Seventeen Hip-Hop Unit Lip Balm Reaction

Here’s the hip-hop unit reacting to you getting a yummy new lip balm flavor. It was supposed to just be a reaction, but it started out kind of drabbly to begin with and only got more and more so as it went on. Mingyu’s was last so his is the longest and he’s not even my bias teehee 


S.Coups: Vanilla

He would come to pick you up for a coffee date at your place. When you opened the door, he pressed his lips to yours with a small smile to say hello like you two usually did, but this time he noticed something new. When he pulled away for a second, he smirked a little, licked his lips, and then kissed you again, this time a little longer and deeper, and he hummed happily when he pulled away again.

“Your lips taste like vanilla, are you wearing new lip balm?” He looked at you quizzically. “Let me know when you run out of this, we can go get you some more.” He gave you one last kiss before taking your hand and leading you off for your date with that adorable smirk still plastered on his face.

Wonwoo: Watermelon

You two were sitting on a bench in the park looking at the cherry blossoms, him holding your hand in his own. When there was a lull in conversation, you two looked at each other, and he took the opportunity to place a soft, gentle kiss on your lips. You felt him smile lightly after a moment, and when he pulled away, he looked down in his lap, blushed a tiny bit and let out a light chuckle.

“What?” You blushed at his giggling. He looked up at the cherry blossoms and then back down at his hands in his lap.

“You’re wearing a new lip balm.” You laughed.

“Do you like it?” He looked up at you for a moment, after which he brought his hand up to gently cup your cheek as he leaned in to place another kiss on your lips. You both leaned away giggling.

Vernon: Strawberry

You were sitting on your couch typing away on your laptop. You had a report to finish, but Vernon had wanted to see you anyway, so he came over to sit with you while you worked and talk and eat with you when you took a break. Right then, he’d decided that it was time for a break.

“Come on, we should eat dinner now.”

“I’m almost ready, let me just finish this one part.”

“You said that half an hour ago.” He accused, exasperated.

“Yeah, but I’m really almost d-“ He turned your face towards him and kissed you quickly to distract you. He was about to tell you to put the laptop down when his eyebrows furrowed, and he paused. He leaned back in to kiss you again, and again, looking at you quizically.

“what?” You blushed, confused by his actions.

“…strawberry?” You rolled your eyes and smiled, earning a laugh from him.

“Yeah, I got new lip balm.”

“I like it.”

Mingyu: Tropical Blend

You both leaned over your controllers, wearing looks of determination. Just as you raced through the last few meters to the finish line, You watched in horror as out of the corner of your screen, Mingyu’s kart sped past you and crossed the finish line a fraction of a second before you. Mingyue threw his controller on the couch and lept up as he laughed and bragged.

“Yes! YES. I won. I beat you. You lost. I AM. THE BEST.” You scowled at him and pulled out your new lip balm as you retorted.

“I demand a rematch.” He sat back down still sporting a ridiculous grin as he went back through the Mario Kart menu to start up another match.

“I never realized how much you enjoyed the pain and humiliation of losing, time and time again.” He said as he glanced over at you to watch you apply the lip balm, his attention suddenly drawn away from the game.

“Is that new? I don’t recognize the color.” He asked.

“What? Oh, yeah. It’s tropical blend.” You didn’t really pay him much attention as you finished up applying the lip balm. He stared at you, both amused and a little entranced by your simple act. Suddenly, as you were just about to put the lid back on, you felt your wrist pulled away from your face, and Mingyu swooped down to press his lips to your own. You were a little shocked, but soon melded right into the kiss, which lasted only a couple of seconds. He pulled back with a proud smirk on his face and looked from your lips to your eyes while his face stayed no more than a couple inches from your face.

“I like it.” He gave you a quirk of the corner of his mouth and then went back to the game like nothing happened, the only evidence of the event but the surprised look on your face and the smirk that remained plastered on his.


If you guys enjoyed this, please check out my drabble game, you can find it here. I don’t know if this blog is big enough yet for a drabble game to be successful, but I guess we’ll find out!

Hope you liked it, bye peaches 🍑 stay sweet

Best of John Green Winners!!

Thank to all those who applied and congratulations to all the winners!! The winners are displayed on this page here. Everyone’s blog was so beautiful that Samantha and I had such a hard time picking :) but here are the winners!!

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Miles “pudge”: Best posts @guardehn, @soulfhully

Quentin Jacobsen: Best theme @adohre, @imbueh

Hazel Grace: Best overall @ehlipses, @daisaie

Margo Roth Spiegelman: Goldusth’s fave @bhloom

Alaska Young: Fheel’s fave @vanillahs

I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night!!

