Frigga can be compared to Hera in Greek Mythology with some Athena tossed in, and Freyja comparable to Aphrodite with a little Athena thrown in too.

(Frigga is Odin’s wife and associated with foreknowledge and wisdom, and of the Aesir. Freyja is on the Vanir, and associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, seior, war, and death. However, the 2 have a very strong connection and the concept of both may have come from a single common Germanic goddess.)

I believe in some myth tales, Odin is a good husband to Frigga, but is tempted by Freyja a lot. Vanir are closer to nature, more primal in a sense. Frigga is a good wife as well, and also friends with Freyja. Freyja stayed with the Aesir to help cement the peace between Aesir and Vanir

Thank you for the info, @drownedduck!

Chapter 4: The Winter Soldier {Steve Rogers x Reader + Natasha Romanoff + Sam Wilson}

Prompt: After (Y/N)’s excursion to Asgard, Loki and Thor returns her to Earth in order for her to help Steve, Natasha, and Sam defeat Hydra…and someone lost deep in both (Y/N)’s and Steve’s past.

Warnings: cursing

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  “Good…So, this is what went down in Asgard,” (Y/N) started. She told Steve, Nat, and Sam in Sam’s kitchen of how she battled the Vanir (she even jumped on Sam’s coffee table to demonstrate how she had threatened them shouting, “Hey assholes! You have five seconds to run before I mow your asses down!”), described the palace (showing them the pictures on her phone to prove to not only them, but herself, that she wasn’t insane), explained more battles (leaving out the threats to (Y/N) by the aliens in Mupelheim and her excursion to the Cave of Time), then delved into the current war Thor and Loki were possibly fighting at the moment.

  “So, yeah. I guess they’re going rogue too. Pretty awesome in my opinion,” (Y/N) shrugged as she walked past Sam to his refrigerator after he offered her breakfast. 

  “I would call bullshit, but those pictures…” Sam shook his head in a daze. ‘Aliens? Are you fucking kidding me?’ He thought to himself despite New York.

  “I know right. I’m still half-convinced I was in a coma the whole goddamn time and- Oh my god! Cold pizza!” (Y/N) yelled, flipping the box open on the table to find two pieces, and lifted one up like Simba from The Lion King. “Ahhh svyenya! Ah chi-chi o-wa!”

  “Is that how that goes?” Sam asked, laughing his ass off.

  “I don’t know? You’re guess is as good as mine,” (Y/N) shrugged as she took a bite.

  “What did you even eat there?” Natasha asked, laughing as (Y/N) took another bite of pizza, holding it gently in her hand like the Holy Bible.

  “Nat, there was a feast full of meat and fruit and bread,” (Y/N) wiped away a fake tear and sniffed her nose dramatically, “I’m so glad I smuggled in those bags of Lays.”

  “You have a serious addiction to junk food,” Nat rolled her eyes.

  “So do you Doritos whore!” (Y/N) yelled and Nat shrugged.

  “Only the Cool Ranch ones,” She muttered.

  “And Spicy Nacho, and that one in the purple bag…” Steve listed with a smirk.

  “Shut up, Rogers! We get it, you’re healthy,” Natasha narrowed her eyebrows at him, “Go shove some cake.” 

  Steve just laughed in his chair.

  “So, anything else we need to know?” Sam asked (Y/N) who was deep in her pizza, “(Y/N)? Hello?” He waved a hand in front of her face.

  “What?” (Y/N) shouted in alarm, eyes wide in real surprise causing everyone to laugh. “Sorry, this is Papa Murphey’s. You got some good taste, man,” (Y/N) patted Sam’s shoulder as she walked past him into the dining area. “No, I think that’s everything,” (Y/N) shrugged as she fell into the chair next to Steve behind the kitchen table. “So,” (Y/N) wiggled her eyebrows, “What’s the sitch?”

  “SHIELD has been compromised,” Steve answered, not getting the Kim Possible reference. (Y/N) would fix that later.

  “I got that much,” (Y/N) sighed, “Heimdall told Thor, who told me, that you were kicking SHIELD ass in an elevator when he peeked in on you from the heavens.”

  “Well, Heimdall was right,” Steve smiled, slightly puffing out his chest.

  “So, who’s in charge of the Dark Force down here?” (Y/N) asked.

  “Alexander Pierce,” Natasha explained, “He’s continuing the Hydra infiltration process started by Zola back in 1945 with Zola’s algorithm.”

