15 Day Spread The Love Challenge

Hello, friends - I’ve made my own challenge but I invite you to try it too! I’m here with some of my favorite simblr’s sim-selves to tell you about it! (@bridgeportgirl, @adelajde21, @budgie2budgie and @redhotchilisimblr)

Take 15 days and spread some of that simblr love!  Send at least one ‘Thank You’ message (although you can do more) to the inbox of another simblr.  This message should be personal and not a cut-and-paste.  I encourage you not to use ‘anon’ but if you’re shy - no worries!

Day 1: Beautiful Builds (thank that talented builder you’ve been following!)
Day 2: Sweetest Family (that sims family, legacy or otherwise, that is just the sweetest)
Day 3: Stomach Stitches (that simblr that always has you laughing out loud)
Day 4: Kickass Hero/Heroine (amazing protagonist who always gets things done!)
Day 5: Underdog (simblr with that sim who is the ultimate underdog - life just seems to be stacked against them)
Day 6: Eye-candy (thank that simblr with striking sims, builds, editing skill or overall aesthetic - you choose!)
Day 7: Villain You Love To Hate (what would these stories and gameplay be without that big, bad villain?  Who’s your favorite?  Say thank you!)
Day 8: Tissues Required (a good cry is good for you!  Thank that simblr who has you reaching for the tissues)
Day 9: CC - Splendid (people put a lot of work and creativity into the CC in this community - give them an extra shout out of appreciation)
Day 10: Cyber Friend (we are a community and I’m sure you’ve exchanged some lovely messages with someone here - say thank you!)
Day 11: Cliffhanger Queen/King (you never know what will happen next!  That takes real skill in storytelling!)
Day 12: Vanillatastic (it’s amazing what some simblrs can do with no CC - appreciate that!)
Day 13: Friendship From Afar (there are a few simblrs that follow you or that you follow that you’ve never interacted with - now’s your chance!  Reach out and say Thank You!)
Day 14: Marvelous Mentor (that simblr that’s helped you with a build, challenge, cc, story idea that you were stuck with)
Day 15: WILD CARD (it’s not because I couldn’t think of a last one - it isn’t!!  You choose why you’re thankful and who you’re thankful for!)

Finally it’s done! :D
Don’t know why but when i listened to that song i thought about da past when Turbo met Vanellope for the first time xD (don’t judge me xD)
Yesh i got very lazy at the end god dammit xD 

also, do you know any song who’ll fit this pairing? (sorry for bad english D:) Do you know that feeling that you have the urge to draw your OTP? Well,it’s kinda the same with making videos xD

*want to read vanillatastic fanfics so badly*