a conversation with Bob Loft in the plane’s cockpit when he suddenly vanished. The captain and flight attendants were so shaken up after the encounter that the flight had to be canceled before take-off.

Captain Bob Loft was not the only crew member of that fatal flight to continue hanging around after death. Don Repo was also seen on numerous occasions. Unlike Bob Loft, Repo was a helpful spirit who seemed to be looking out for Eastern Airline flights safety. One time, a flight engineer was carrying out a normal pre-flight inspection when he felt another presence looming over him. When the engineer turned to see who had joined him, he was shocked to see that it was Don Repo. Repo reportedly told him “You don’t need to worry about the pre-flight; I’ve already done it.” He then walked away and disappeared. At another time, a flight attendant noticed that a flight engineer was repairing a galley oven. Later on the flight attendant went to thank his colleague for doing the repair only to find out that the colleague had in fact not done the repair, and that the repair was still scheduled to be completed. Interestingly, it was later discovered that the galley oven had been salvaged from Flight 401.

As reports continued to occur, airline authorities refused to acknowledge the possibility of ghosts from Flight 401. Instead they recommended that anyone who had a “paranormal” experience seek some of the free psychiatric services being offered by the airline. Although the authorities adamantly refused to discuss anything ghost related, Eastern Airlines began to quietly remove all of the salvaged parts of Flight 401 from their fleet. Ever since the parts were removed all sightings have ceased.

(Sources:, “Hell House and Other True Hauntings from Around the World” by Alison Rattle and Allison Vale)

Just Married: Chapter One

Chapter One:
That’s One Way to Calm the Nerves

The wedding had been small, just Mickey, Ian and a few close relatives and friends. They didn’t split the audience like most people do, everyone sat in the center. They both walked down the aisle, Mickey with Mandy and Ian with Lip, and they both met in the middle. It was important that this was how it happened, because the root of a lot of their problems had been an inability to meet in the middle. Now they would be meeting in the middle on one of the most monumental days of their lives.

It would be a lie if somebody said their wedding went on without flaw, Mickey had tripped over his vows and got frustrated almost throwing them to the ground, the electricity had gone out in the Alibi twice before the ceremony was over and Ian almost fell on his face right before their kiss. None of that mattered though because that just meant their marriage would last.

After the reception Mickey and Ian vanished to catch their flight, they were Louisiana bound for their honeymoon in New Orleans. Two weeks of just them, no worries, nothing to get in the way, no interruptions. They’d booked the rental house in the French Quarter, close enough to everything they wanted to see and still secluded enough for total privacy. This was the vacation of their dreams, they couldn’t afford much but they had each other and that was what mattered.

Together they stood at the Chicago airport, bags packed and anxious, Mickey was more so than Ian, he had never flown before. Wringing his hands together he looked over at Ian and chewed his bottom lip. “We can’t just drive can we? I mean it won’t take that long if we drove will it?” He asked the tone in his voice showing just how nervous he was.

“We’re not driving, it would take way too long, and neither of us are sober enough to start that trip tonight, it’s going to be fine, Mickey.” Ian laughed taking Mickey’s hand in his own and kissing the tatted up knuckles of his husband. It was adorable how the tough guy was afraid to fly, and it made Ian love him even more.

“What if it crashes? There goes our honeymoon then,” Mickey grumbled, calming a little though to Ian’s hand in his. It was one of the things that could keep him calm when most things couldn’t.

“It’s not going to crash, I told you not to watch Lost, I told you not to look up plane crash videos, you should have listened.” The redhead couldn’t help but laugh again, it was kind of amusing even if it was at the expense of his beloved. “We’re going to be just fine, you’re getting yourself all worked up for nothing,” He leaned in and kissed the shell of Mickey’s ear to whisper. “Besides, if you’re good I might just fuck you in the bathroom, consummate our marriage the right way,” Ian grinned, dragging his teeth across the flesh of Mickey’s earlobe.

Mickey grumbled to everything Ian said until those lips were at his ear sending shivers down his spine. It never ceased to amaze the thug just how much of an effect that Ian had on him. He could go from being nervous about dying to thinking of the sex they could have on that flight, and it calmed him down considerably. Grinning like the cat who ate the canary he licked his lips and nodded. “I uh, yeah, I’ll be good,” Mickey hissed with a subtle hint of arousal. He was still nervous of course, but it was a kind of nervous that he could live with.