  “Zola’s algorithm?” (Y/N) asked.

  “We’re not entirely sure yet,” Natasha stated, “That’s why we’re going after Jasper Sitwell for information.”

  “The only question is,” Steve questioned, eyebrows knitted, “how do the two most wanted people in Washington kidnap a SHIELD officer in broad daylight?”

  “Well, they’re not after me,” (Y/N) shrugged, “So…”

  “Please,” Natasha laughed as Sam left the room, “You two are soulmates. If he’s marked, so are you.”

  (Y/N) narrowed her eyebrows at Steve as Sam entered the kitchen again.

  “Men,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes as Steve kissed her cheek and (Y/N) wrinkled her nose adorably. Sam slapped a folder on the kitchen table.

  “What’s this?” Steve asked as he opened the file. Nat and (Y/N) crammed each other behind him to read the file.

  “Call it a resume,” Sam stated, crossing his arms confidently.

  “Is this Bakhmala? The Khalid Khandil mission…that was you?” Natasha asked in appreciation, “You didn’t say he was a Pararescue,” She narrowed her eyebrows at Steve as she pulled out a photo of Sam and what looked to be his partner in military gear.

  “Is this Riley?” Steve asked. Sam nodded once solemnly.


  “I heard they couldn’t bring in the choppers because of the RPGs. What did you use? A stealth chute?” Natasha questioned.

  “No, these,” Sam handed (Y/N) another file. She gently opened it with chipped black fingernails, Steve at her back, to find a photo of wings. Literally, metallic wings.

  “Guess I can’t call Clint Bird Brain anymore,” (Y/N) joked, then looked up at Sam and nodded, “Sup.” Sam just nodded back and chuckled.

  “Thought you said you were a pilot,” Steve smiled at Sam.

  “I never said pilot,” Sam laughed and shook his head.

  “Ooh,” (Y/N) laughed, “I feel a total bromance moment coming on here.”

  “Please,” Natasha huffed, “You should’ve seen them talking about the war. Patting each other’s backs while sitting across each other on the couch. It was cute,” She smirked at the two men, “Like a sleepover.”

  Steve just shook his head, ignoring Nat and (Y/N).

  “I can’t ask you to do this,” He told Sam, “You got out for a good reason.”

  “Dude,” Sam interjected, “Captain America needs my help. There’s no better reason to get back in.”

  Steve hesitated for a moment, then looked back down at the photo of the wings. He trusted Sam, and he could use all the help he could get.

  “…Where can we get our hands on one of these things?” Steve asked with a smile. Sam nodded in relief.

  “The last one is at Fort Meade. Behind three guarded gates and a 12-inch steel wall,” Sam answered, waiting for the, ‘oh, shit. Yeah, that won’t work.’ But Steve and Nat both smirked at (Y/N) who raised her hand and blew a small blue orb of ice into her hand as her eyes smized in silver.

  “Shouldn’t be a problem,” Steve commended, his chest swelling with pride for his love. God, he really loved (Y/N).

  After stealing the wings (which was easy, (Y/N) literally blew the doors down and froze the guards inside while Sam grabbed the wings with an awed look on his face at (Y/N) who simply blew the excess magic from her fingertips), Sam went to ground-level to threaten and drive Sitwell into a car to Steve’s, Nat’s, and (Y/N)’s position inside an abandoned building a few blocks down.

  “So, anything else I need to know? Extra bad guys? Fury Darth Vader? What?” (Y/N) asked jokingly as they walked into the building.

  Natasha froze at (Y/N)’s last question and Steve just looked down in devastation.

  “Oh my god,” (Y/N) widened her eyes in shock, “Fury is really Hydra?”

  “No,” Steve shook his head, then paused and looked up at (Y/N), his eyes full of pain. “Fury’s dead.”

  (Y/N) just stared at him, then her gaze moved over to Natasha who was staring blankly out the large, building windows. (Y/N) knew how much Fury meant to her. Nat always talked about how him and Clint had given her a second chance. A second chance to be good, to help people. To not be the monster she thought she was.

  “Nat…” (Y/N) whispered, a soft hand on Natasha’s stiff arm, “Are you okay?”

  “Yeah,” Natasha whispered back, biting her lip, “I’m fine,” She nodded quickly. (Y/N) didn’t believe her, but now was not the time to talk too much about it. (Y/N) turned to Steve.