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can you write some sin? sin sin sin

((Are sin headcannons alright? Just mainly because the blog hasn’t written too much sin so this would probably be a nice introduction to some sin I’ll do three gentlemen and if you want more of these, feel free to call out! - Mod Tez))

Originally posted by reasonpeason


  • Boy oh boy he loves PDA
  • Kisses on your neck, cheeks, lips and hands are classic.
  • His favorite set off is a steaming hot kiss on the lips and then he leaves you on your own, hot and bothered self until you come to him.
  • When you do you find out he loves to praise alot.
  • Confidence class 101 major right there.
  • He has the right touch to make you full of goosebumps
  • His favorite touch is caressing the back of your neck as he begins nipping, kissing and making alot of careful moves on your neck and collarbone.
  • If you reach the bed boogie, McCree is a power sub and loves having you over him, praising you along the way of feel good town.
  • During the whole thing he gropes and kisses you alot.
  • He always makes sure you’re comfortable during the whole thing. If not he stops and lets you lead.
  • Will probably get more hickeys on himself to show friends and say how proud of you he is.

Originally posted by gurrenlagging


  • As a youngster, Genji was the definition of a playboy. Often meeting girls in the arcade or in festivals.
  • But now he’s more reserved and his trust is also hard to gain.
  • Once you trust eachother well enough he feels okay with taking off his visor.
  • He loves getting kisses on the face since it’s the only real skin left that isn’t covered.
  • He usually starts slow with foreplay such as neck kissing and grinding his knee against you.
  • Genji is very handsy and likes to give rather than receive.
  • He is also into light bondage so if you’re into that~
  • May or may not decide to get ontop of you but it’s rare
  • he hasn’t had proper intercourse in years so it’s always special.

Originally posted by theblackmegadeus

Soldier 76

  • Both as a young man and now, he’s always been very vanilla
  • He gets abit rougher as s76 but as young Jack, he was okay at love making.
  • Very awkward and always asks for permission.
  • It’s very cute and he does this kind of rumble in his chest. Almost like a purr.
  • Once he gets started and isn’t so awkward, he enjoys light teasing and he’s all into being dominating.
  • Small daddy kink who am i kidding it’s a bloody huge kink
  • He loves to grope and praise alot.
  • Once in awhile he gets insecure. Cuddle him and kiss every scar on his body.
  • some spots, such as the jaw and collarbone are sweet spots for him
  • That way you roll your way to a passionate, slow, love making bed boogie.

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hello, loves! rei and i have decided to host our very first awards together called the cocktail awards :)

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Captain America Head Cannons????

Lmao I’ve noticed a pattern every time I do a fic with a new character ya’ll ask for head cannons like the next day ya’ll ain’t slick I see your game - haha, but yea, I’d be happy to share my thoughts on my red, white, and blue eyed friend! 💖

Originally posted by hridi

Steve Rogers Head Cannons!

  • This blue eyed sweetie pie absolutely loves listening to Audio books while he works out
  • Listening to literature or reading it just relaxes him, as a child he was a bookworm. He loved to read about the brave but still kind-hearted It characters in books, hoping one day he too could make a difference like they did
  • Hums/showers when he’s in the shower
  • Loves jazz music
  • Taps his foot when a song has a good beat
  • If he ever decided to get a dog he would go to the pound and be like, “Which dog has been here the longest?” And adopt that one because IT IS THE UNDERDOG AND DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE
  • Tbh he really wants a dog but he doesn’t think it would be fair to doggo because he’s not home very much and lives in a tiny apartment
  • “A dog deserves a stable home with a yard, ya know?”
  • Will literally STOP WALKING and cross the street to pet your dog
  • Like, he’d be eating in a sandwich shop and see some kid ask his parents for a quarter for the bubble gum machine, and they didn’t have a quarter to give him, so the kid was really sad - Steve would reach in his pocket and give the kid like 3 quarters
  • He will pick up trash on the sidewalk and throw it in the trash because he hates littering
  • Idk probably is really dense and jokes will fly over his head
  • Not like he’s stupid, NO THIS MAN IS SUPER FUCKING SMART, but like puns and sarcasm will go over his head
  • You’d be trying to figure out where to get lunch and Steve would be like, “Where do you wanna eat?”  You’d say something like, “I dunno, that trashcan probably has half a hot dog in there if I dig deep enough.” OBVIOUSLY SARCASM, but Steve would look at you in ABSOLUTE HORROR LIKE HE WAS Genuinely WORRIED AND CONCERNED
  • Despite this he makes a lot of senior citizen jokes about himself
  • Ya’ll are gonna go get lunch and he says something silly like, “I wonder if I can get the senior discount this time”
  • Sleeps on his back with his hands on his sides like a weirdo
  • Is very minimal, only has two pillows a nice white sheet set and a light blue comforter
  • When he wakes up in the morning he gets in the shower, brushes his teeth, eats breakfast, goes for a jog and takes ANOTHER shower because why the fuck not
  • Loves the simple things in life like reading the newspaper, comfortable shoes, and a sunny day
  • “Yes ma’am” “No sir”
  • Never complains.. about literally anything but maybe the Government??
  • He is actually a very bad dancer (Poor baby has two left feet) but loves to dance because it’s fun and brings him back to simpler times
  • Baby boy blushes really easily
  • He could be out shopping and buying a button up shirt and the cashier would be like, “This color compliments your eyes!” And he’d blush redder than an strawberry
  • is the best friend you could ever have
  • Likes to eats out a lot and try new foods - So, if you wanna hang out with him expect to be eating out at some mom and pop place lol
  • Constantly is given free food when he goes out to eat but always leaves a $20 bill on the table or something because he feels bad