Their conversation came to a halt when the line started moving for them to get boarded, having already gone through the security procedures. So when they handed in their tickets they were lead to the plane, which only made Mickey admittedly more nervous, but he held Ian’s hand tighter as they boarded and found their seats. To ease his husband’s mind Ian took the window seat, and pulled the other male close to him to quell his trembling muscles.

“It’s all going to be alright, just remember what I said,” Ian murmured glaring down anyone who looked at them with disdain. They were done hiding, they were done being in the closet, because Mickey crawled his way out of it months ago. It was something the dirty boy wanted to do before their nuptials.

“I know, I know,” Mickey breathed relaxing against Ian, breathing in his scent, finding comfort in the strong arms that wrapped around him. He hadn’t noticed the looks that anyone gave because those people didn’t matter, it had taken him a while to realize this, but he had and didn’t look back since. His eyes fluttered shut as he worked on controlling his breathing. He didn’t want to have some kind of panic attack over a flight, a short flight at that. They’d managed to get a straight trip, directly to New Orleans no stops or change overs.

In the time it took for Ian to go to speak again after the stewardess spoke over the loudspeaker he had noticed Mickey had fallen asleep. Without waking him, he made sure they were both buckled. Thanking god for small miracles that the older male was asleep the last thing he wanted was for Mickey to freak out over the turbulence as they took off. Ian on the other hand wasn’t tired in anyway, occupying his time with the latest book he was reading he waited for Mickey to wake up from his nap.


They were only forty-five minutes from landing when Mickey finally woke up, startling himself awake he looked around for a moment before looking at Ian. “Why didn’t you wake me up jackass?” His tone groggy from sleep still resting in his voice.

Ian looked up from his book quirking a brow at the other male before chuckling. “If you were asleep you couldn’t freak out,” Ian shrugged looking at his watch. “Go to the bathroom, and when I knock three times let me in,” Ian grinned at Mickey in a way that said it all. Not only were they going to fuck for the first time as a married couple they were going to do it while joining the Mile High Club.

Mickey didn’t need to be told twice, he undid his seatbelt, and found the bathroom, it was perfect timing too because he actually needed to take a piss. After taking care of business he waited, knowing Ian couldn’t just follow him into the bathroom without it being noticed so he decided to make this whole thing easier by already having his fly undone.

The redhead waited for the stewardess who had seen Mickey leave to the restroom to become busy with other people on the plane before he made his way to the restroom, knocking three times as promised. He entered swiftly as the door was opened and locked it behind him, the space was cramped but it wasn’t too small to get the job done. He pulled Mickey up by the front of his shirt and kissed him hard on the mouth, needy and wanting to reward the thug for being good on the flight.

Mickey moaned into the kiss, as his hands slid down to the top of Ian’s pants, undoing them for him and shoving both pants and boxers to the floor. Kissing Ian back with unending passion, his heart hammering in his chest arousal built inside of him. When the kiss was broken he let his teeth drag over Ian’s bottom lip before he pulled back to smirk at him in a way only Mickey could.

“Unnf you’re so dirty I can just see what you’re thinking when you give me those eyes,” Ian groaned taking his filthy boy by the shoulders and turning him so he bent over the sink. The younger, taller male stepped behind him, taking no time with pleasantries because that was how Mickey liked it. The head of his hard cock pressed to the other’s tight hole. In one push he found himself flooded with the warmth that was Mickey’s depths. However, Ian took precaution before he slid hilt deep, having reached forward to clamp his hand over Mickey’s mouth. “You have to shut up, or we’ll get in trouble,” Ian breathed before he slammed into the other male hilt deep. “Just shut up and take it,” groaning with pleasure softly as he began to roll his hips.

Mickey found his happy place, the feeling of Ian’s cock inside of him, the dirty words spoken to him, the hand over his mouth, all of it was overwhelming and made him harder because of the prospect that what they were doing was illegal. Pushing back into each and every thrust he moaned into Ian’s hand, muffled so nobody could hear. His own cock was hanging heavy between his legs, dripping with precome, the flesh red and the head of his cock purpling as he staved off his release for now, wanting to enjoy every moment of this quick fuck that he could, even with Ian’s massive length tormenting his prostate.

