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since I'm new to the fandom can you please explain to me what's the story with Sam's forehead in Paris?

heheheh always! to back up just a bit: on Cait’s birthday this past year, October 4th, we got this tweet from Rosie, telling Sam to treat Cait like a queen (which I believe Cait definitely faved and Sam might have?)

cut to Cait’s tweet a little while later thanking everyone for the birthday wishes:

so based on her emoji’s, it’s clear she’s jetting off to Paris to pop open a bottle of champagne with someone she loves and it’s going to make her very very happy. Her and Sam then both vanished from social media at basically the same exact time pretty much, except for Sam posting a picture of a bag of nuts from what looked like a private airplane, or at least first class. things that make you go hMMMMM

And THEN, the next day Cait shows up at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris looking hot AF, Jess tweets Sam a picture of her which Sam quote RT’s and tags Cait in. Not super relevant though we all had a fucking heart attack but also his tweet was REALLY tame and based on what happens next makes me think he saw the outfit before she left the hotel. So then about 2? months later I wanna say, some anon finds these pictures on a website from the after party of the Louis Vuitton show:

^that’s Cait’s back in the leather jacket

look familiar? Same weird hairline, same bump over his eye. I’m like 99.5% sure that it’s Sam. hiding at a Louis Vuitton party with the birthday girl. For some reason I can’t add any more picture to further prove my point but there you go :)

It is funny to me how relevant BVB are trying to be. If they soon don’t do something with their music they aren’t going to have fans. They are losing fans and trying everything in this power by having a monthly BVB box and the recent T-shirt thing. They are doing everything to keep fans.

You got Ashley who literally vanished from social media. His last post was over three months ago. The only time he posts is when there is drama and needs to reassure the band isn’t breaking up and how he owns the band. Also the band is a business and without his say so the band will not break up. While throwing shad at Jake and being rude.

Next, we have Andy who is in his own world trying to help animals and saying his wife is amazing and beautiful. He constantly denies mistreatment from Juliet. He makes people pay him to see him proclaim to be a vegan while eating non vegan food on his show. The biggest kicker is he is now going to continue to make people pay for his show. But, have it available for YouTube. Makes no sense.

Then, you have speculations of him joining Scientology. His wife is selling everything on Depop that is hers and his for extreme prices. He is doing his solo project. Plus his movie American Satan and not relaxing. Which leads me to believe he is doing all this stuff to continue with Scientology. Since it isn’t cheap. Leading me on my final thought with him that he is alost sole who truly needs help. But fans have tried to help him. But he in turn calls them sociopaths.

Also we have Jake who is in my opinion doing all the live streams and such to build up his fan base. So then when BVB break up eventually Aelonia can become a thing. He has been starting a lot of drama lately by calling Ashley out when fans won’t stop harassing him about him. He talks about controversial topics such as vaccines. Gets everyone rallied up. I’ve noticed a pattern when the BVB army is dry of drama Jake says something and starts it up. To me it brings me back to him keeping his fan base alive and keeps people talking about him so he stays relevant. This is just my opinion.

Finally I can’t say much about CC and Jinxx. The only thing I can say about Jinxx is he most likely got remarried in secret because his ex wife Sammi Doll posted some pretty angry posts the other week. For CC he is off living his life and being drama free and staying away from it as much as possible.

In conclusion, this band has to be the most immature and dramatic group of people I have seen in a band. Sure other bands have been immature and done stupid things. But, not to this level in my opinion. The bands have generally always publicly apologized and got their respect back. BVB say their dumb, disrespectful stuff and have no remorse and never apologize. They get people to dislike them and resent them. I truly believe this band had potential and they literally threw it away. As someone who has been a fan for 4 years it really saddens me what they have become.

BLACKPINK REACTION: Their GF being attacked by a fan and stuck in emergency care/ICU because of it

Jennie: After this unfortunate event, Jennie will hire more bodyguards. She wants everything perfectly safe for when you get back from the hospital. The concern she has with you will be so great that sometimes she will forget her own work.