  “How did it happen?” She asked seriously.

  “He got shot in our apartment,” Steve answered, “He came to tell me not to trust anybody. Said SHIELD was compromised and gave me the flash drive that led us to Zola.”

  “Do you know who shot him?” 

  “The Winter Soldier,” Natasha grumbled, anger brewing inside of her.

  “What did you say?” (Y/N) asked, terrified. Her heart began to race as her eyes widened. Steve and Nat noticed.

  “What’s wrong? You know him?” Steve asked in confusion, concern lacing his eyes.

  (Y/N) couldn’t think straight. He was dead. (Y/N) had felt his lack of pulse before the Hydra guards chased her away from his cold body as she made her escape from Hydra. (Y/N) had no words until Steve shook her shoulder.

  “(Y/N)? Who is he?” Steve asked again. 

  “He was supposed to be me,” (Y/N) answered numbly, her voice cracking in despair.

  “What?” Natasha asked, “What do you mean?”

  (Y/N) took a deep breath.

  “I know you know I was a Hydra experiment,” (Y/N) told her and Natasha nodded, having only guessed at that conclusion, but now she knew for sure. It made her respect (Y/N) even more. “So was he,” (Y/N) narrowed her eyebrows, “Is…He’s alive. I can’t believe it….” (Y/N) whispered.

  “You thought he was dead?” Steve questioned.

  “Yeah,” (Y/N)’s voice broke at the memory, then she looked up fiercely at Steve, “He was the one who helped me escape.”

  That threw Natasha and Steve for a loop. The man who killed Fury? The man who had single-handedly been responsible for over two dozen assassinations in the last fifty years. Helped to save (Y/N)’s life? It didn’t add up.

  “Are you sure, (Y/N)?” Natasha asked in apprehension.

  “Yeah,” (Y/N) nodded, then laughed humorlessly, “The Winter Soldier. His title. It was supposed to be mine.” Then, she breathed ice into her hand. “Get it?” She smiled bitterly.

  At that moment, Natasha and Steve felt such anger at Hydra. The mutual feeling rushed into their bodies, making their blood broil. They both could’ve decapitated every member of Hydra without hesitation. (Y/N). Sweet, fiery little (Y/N). How could anyone do that to her?

  But, just then. Sam busted through the door, dragging a quivering Sitwell by the neck of his suit.

  “Watch the suit!” Sitwell whined, “Hugo Boss. This doesn’t come cheap!”

  “Oh, shut up, man,” Sam ordered as he threw the bald man at Steve’s feet, his glasses smashing to the marble floor. “All yours,” Sam smiled at the other three and crossed his arms proudly.

  Now, Steve and Nat were already pissed…at Hydra. For Fury. For (Y/N).

  Damn, that guy would regret getting in that car.

  “Tell me about Zola’s algorithm,” Steve ordered as he drop-kicked Sitwell through the door onto the rooftop, then continued to march towards the crumpled man, Natasha and (Y/N) right behind him.

  “Never heard of him,” Sitwell answered as he stood up, but Steve continued to march, his broad shoulders and death-seeking eyes intimidating the hell out of Sitwell.

  “What were you doing on the Lemurian Star?” Steve demanded as Sitwell continued to backpedal in terror from Steve.

  “I was throwing up. I get seasick,” Sitwell answered confidently, then he tripped and almost fell to his death over the side of the roof, but Steve caught him roughly and pulled the little man up, ready to kick his ass. “Is this little display meant to insinuate that you’re gonna throw me off the roof?” Sitwell smirked, “Because it’s really not your style, Rogers.”

  “You’re right,” Steve answered darkly, then brushed Sitwell’s shoulders mockingly, “It’s not,” He soothed falsely. “It’s hers.”

  Then, Steve stood to the side as Nat ninja kicked Sitwell off the roof, his screams bouncing off of the skyscraper windows as he fell.

  “Hey, (Y/N). Just a heads up,” Steve stated, “Sharon across the hall is a SHIELD agent.”

  “No shit Sherlock,” (Y/N) laughed, rolling her eyes. Steve looked baffled and (Y/N) just shook her head. “I could see her gun peeking out of her pocket from a mile away. I’m not stupid…” Steve narrowed his eyes at her causing Natasha to laugh, “Not that you are… I guess I just spent more time with her,” (Y/N) shrugged.