Ian grunted with approval to Mickey’s reaction, it only spurred Ian on more as he lovingly fucked his husband faster, harder, making sure to hit his prostate every other thrust. The redhead wanted to make Mickey see stars from the power behind the orgasm he would give him, he wanted to feel those muscles tighten and Mickey’s body convulse. After so many years together he knew how to play Mickey like an instrument and produce the most beautifully perverse music that made any panty soaking, boner popping song by Nine Inch Nails sound like a hymn sung on Sunday morning.

It wasn’t too much longer before Mickey was trembling like a leaf caught in a hurricane, his muscles spasming before he came hard, his vision going blurry, seeing nothing but white. His cries had been effectively stifled by Ian’s hand, and that was a good thing, otherwise everyone on the plane would have either rushed the bathroom to promptly arrest them, or they would have stood and applauded. In the waning moments of their intimacy his eyes rolled back, feeling Ian’s hot seed fill his insides, giving him the feeling he loved.

Ian rode out his orgasm with his muscular thighs quaking as he slowly pulled out of his lover and removed his hand from Mickey’s mouth. “Fuck that was…wow,” Ian cooed softly as he pulled up his pants and boxers fixing himself, and watching as Mickey did the same.

“Yeah…uh can we fly more often?” Mickey asked with a sheepish grin as he finished redressing. “It was fucking hot,” he remarked after a second, turning to face Ian he kissed him, loving, gentle, a sweet opposite to the way they just fucked. He broke the kiss with a shuddery breath. “You make some of the hottest faces when you’re fucking me,” Mickey breathed out indicating to the mirror he had watched Ian in.

The ending remark made Ian chuckle, and he pointed to the mirror too. “Yeah so do you, when we get home I’m putting a mirror near the bed…I love watching your face when I fuck you from behind, the way you bite your lip? Fucking unng makes me want to fuck you all over again,” Ian groaned just thinking about it. “Wait a few minutes after I leave to come back to your seat, we’ll be landing soon,” Ian relayed to him as he left the bathroom, joined by Mickey a few minutes later.

–it was already a steamy start to the honeymoon that was just beginning.

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MH370 anniversary: search for answers continues

An interim report on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has revealed that the battery of an underwater locator beacon on the aircraft had expired more than a year before the plane vanished in March 2014.

The report, which was released on Sunday - the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Flight MH370, reviewed the efforts and progress that have been made in the search for the missing plane and the investigation into the incident.

The significance of the expired battery on the beacon of the flight data recorder was not immediately apparent, except indicating that searchers would have had lesser chance of locating the aircraft in the Indian Ocean, where it’s believed to have ended, according to the Associated Press.

The report, consisting of more than 500 pages, was posted on Malaysia’s Transport Ministry website on Sunday.

While it does not provide any clues as to what could have happened on March 8 last year, when the Beijing-bound flight vanished from radar screens, it does exonerate the crew to a certain extent.

It says that there were no behavioral signs of social isolation, change in habits or interest, drug or alcohol abuse on the part of the captain, the first officer and cabin crew before the plane departed.

With the release of the report, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Sunday that the country remains committed to the search for MH370.

“Malaysia has brought together a huge international team to find the plane, and we will never forget the dedication of those who have helped,” the prime minister said.

The search for the plane is being conducted jointly by Australia, Malaysia and China in the Indian Ocean, some 1,600 km off Australia’s west coast. Ships equipped with sophisticated sonar systems are scouring a huge underwater area looking for signs of the plane.

The Boeing 777 aircraft carrying 239 people, including 153 from the Chinese mainland and one from Taiwan, disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. So far no trace has been found despite a massive surface and underwater hunt.

The year has been a severe trial for the relatives of those onboard the plane. Commemorating the anniversary, some Chinese relatives gathered on Sunday at different sites in Beijing, including the Malaysian embassy, the airport and the Lama Temple, a popular Tibetan Buddhist center of worship.