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Jisoo: She is a cute human being, she is kind, she loves her fans, but what this “fan” did to you hurt her feelings. She loves you too and this time you need her then, obviously, she’ll be there for you. Jisoo will sleep at the hospital if you need someone to keep an eye on you, that’s why she will “vanish” from the media, letting her real fans worried. She will only show up to her fans when you are 100% fine.

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Rosé: No one has ever seen her so angry. She will keep a murderous look in her eyes when she sees the one who attacked you. Rosé will also post a big message to her fans, telling them that those who do not support your relationship should at least keep respect. And even when she’s working, her head will come back to you because she’s worried and wants you to get better soon. The hospital will be your second home.

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Lisa: Even if you are getting better, Lisa will cry every night because she feels guilty. For her, it’s her fault that you are in a hospital. Once you’re fine, Lisa will not let you go somewhere where there might be a lot of Blinks because she’s afraid someone will try to hurt you again.

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Can you think of anything that we as a fandom can do for Jo? I feel really bad that all of this has happened to her :(

[NOTE: this is the only anon about this I’ll be answering and I’m not taking any more, whether of the “ooh what drama did i miss” variety or the “fuck you for liking someone i don’t like” variety, so if you’re hunting for scoop you’ll need to get the notes from a classmate, Mom’s tapping out.]

You are a kind and sweet person for asking this!  I think sending positive messages to her on Twitter is nice. It’s really wearying to see “kill yourself” and “die, bitch” in your mentions over and over, and drowning it out with positivity helps a little.  I imagine she’ll be taking a step back from social media for a little bit, but if you send a nice tweet or message, she’ll get it and she’ll appreciate it.

But honestly I think the most important thing we can do - not just to make one person feel better, but to make the fandom a better place - is to start being really, deeply honest with ourselves about whether the words we use and the way we treat others contribute to making this fandom a kinder, or a crueler, place.  There’s always a lot of finger-pointing when an episode of bullying or harassment or drama erupts - “that was a different ship,” “we don’t claim those people,” “my friends weren’t part of that” - which can be really convenient ways to dodge complicity in the overall culture we may well be part of helping to create.

It is perfectly okay to disagree.  It is perfectly okay not to like people.  There are certainly people in this fandom I disagree with and that I don’t like.  No one is saying we all have to feel the same way about everything, or that your opinions aren’t valid.  My opinion is that I fucking love Jo Garfein.  I’ve hung out with her.  I’ve had drinks with her.  I’ve dished with her.  I’ve had long off-the-record conversations with her about some of the things she’s done to make this fandom better, and this show better, that people will never know about, because she didn’t do them to get the credit, she did them because she has a good heart. 

If people don’t want to like Jo, they don’t have to.  I’m not their mother, and I don’t get to choose their friends.  But it’s one thing to disagree with someone - about ships, about characters, about something they said that you didn’t like - and it’s another to wish them active harm, or to perpetuate it. 

So if you, sweet Anon, or anyone reading this, feel badly about Jo getting hate today and want to know how to help, here’s the big question: what are you doing right now, right here, right where you are, to stop it happening to the next person in this fandom who will get hate for something? Or the one after that, or the one after that? 

How are you stepping up in the corner of the fandom that belongs to you, that’s within your sphere of influence, and trying to make the world a little better? 

When it’s your friends, your ship, your fandom doing the attacking do you step in, or sit on the sidelines? 

Do you laugh when your friends drag people? 

Do you reblog or retweet mean-spirited subtweets so the person they’re about will see them? 

Are your words kind? 

Do you communicate on Twitter and Tumblr with a clear knowledge that behind every one of those profiles is a real human being who can be hurt by your words (yes, even people you can’t stand)? 

Do you “defend” your fave or show how hard you stan by how forcefully you can attack antis and how much praise from your own fandom you get for it? 

Is there a part of you that believes, deep down, that people from different ships are “the enemy” or even just “the other side,” even if you’re all fans of the same TV show? 

