Now music music, take me far away from here. Take a young man, take him, out the gate from here. Now what is music’s recipe? I’m guessing its the rest of me I’m getting off my chest: See I aint a black dude but I got many to rap. Never been a trap dude but my weight ready to pack. Cake ready to batter the latter of notes we sung. Finer with a minor than major of things to come. Now see i’m tryna find a balance of music and things of life but habits’ll break balance and use it to flee the light. I’m usually eating right, and new to me is the bright. I’m typically getting drunk and finishing with a blunt…right? I see the end it’s coming. Never been fluent in jumping, so I strap my rocket check my pockets and tell earth its nothing. I’ll make my world of something. Thank bach for symphonies then tell my music I’ll come to it with lyrics like these, please.

Now if my mind aint kushing then my pen aint gushing. If my rhymes stayed phat it’s typically for the pushing. Only space time can rewind my actions, regretting is a weapon the devil is packing. So I keep on shooting pray my feet are moving and fuck falling in line I’m tryna be the movement. If i speak one moment, I can hear this music breathing. Inhale what I’m believing and to hell with reasons, I’m singing. (hey oh, hey hey hey oh oh) Wish I coulda given you more than my first name. They say it’s best not to bet, if your wager’s the same, I’m sayin’. I see beginnings opening last lap potential folding. So I straighten my tie, push hate aside and grab this mic I’m holding. I guess it’s life I’m molding.
Music will give two doors but I board that train get back on track to give this music more, sure.

I know its been a while since we’ve spoken a lot and I aint had the same smile, I aint joking a lot but still. I’m using letters with a rhetoric end whether or not, doing better and my medicine’s friends. Now I dont see a lot signs, I know you’re busy and cool but if you ever have the time please, visit me too. I know you’re planning a lot, and richer than diamond head but I aint planning to stop, these voices inside my head. Wish I could have given you more than my first name (x4) it’s day 40 (x4) She ain’t really put it down for me but she is living through my veins, in every ounce of me I know she wanna see her son where all the mountains be. I say the truth will only show what you’re allowed to see. I see your spirit shining, never had the best of timing but if I rock this mic this clock might like my gift of honest rhyming. So count me on it, I’m in I’ll work this weather on, I swear this music is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known, it’s a better home.