  “Like when?” Steve asked.

  “We used to watch Law and Order: SVU in her apartment and throw popcorn at the TV whenever a rapist was on-screen and boo their asses.”

  “Right,” Steve laughed as (Y/N) stood on her toes on the edge of the roof, looking curiously down into the cityscape chasm. She was just…so (Y/N). He loved it.

  “Ooh!” She exclaimed excitedly, “Here they come!”

  Suddenly, Sam shot up from between the buildings, grasping a screaming Sitwell by the scruff of his neck like a cat. Sam threw the terrified man to the roof then landed a few feet behind him, retracting his metallic wings back into his pack.

  “Okay!” Sitwell held his arm out defensively in front of himself from the cement, “Zola’s algorithm is a program for choosing,” He breathed heavily, “Insight’s targets.”

  “What targets?” Steve snarled.

  “You!” Sitwell admitted, “A TV anchor in Cairo, the Under Secretary of Defense, a high school Valedictorian in Iowa City, Bruce Banner-”

  “Hey, asswipe!” (Y/N) yelled, “You leave Bruce out of this!”

  Sitwell laughed.

  “You’re on that list too, sweetheart!” He yelled at (Y/N). (Y/N) put a hand across her chest and gasped in mock horror.

  “How rude,” She stated and Steve put a hand on her shoulder, attempting to control his oncoming laughter.

 “And you!” Sitwell pointed at Natasha, “Stephen Strange, anyone who’s a threat to HYDRA. Now, or in the future.”

  “In the future? How could it know?” Steve asked, releasing (Y/N)’s shoulder to march closer to Sitwell, making the grounded man scurry quickly to his feet.

  “How could it not?” Sitwell laughed like a mad man, then began to explain in a haste, “The 21st century is a digital book. Zola taught HYDRA how to read it.” Everyone just stared at him, wind whipping in their hair from the rooftop. “Your bank records, medical histories, voting patterns, emails, phone calls, your damn SAT scores! Zola’s algorithm evaluates people’s past to predict their future.”

  “And what then?” Steve asked lowly.

  Sitwell looked down in horror, “…Oh my god. Pierce is gonna kill me,” He whispered.

  “And what then?!” Steve demanded louder as Sam grabbed a hold of Sitwell’s suit. The guy still wouldn’t talk, so (Y/N) approached him, eyes flaring.

  “I’m tired of this,” She rolled up Sitwell’s sleeve, “Talk, or burn,” She stated fiercely, a silvery hand hovering over his arm. He believed her. He was sweating out of his balls. Those eyes could kill a man.

  “Then, the Insight Helicarriers scratch people off the list,” He paused and stared fearfully at (Y/N). “A few million at a time.”

  (Y/N) smiled sweetly, then burned him anyway. He shouted and whipped his arm back. (Y/N) just shrugged as she walked past Sam towards the stairs.

  “He’s still Hydra.”

  “Hydra doesn’t like leaks,” Sitwell stated nervously from inside Sam’s car. Sam was driving, Steve passenger-side, then in the back, Nat on the left, (Y/N) in the middle, and Sitwell on the right.

  “Then why don’t you try sticking a cork in it?” Sam suggested.

 “Yeah, nobody likes a rat,” (Y/N) added with a smirk. Sitwell attempted to move as far away from her as possible. He terrified the hell out of him.

  “Insight’s launching in 16 hours,” Natasha stated as she leaned up to Steve’s ear, “We’re cutting it a little bit close here.”

  “I know,” Steve answered her. “We’ll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the Helicarriers directly.”

  “What?” Sitwell yelled, “Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea!”

  “Yeah, well so is Hydra, but you seem pretty set in their ways,” (Y/N) responded with a glare.

  “No, we can’t-” Sitwell was interrupted by a pound on the roof as he was ripped from the side window, shattering the glass all over (Y/N).

  “Well, it looks like somebody agrees with me,” (Y/N) stated calmly as she brushed the glass off her legs. Nat just stared wildly at (Y/N), then at the roof as shots began to rain down on Steve. She climbed over the center console to shield him as Sam slammed on the breaks. A black figure soared off of the roof and onto the street below as he ninja rolled, using his metallic fingers that screeched in agony against the pavement to a stop. His head shot up. A black mask and wild hair were the only distinctions to his hidden face. The Winter Soldier.