If someone fucks up - which they will do, because they’re human, because maybe they’re young, because maybe they’re learning, because maybe they had a terrible day, because fucking up is something that every single one of us does on the regular, even me, even you - do you call them out with patience and respect, the way you’d want to be called out if it was you who made the mistake? Or do you get excited about the chance to show someone just how wrong they were, so you feel powerful, so you feel right? 

Do you ever ever use “kill yourself” or “kick the chair” or “die” as casual insults, perpetuating violent language that is deeply triggering to people who are survivors of suicide or self-harm (their own or someone else’s)? 

As someone who is proud to call Jo a friend, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that the thing she wants is for this entire fandom to be a kinder place.  It is shitty that Jo has to deal with the level of negativity she gets on a regular basis, but when she tells people to choose kindness, she’s not just saying “don’t hurt my personal feelings.”  She’s talking about a shift in culture.  She understands how that kind of toxicity poisons the well for the entire fandom.  It creates fear and anxiety among the cast about spending time with fans, because they don’t know how people will react.  It causes them to vanish from social media, because none of them want to accidentally say the wrong thing and have a hundred people yelling in their mentions.  It takes the joy out of being able to geek out about a thing that we love because we all spend so much time trying to avoid the drama, or we can’t resist being sucked into it, and then it takes over our lives.  It makes us all anxious.  It makes us all meaner.  It makes us all look at the fandom as divided into an “us” and a “them,” which shapes our every single interaction.

So for anyone wondering how to help, that’s how to help.  We could all be a little more honest with ourselves - and I say “we” here because I do this too, we all do this - about what kind of fandom we’re creating with the words we say and the way we treat people.

I’m not directing these comments at you, Anon; you asked a simple question but it has a more complicated answer.  You are kind and you asked a kind question and that, in itself, means a lot.  It means a lot that you see a person who is feeling like crap because they had to deal with internet hate today and that your first response is to ask if there’s anything you can do to make that person feel better.  And there definitely is, but we all have to jump in and pull our weight.  We all have to choose, every day, with every interaction, whether we want to be kind, or not.  So let’s choose kindness.  Not just right now, not just because there was drama today and we feel bad about it in this one particular instance, not just for the sake of one person, but for the sake of how the hell we’re going to get through hiatus when it’s only day eight and we’re already eating each other alive.  Let’s choose kindness for the sake of making this fandom a better place to exist, for everybody. 

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Just sitting here thinking about how Briana and her family literally didn't exist before BG. So we couldn't find anything on them from before. Just thinking about how that's probably not even their real last name and if we knew their real name we would stumble upon a whole pile of incriminating information. Don't mind me.

There’s a few stuff, but they whipped a lot. Like B’s social media vanished from Earth. Her old ig was deleted completely and everything linked to her name gone. That before bg happened… Makes you think 

How to gradually seem mysterious

~Stop posting everything you do on social media. 

~Consider “vanishing” for a week or so. Not too long so no one forgets about you, but just enough that people start wondering. That way the next time you talk to someone it’ll make more of an impression. And when asked what you were up to be aloof. Respond with a “oh I dunno stuff I guess.” Something along those lines.

~Join a random club or find a new hobby that doesn’t exactly fit “who you are”. It’ll be different, new, even weird to people, which will get them interested//curious. They wanna know more about you, but you can’t let them.

~If someone asks for your favorite color or food don’t hold that back, you don’t need to try and keep everything a mystery. That’ll get easily annoying, like you’re trying too hard. 

~If it’s obvious that you’re being “interrogated” be aloof! Again, just act distant. Short, simple answers. Yes or no’s, a few maybes, I dunnos, perhaps, probablys. You get the idea.

~When asked a deep, personal question about yourself, turn it back to the person asking. “Why? Are you?” 

~Never admit you’re fears, what’s the point in that? So the other person has an opportunity to embarrass or hurt you?  Redirect the question back to them or say you aren’t scared of anything.

~Keep people guessing. Be spontaneous. 