  • Ummm, he could like you for years and you will NEVER know
  • baby boy is so nervous and he’s so scared he’s going to offend you or embarrass himself that he dare not make a move!
  • Idk, he would EVENTUALLY do it (It wouldn’t be until Sam got fed up with Steve asking him dating/romance advice and Sam finally cracked and was like, “I swear if you don’t tell then I am going to ask them on a date FOR you!”)
  • So when he does tell you about his feelings, it would be very intimate and private
  • He’s still hella old fashioned so it may be in a bit cliche way
  • Maybe he’d decorate your apartment with a bunch of flowers and make you dinner, he’s actually not the best cook (As you know) but he tries to make your FAVORITE meal because he’s so sweet
  • And you get home and see your living room filled with BEAUTIFUL flowers and you smell your favorite food cooking and you’re just wowed when Steve walks in from the kitchen with a nervous smile on that precious face of his
  • Yea, sorry about breaking in… I promise I wasn’t doing this to, eh, invade your privacy or anything.” He’d stroll over and smile sweetly, standing inches he’d shrug his shoulders awkwardly. “I thought you’d make an exception for an old fool just trying to woo you..”
  • Then he’d babble, complimenting the things he likes about you ”Y-Your heart really is special.. I have a real sense about people, ya know.. You’re a good person and y-you’re so beautiful” Just babbling away all nervously bless his heart
  • He’d kiss you, very hesitantly and softly
  • Kissing Steve???? PASSIONATE AND CUTE is what it is
  • He’s very respectful and will never force you into anything you don’t want to do, and he knows how strong he is so he puts forth an obvious effort to be the gentle man you deserve
  • His hands are strong, big, and warm and he will always rub his thumb against the side of your wrist
  • When you are walking in a crowded street or building he likes to put his arm around your waste so you don’t get separated
  • He will say funny shit like, “You’re dating a senior citizen, you’re gonna have to explain this lingo.”
  • Pet names galore!
  • “Baby girl”
  • “Sweetheart”
  • “Honey”
  • The way his eyes light up and he perks up a little, his lips smiling ever so lightly and he sweetly calls your name, he loves you so much!
  • You will probably never open a door again, he will literally run in front of you so he can open the door for you
  • He is totally the man to take home to your parents
  • Get ready for the sweetest pillow talk, laying snuggled up in the bed together late at night and just talking about everything; your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams, and even the small stuff
  • He smiles when you talk about your interest, he listens and makes you feel important
  • Mentally supportive and loving and you couldn’t ask for more tbh

And the NSFW stuff?