  As he stood up heavily, gun carried by his side. A menace to everyone…except (Y/N).

  She pushed the car door open and marched straight towards him.

  “(Y/N)! (Y/N), stop! Dammit, (Y/N)!” Steve yelled as he tried to yank his car door open, but a grey Hummer came from nowhere and smashed into the back of Sam’s car, heading straight for The Winter Soldier who flipped onto the top of the car, smashing the back windows with his boots.

  (Y/N) didn’t get hit, but she sprinted behind the Hummer, her Hydra speed kicking in until she latched her hands to a handle on it’s trunk and clutched it tight. It raced forwards across the highway bridge until, suddenly, she heard a crash. She wrapped her head around the side of the Hummer and watched as Sam’s car flipped over and over down the road, ending in a pile of smoke.

  “No!” (Y/N) yelled, eyes wide in absolute terror. But, as the Hummer passed the car, (Y/N) saw Steve and Nat huddled together on top of Steve’s shield and Sam rolling to a stop just behind them. She breathed a sigh of relief as the Hummer slammed to a stop, jerking her body against the back of the vehicle. 

 The Winter Soldier jumped off of the hood, then was given a large gun by one of the Hydra soldiers. Quickly, (Y/N) jumped out from behind the Hummer and kicked the gun out of his hand as she froze the guy who outfitted the gun. TWS reached into his pocket for a knife and (Y/N) tried to freeze his arm, but nothing happened. The arm just reflected her magic, almost freezing herself. He grazed her shoulder as she dodged behind the Hummer, the rest of the knife slashing out the Hummer’s taillight. 

  TWS picked up the gun once more and fired at Steve and Nat. Steve shoved Nat to the side, then took the brunt of the missile that blasted him backwards over the edge of the highway bridge in a fiery explosion of burning orange and black smoke.

  (Y/N) threw an orb of ice at TWS to distract him for a moment from Nat and Sam, then sprinted and jumped off the edge of the bridge for Steve. She landed lightly atop a car, then sprinted for the overturned bus where people were running and screaming.

  ‘That seems like a good place to start.’

  “Go! Get out of here!” (Y/N) called to the survivors who took her word for it and ran like hell. “Steve! Steve!” (Y/N) yelled in a panic as she ran into the bus.

  “Here!” Steve called to (Y/N). He was trapped under a bar that (Y/N) helped slightly (it was mostly him) to lift off of him as she put out a small fire on his thigh.

  “You good?” (Y/N) asked.

  “Why did you jump out of the damn car?” Steve asked in anguish, still being over-protective as ever.

  “Not important right now, Target Practice,” (Y/N) stated as gunshots echoed outside the bus. “Nat,” (Y/N) whispered in a panic. Then, she heard a smash as a heavy object landed on a car. TWS.

  “We gotta go,” Steve rushed, but bullets pelted the bottom (now, technically the side) of the bus. (Y/N) threw an ice shield as they sprinted out of the bus together, because there was no way they were going to survive due to the bullets going through the bus without the ice shield. No chance.

  Steve barreled through the windshield window in front of (Y/N), then picked up his shield in the hazy, grey smoke of the burning bus and stood protectively in front of (Y/N), blocking the bullets as (Y/N) took out the shooters, one frozen spell at a time. 

  Steve charged into the shooter directly in front of them, leaping over the guy’s head, then smashed him into the car with his shield, sending a shower of glass over the side of the car. Then, he took cover behind the car with (Y/N). They judged about seven more Hydra agents were hidden behind random cars in the street.

  “Go!” Sam shouted from the bridge above them with a machine gun locked in his hand, “I got this!”

  Steve and (Y/N) looked at each other, a two-second wordless conversation, then they both nodded at each other, then to Sam and sprinted together to find Nat and TWS.

  Crash! A bullet through one of the car windows and Nat was down. From behind the car, she breathed heavily in a panic, holding her throbbing shoulder with one hand, leaning heavily on the vehicle.

  ‘Deja vu,’ She thought to herself.

  Thump! She whipped her head back to find TWS crushing a car a few feet away from her below him, machine gunned trained for her head.

  Whoosh! A gust of wind as cold as ice knocked TWS to the ground behind the car. Steve charged TWS as (Y/N) went to Nat’s side.

  “Shit,” (Y/N) cursed as she gave Nat her black bandanna to wrap around the wound.

