Lure (Final Rose AU Snippet)

“Observe,” Vanille said, taking a sausage roll out of an air-tight bag and placing it on a plate underneath the coffee table in the dining room. “Young Faunus often have extremely sensitive senses since they’re still adjusting. As a result, they can almost always be lured with some nice, fresh food.”

Lightning sighed. “Vanille, I don’t think that’s going to…” She trailed off as Averia walked into the room, sniffing the air intently. The little, pink-haired wolf Faunus didn’t even seem to notice them as she made a beeline for the coffee table. She peeked under it, saw the sausage roll, and then walked off with it. “Okay… you might be right.”

“Of course, since we are doing this scientifically, we need to repeat the experiment.” Vanille poured some juice into a cup and put it on the coffee table. “And what better drink to wash down that sausage roll than some orange juice?”

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Averia came back, took the cup of orange juice, and then left, all without ever looking at the two of them.

“In conclusion,” Vanille said. “If you ever want to get Averia to come over, all you need to do is to put some food out. It’ll be five minutes, tops, before she turns up.”


An ATTEMPT at Productivity 

Every time I try to be a little productive, my lovely fiance @otisbishop somehow causes a distraction. First it was a few pictures, then he dragged me back to the bed. We’re in another part of the city attempting to handle business/personal things, and we haven’t even started because of this… 

I ain’t complaining though. Not. At. All.

OOC: Tumblr needs to throw these hands for making these edits blurry when posted. So, to see the REAL DEAL, please click for HQ 


Vanille: No, I’m sure you would have wound up here. Don’t you remember you promised me? You promised me we’d come and see Gran Pulse together
Hope: Uh..really? I…When did I do that?
Vanille: Oh, I don’t know. How about another lifetime?
Hope: What does that even mean?