  • Um okay well, as ya’ll know Steve is SUPER fuckin’ vanilla
  • Just… Don’t get into this relationship expecting dirty nasty sex - You are not looking in the tight place
  • With Steve you will be blown away by the stamina and passion he possesses honestly
  • The first time he see’s you naked he will just stare with blushing cheeks and be amazed at how beautiful you are
  • He likes to let his hands roam your body, learning every inch of it, every inch and every curve
  • For real, ya’ll, I cannot express the passion enough having sex with Steve 9/10 percent of the time is MAKING LOVE
  • He leads you to a dimly lit room (Probably candle and rose petals because he’s a hopeless romantic) and with soft jazz music playing in the back ground - He’ll kiss you softly, undress you, and constantly whisper how much he loves you while he lips venture across your soft skin
  • Loves to kiss your neck
  • Very good with his hands
  • Can make you cum like 4 times in 6 minutes and his right hand
  • Likes you to say, “Yes sir,” to him in the bedroom
  • “You like that, huh, honey?” “Yes sir!”
  • Like seriously, he will take a firm grip of your hips and ram you, all while looking deep into your soul with those baby blues of his
  • the other 1/9 percent of the time will be an absolute animalistic like need to cum
  • Now, he’s respectful but Ol’ Captain here is VERY capable of jealousy and, seriously, when he’s jealous he turns into a handsy fucker
  • Like, let’s you guys are out in public (Maybe grabbing drinks with Sam at some bar) and you run into your ex, who Steve knows ALL ABOUT, and ya’ll talk for a few minutes just to catch up, you hug him and say bye, end of story.
  • Steve doesn’t feel threatened, he trust you and knowth ere is nothing to worry about, but he still just feels the need to remind you “Hey, I know how to ROCK YOUR WORLD” so the moment you guys go back to his apartment and he closes the door he throws you over his shooulder and carries your ass to the bedroom to give you the fuck of a life time
  • Tearing off your clothes he grunts things like, “You know I make you feel real good, right baby girl?” Maybe even bites your collar bone and slaps you around a bit (Not in an abusive way, but in a rough way, he’s still respectable so if you told him to stop he would in a heartbeat but he’s a hungry beat who needs to prove that you don’t need anyone else to be satisfied)
  • Okay, and I can see him maybe having a bit of an impregnation kink? NO, I DON’T MEAN HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH PREGNANT WOMEN
  • What I mean by ‘Impregnation kink’ is that the idea of him getting you pregnant is a turn on???? No, he wouldn’t get someone pregnant without permission I just…
  • He grew up back in a very family centered society where it was like, “Get married, have babies” and the idea that he WILL get you pregnant one day is really hot for him??? (I’m sorry I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I really see it for Steve lmao)
  • Will make you feel like royalty after sex
  • Will hold you and snuggle you, lots of sweet kisses on the lip and forehead
  • “Was it good for you?”
  • “Can I get you anything?”
  • “I love you so much.. You’re so great, sweetheart..”
  • ughhh he’s just perfect okay ya’ll

anonymous asked:

Can I get some V headcanons?

Sure! Here are a couple:

  • His favorite season is autumn
  • He loves sweater weather and hot cocoa
  • He is and never has been a coffee person
  • He has once knitted a beautiful and incredibly soft scarf for everyone in the RFA for Christmas
  • And Yoosung still has his even if he won’t admit it
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry and vanilla
  • He has a soft spot for animal babies
  • Whenever he has nightmares, he will cuddle up to you in your sleep, holding you close
  • He loves listening to you talk about your passions, the way you speak and express yourself
  • You’re so enthusiastic about the things you care about
  • He could listen for hours to your laugh and sleepy voice
  • He always feels safe in your presence, knowing you will protect him, and he will do his best to protect you too
  • He believes you are his rightful soulmate, even after Rika
  • He likes to pay attention to you when you don’t know it
  • The way your hand fits perfectly in his own
  • Your laugh when you crack a couple of jokes in the morning or do something hilarious together
  • Your incredibly soft and beautiful hair
  • He just loves you so damn much

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hey lovelies! do you ever get frustrated thinking about how many good songs are out there that you don’t even know exists? are you on the constant search for new good songs? or maybe do you have playlists of songs that you absolutely adore and want to share them with people so they can worship the songs as well? if you love music as much as me, then this is the network for you.

what is this?

this is a network for all my music lovers out there. basically, this network will just be a ton of music-loving tumblr users who will have the opportunity to share their favorite songs, artists, or albums with the other people in this network. 

how will this network work?

this network is the opposite of high maintenance and a huge time commitment. it will just be a private group on tumblr where all members can posts any music recommendations. there are no requirements for members at all. of course, i would love for everyone to share their favorite music, but if you would not like to post then you can just check out what other people post. everyone has unlimited posting and can post however many times they want with as many recommendations. basically, this is super casual, so if you stumble across a song, artist, or album where you think to yourself “damn, this is good”, then please, please, please have your second thought be “wow, i should post it in the melodies group and have everyone else love it!!”

who can join?

ANYONE. i do not care what blog style you have, what music taste you have, where you are from, your age, your language, or anything else. my dream is that we have soooo many different people with different music tastes, so we can all broaden our typical music preferences. we all should be able to understand everyone is not going to like every single suggestion because not everyone loves all genres of music, but you are bound to find someone similar to you in this network. all genres are welcome from pop to screamo or country to edm, etc. anyone means everyone!!

how do i join?


that’s it, super simple. i’m going to create a page where we can keep track of music suggestions and once that is created, i shall be adding members.