  “It’s not that…” Nat took a deep breath as (Y/N) tied the bandana, “bad,” She grunted in pain.

  “Tough ass,” (Y/N) smiled, “Come on, let’s-”

  Then, Steve dropped out of the sky.

  “Trade places?” (Y/N) asked Steve, but he shook his head, ‘no.’ “Too late!” (Y/N) yelled as she leaped over the hood of the car and charged TWS.

  She tried to freeze him again, but his damn arm got in the way, so mid-sprint, she created an orb of ice and threw it at him. He took it in the gut and flew back, smashing like a train into an SUV. His dark eyes narrowed at her as she continued to sprint and leapt from the ground into a round-house kick. TWS grabbed her leg and threw her to the ground in front of Steve.

  “Trade places?” Steve let go of Nat and charged TWS, grabbing his shield on the way.

  (Y/N) caught Nat before she swayed to the ground and they walked together out of harms way.

  “Did you get him?” Nat asked in a daze.

  “Sort of,” (Y/N) stated as she turned her head to helplessly watch Steve get thrown over a car. TWS catapulted over the hood, fist smashing into the pavement where Steve’s head had been a mili-second before, creating a spiderweb of destruction in awesome power. Steve spun to a standing position as they fought hand-to-metallic arm. 

  Steve, then, got shoved against a van. TWS pulled out a knife and shoved it into the van next to Steve’s head, who dodged the attack while they both slid horizontally across the van that cried out for mercy as the blade gashed into it’s side in horrible agony.

  Steve pushed TWS soldier off of himself, grabbed his shield buried deep in the van beside him, then flipped TWS backwards over his head in a double backflip, ripping the black mask from TWS’s pale face in the process. TWS twisted to a standing position and faced Steve, his wild, dark brown hair whipping against his bare face, probably for the first time in ages. Steve stared in awe at the man, then whispered…


  (Y/N) was in a state of shock. She almost dropped Natasha right there, who was leaning heavily against her. 

  But Bucky was…TWS was was…dead. No, this didn’t make sense. Steve was wrong. He had to be…right?

  “Who the hell is Bucky?” TWS stated as he lifted his gun at Steve, but Sam descended from the sky with his metallic wings and busted TWS in the head, sending him flying to the ground.

  Bucky got back on his feet and stared at Steve. He hesitated for a moment, eyes darting to Steve’s face, then to the ground. But his orders plagued his mind, cancelling any memories from his mind as his arm involuntarily raised his gun at a defenseless Steve. 

  “Brooks!” (Y/N) yelled from behind TWS. He whipped around, long hair covering most of his face as he cocked his head at her. He took in the girl before him. An absolute beauty, small, yet fiery. Her appearance slightly distroted by the ash that freckled her entire body. But those eyes. He had seen them before. Once. In the dark. Wide and full of wonder. And, just like the last time he had seen them, full of fear.

  Suddenly, a missile crashed into TWS, sending him between a group of cars. Steve sprinted to the crash-zone, but Bucky was gone. All that remained was a small billow of black smoke that curled fro the ground in a mysterious plague of loneliness. Devastation, confusion, pain, shock, terror. Everything rushed at Steve, taking his breath away. No words came to his parted lips, no actions came to his rag doll of a body, only dark thoughts seemed to plague his numb mind as Hydra descended upon him.

  “Drop your weapon! Get down on your knees!” They ordered, and Steve’s limp body obeyed like a puppet being pulled down by invisible strings as he stared at the pavement in distress.

  (Y/N) wanted to flee. Wanted so badly to run and hide. But, she stayed. For Sam. For Natasha. For Steve. 

  Hydra rushed her and pulled Natasha’s helpless body from (Y/N).

  “Don’t hurt her! I’ll fucking kill you!” (Y/N) warned.

  And just as Natasha was off her shoulder, (Y/N) whipped around and froze thirteen Hydra men, cursing at the mass of black uniforms that surrounded her, daring them to near her. But there were too many. The sea of guns and ceaseless shouting swallowed her whole, until a needle jabbed into her in the neck. It was so familiar. Too familiar. Pain pulsed through her veins, boiling her blood, burning her heart, until…nothing… 

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Kara and painkillers

Despite what many may think, especially those she are close to who know of her extreme aversion to painkillers, Kara actually uses something for pain when it does become unbearable, or when she needs to get rid of it so that she can fight at some point in the future. 

