Previews for this month’s chapter of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir ~Little Fairy Queen~. There’s also an illustration by Tomoyuki Hino featuring Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and the Elf from Dragon’s Crown since they were top 3 in the Vanillware 15th Anniversary popularity poll.

In the second one, Mercedes is wearing the necklace Ingway gave her before he left asdfghjkl


Is Dragon’s Crown the Next Vanillaware Game?

Sony just put out a sexy new promotional video for PSVita. And while the whole video was eye-catching, a few particular seconds caught my eye. Take a look around the 3:30 mark. Those visuals look a whole lot like something Vanillaware - creators of awesome games like Princess Crown, Odin Sphere, and Muramasa - would do. On top of that, the game is being published by Ignition, who also published Muramasa. I could be way off here, but a Vanillaware title could certainly sway a lot of hardcore gamers into the Vita’s territory and away from the 3DS.