At Robinson, Ermita: Movie date for Avengers

Yesterday, we went to Robinson, Ermita to watch the Avengers. (Totally Awesome. Details later) I normally would not have come since it’s absurd to travel such a distance when there are not-so-perfectly good malls around, but some of my friends are busy but had made the time to attend the movie date, if and only if, we’d watch it on Manila, so I was left with no choice but to oblige. 

Anyway, I have little knowledge on travelling to Manila so I went there with my friends. Monique and Charli, two of my many almost Manila-residents friends. The movie is at 4:30pm so we had time to spare. Neither of them have an idea on the whereabouts of Cinema 6 since they’ve never been actually inside so we decided to locate it first to be safe. 

(Look who we found. The Chipmunks enjoying their vacation. Haha)

The three of us had lunch at Yellow Cab because coincidentally, we’re all craving for Pizza. (We were too busy eating and chatting to take pictures.) We also went to Tom’s World to kill some time and it was surprisingly fun and time went faster than we expected. 

(Monique plays her game very seriously. It’s for age 7 and below, you have to be serious about this. Haha.)

(This game is cute but it sucks big time.)

(It’s Silent Hill, we have to be serious about this too. There are lives at stakes…and tokens. Haha.)

(Charli and Monique shooting some hoops. They suck at it. Haha.)

Time flew fast and we we’re there. It was a lot fun. Soon after, our friends Jaztine and Aya finally came. So we headed to the cinema. 

The cinema was packed with excited people. I can’t blame them, we were just as excited as they are. Probably a lot more. Did I mention the movie was awesome? 

It was probably the best movie I’ve seen this 2012 and I’m really looking forward to a sequel. We stayed for a while and chatted some more. Then we dined at The Old Spaghetti House where we continued more chatting and catch ups.

I’ve never been here before so it was a good experience. 

The day went great. Awesome if I may. I really hope to do this again soon. 


Pieces of Summer 

We are in distress, every fiber of our being have been distraught  at some point. But we are resilient, time always manage to repair us and we always manage to color ourselves more beautifully and stronger. We are the remnants of Summer. The ones left standing and smiling. 

Photographer: Nameless Manila 
HMUA/Stylist: Samantha Sian- Tan Gana 
Post Processing: Grace Peralta 
Location: San Pedro City, Philippines

Samantha Sian-Tan Gana
Niele Serrano
Annie Burce
Anne Suico

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“Make Change Fiercer” with Anna Janeah Hernandez

Change is nothing to fear. What you really feel is the excitement to what life has in store for you.

Photographer/HMUA/Stylist: Grace B. Peralta 
Creative Director: Alexander Pedro Jr
Model: Anna Janeah Hernandez
With: RoadtripwithRach
Location: Laguna, Philippines

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