It was a herb known as Hunter’s dream, if you took it for about fifteen to thirty minutes all pain from your injury was amplified, and you felt all that you would the whole time it was healing. It overloaded all nerves, making the person’s entire body feel like it was on fire, the injury like molten lava poured into a wound. Once it was done the body would be numb to pain, only feeling pressure where there would otherwise be debilitating wounds and traumas, although the nerves still did function somewhat for touch.

She stopped using it as much once nerve damage it had caused was enough to prevent pain from really affecting her, although she did not know that it was that, she just assumed that it was due to the injuries she was amassing, as her earlier injuries caused by her mother had already caused some nerve damage and reduced sensation.

It is extremely non-addictive, since because of the symptoms the body pretty much screams about it and that it is wrong…people rarely try it more than once. In that way she is lucky, unable to become addicted as her body hates her But if she was injured enough that she could barely move due to pain and knew she had more than half an hour before something comes to kill her or perhaps hurt someone she was protecting…then she’d would use it again in a heartbeat. Dried leaves from the herb are stored in the hilt of a few of her knives, the blades still balanced thanks to the denser metals in the handle, but that part is hollow and possesses a small notch that she can use to open it and retrieve the herb. It is not easy to spot unless if you are looking, but it is there nonetheless.

The existence of this herb and her use of it is something she keeps from anyone she trusts and cares about so that they do not stop her from doing it, knowing that its initial effects are unpleasant enough that they would not understand why she would be doing such a thing, and why she would be hurting herself just for some relief from pain.

anonymous asked:

How long do Loki and Sigyn's pregnancies last?

Same anon. I was asking because you said that they are not human, and I some how feel that their pregnancies would be slightly shorter than a human’s. Am I wrong with this theory?

It’s totally up to personal preference! 
Like, it’s my personal headcanon that Sigyn has a more “average” Vanir/Asgardian pregnancy while Loki, being Jotun, has a much longer pregnancy (although shorter than a non-runt Jotun pregnancy). I tend to think the pregnancies would actually be longer, just because their lifespans are so much longer than a humans. -But again it’s totally up to personal choice!

He that would the Daughter Win | Closed RP

The citadel was quiet, tense. 

With assistance from Vanir soldiers, Asgard had won out against the Jotuns, but the victory was hardly felt. It seemed that everyone was either in mourning of King Bor’s death or in explicit denial that it had happened at all. Freyja herself was not fully convinced either way, but Ve and Vili were, and that was enough for her. Her attention was needed elsewhere, she reminded herself.

Freyja watched the slow rise and fall of her fiance’s chest as he slept. Another fight saw another Oth attack and subsequently another head wound. What was this, the third time she had had to tend to him because of it? 

His hand was still warm in hers as she pushed back some of the matted hair from over his forehead. Freyja sighed as she stood to leave. There was still a matter with her own family left to be discussed and dealt with.

I still have to tell him of the engagement, she thought, Ve’s door closing with a faint click. That was, if it was still to go forth. Who knew what aftermath the king’s death would create and influence. 

The door to her father’s guest quarters eased open quietly under the gentle pressure she applied. “Papa?” Her voice was soft as she stepped inside.

anonymous asked:

I found a group of italian Odinists and they sound a little fanatical. If you want join their group you must have longobard blood. What do you think? What's the idea among the heathens?

It’s no secret that Heathenry has a major problem with white supremacists and neo-nazis. Tumblr is actually one of the safer online spaces in that regard, and as anyone who’s looked through the tags has seen, we aren’t exactly free of that here either. That’s why the Valkyrie Squad exists.

These views aren’t borne out of history or the lore. Our concept of race is actually pretty modern, and the Norse did a ton of raiding, trading, and yes, intermarrying with people who today would be considered POC. Even most of the Aesir were said to be descended from and/or intermarried with other tribes, such as the Vanir and Jotnar. And there are definitely modern Heathens out there who believe Heathenry is open to anyone regardless of descent.

But as you’ve discovered, not everyone shares those views. The modern revival of interest in the Germanic gods was born out of Romantic nationalism, and the Nazis appropriated a lot of the imagery, so there are unfortunately still a lot of Heathens drawn to the faith as an outlet for their hateful views. Always use caution when interacting with unfamiliar Heathens, especially as a POC or LGBT+ individual. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with neo-nazi symbolism to quickly identify and avoid groups who may be dangerous.

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