~Be zen! It’s very hard to maintain your cool in situations where your buttons are being pressed. And seeing someone who’s so in control of their emotions is attractive and mysterious. Like nothing gets to them, as if they are insanely strong or in touch with themselves. I dunno if I’m just rambling here but at least that’s how I view others.

~Maintain eye contact and give little smirks instead of huge toothy smiles.

~When out in public don’t be so loud. Don’t try to draw so much attention by being extremely obnoxious and loud. It makes it seem like you’re trying to prove something. 

~Try and speak less and less day by day. Speak with your eyes.

~Think before you speak. You might unintentionally reveal something about yourself.

~Do this over a good period of time. Whatevers comfortable to you, but not immediately if it’s too out of character for you. It’ll leave people with the impression that you’re trying to hard to change or prove a point. 

L-R: Annie McCarrick (26), Josephine ‘Jojo’ Dullard (21), Fiona Pender (25), Ciara Breen (18), Fiona Sinnott (19), Deirdre Jacob (18).

Pictured above are 6 young women who each inexplicably went missing in Ireland between the years 1993-1998. Each case shares similarities in the way that the victims are young females who all disappeared in the same geographical location, since labelled Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle by the media. Despite a monetary reward for any information relating to the whereabouts of these girls, they have never been found. It is widely believed that the disappearances were the result of an undetected serial killer being active during this time, and in fact their bodies may well be buried in the same area but remain undiscovered.

I personally think that the vast majority of the youngest generations of white people (80’s, 90’s and 00’s kids) are educated, friendly and aware of how wrong racism is. I think they unfairly get a bad rap from their parents/grandparents generations, where it was okay and socially acceptable to segregate people and/or say the most absurd things and we all know that the older somebody gets, the more they refuse to change. So, as long as these young white people teach their children to never discriminate and so on we will be fine. Of course there are still some crazy ass kids who think their race is superior, but they have no voice/support from the media (which is a big deal already). We need to remain together and make them all vanish away.

You know what I'm looking forward to most when NS falls?

Watching those certain louder NS shippers (whom I will not say, but we all can name at least 2 off the top of our heads) either completely scramble for justification, say it was just to please the fans, call Kishimoto a terrible writer, or just completely vanish from all social media. I will look forward to their struggles and excuses. I will look forward and I will laugh, laugh, and laugh.

I am tired and I am angry. But I am also dedicated. Even after this vanishes from the media, I will keep talking about racism, I will keep dismantling the lies that have built a system that allows oppression to be justified and ingrained in the system.

Bernhard Willhelm for Liebe, Sex & Aids, 2002.

A woolly penis once again makes AIDS a subject. “Liebe, Sex & Aids” – a book from which every penny goes to charity.

For several years now, the subject of AIDS has more or less vanished from the media. Reason enough to once again make a statement of the subject: the book “Liebe, Sex & Aids”.

An object from Bernhard Willhelm plays the leading role: a knitted willy warmer. Five guys – between the ages of 18 and 28 – have the other
lead roles and play around with the knitted “thing”. Each of them takes it into their own world, dealing with the “cover” in his very own manner: naive, cool, playful, reserved. 

The photographer, Kira Bunse, portrayed this session, capturing each of the five guys and the way they deal with, and handle, this alien object. The photos reflect the respective personalities, each individual photograph seemingly harbouring a secret – the secret behind the actual relationship of the person with the knitted prick. The toy is treated in a reticent, open or condescending manner, as one would expect with a “woolly condom”. But how exactly does one handle a “woolly condom”? These images make an unusually personal statement. Because we know the feeling, because reluctance is perfectly normal and because condoms are still not something we classify as normal. Or are they?

The photo session is followed by a discussion. A discussion between people, who have grown up knowing about AIDS, and those who in their youth were surprised by the existence of AIDS. It is about life, love, condoms and fears, and portrays – in authentic situations – the playful and simultaneously serious thoughts and feelings of the five guys as well as others. A blend of photos and discussion excerpts create an impressive insight into the minds of some young people of our times and their feelings and thoughts on the subject of AIDS. The idea for this book arose from the realisation, and necessity, to bring the subject of AIDS back into the public conscience.