  • knowing the in’s and out’s of all good music
  • being able to brag to your other friends about new music that ‘you’ found 
  • expanding your music taste
  • tons of new friends (plus people who have the same music taste as you)
  • gain followers

if you could not tell already, i have a huge passion for music, so thank you in advance for helping me find even more reasons to love music and sharing it with me. also, thanks for reading this absolutely terrifyingly long post. hope you all have an absolutely stupendous day/night! <3

Larry: Badcop, may I vent for a moment? Not about you. Just in general.
BC: sure. Let loose whatever you need.
Larry: Its this job. No. thats actually only part of the problem. The bigger part are the customers, sadly. You know, public service problem.
BC: I dont know, Larry. My customers usually dont bother me much after I turned them in. What about yours, though?
Larry: The ungratefullness. You surely know about that. Here we three are, doing jobs for them and all you get is disrespect. Like…

I often work six days a week. Often at ridiculous shifts and sometimes doubleshifts. I am no god I am a mere man.
Yet people expect me to telepathically know their tastes, desires and deepest coffeewishes even though i never met them before. They tell you to guess and then get angry if you dont manage to magically get it right at first try.
Because they are regulars in other shops of the coffee chain they think their custom banana crushed ice caramelsyrup frappuchino extra latte recipe is known countrywide.
And again people require me to be telepathically engaged, by expecting me to know their biological background. Like this guy ordering a cafe LATTE with no extra remarks of any kind and then throwing the hot cup into my face because the LATTE had MILK in it when he “clearly” was lactose intolerant! How dare me! Clearly I deserved burning liquid in my face that day!
Or that one dude who bought a coffee, then himself dunked 15 packages of sugar into it and THEN blamed ME for it being too sweet and how I should give him his money back! Yeah! Sure!
Its not like I get paid so low here that I myself cant even afford the coffee I give out! Because “minimum wage” is a joke.
like, LADY, I dont CARE what facebook told you. We have no secret menu! This isnt the disney club 33! Its a regular coffee chain! But please, if you insist this menu exists, at least have the decency to tell me whats in that magical “espresso nr 5″ or else i will literally just make you a regular espresso with a hint of vanillah.
But haha what am I complaining about, clearly I chose this destiny of mine and thus should be grateful to be treated like a doormat by lawstudents whose daddy owns a company or by middleaged housewifes who think glamourmagazines are reallife advice!

BC: Wow…. I had no idea…
Larry: I wanted to study economy. But didnt have the funds.
BC: psssh. It aint your fault. But maybe try to find a job somewhere else.
Larry: yeah… i guess…. How … was your day?

GC: Ah, nothing. Our boss almost killed us today.
Larry: dude…..again?

(seriously though. Stop giving people who stand behind a counter, or work in public in general, the shit! They only want to be treated like regular humanbeings! With the base level of respect! Even though they deserve so much more , since they do a job that many would die mentally or physically if they had to do it. Respect, ppl! please q n q )

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Regina Spektor - Small Bill$

Steven Mertens directs the amazing last video by Russian-American singer-songwriter, Regina Spektor. The song is included in her seventh studio album, “Remember Us To Life”, released 30th September 2016 on Sire/Warner Bros.


His destiny was just too big to spend
So he broke it into smaller bills and change
By the time he tried to buy the things he needed
He had spent it all on loosies and weed and
He had spent it all on chips and Coca-Cola
He had spent it all on chocolate and vanilla
He had spent it all and didn’t even feel it
He had spent it all and didn’t even feel it

La la la, la la la la, la la

All the poets in the alley coughing up blood
And their visions and their dreams are coming up red
They can either wake up or go deeper
But it’s so dangerous to wake a deep sleeper
It’s like awakening a bear in winter
To feel the reckoning of hunger’s splinter
He’s gonna stretch his claws and feel his power
And you are gonna know your final hour

La la la, la la la la, la la

Better get a head start, start running
While you were skimming from the top was sunny
But all the weather ‘bout to turn real crummy
'Cause everybody gonna want their money
Yeah, everybody gonna want their money
Better get a head start, start running
Better get a head start, start running
Cause it’s about to get so unfunny

All the poets in the alley coughing up blood
And their visions and their dreams are coming up red
They can either wake up or go deeper
But it’s so dangerous to wake a deep sleeper

La la la, la la la la, la la