Underwater Emperor Room - “Guided Imagery” Phase 2013 

 "Rick said, ‘What if the Emperor’s chamber had crash-landed after the second Death Star explosion?’ That doesn’t make any sense, but that’s when Rick knows he has something. He’ll say, 'Exactly!’“ – Church

The Art of The Force Awakens

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what fonts would you recommend for graphics?

hi! so remember that when you’re making a graphic, you kind of have to feel out how you want it to look, and it might take you a few times to get it exactly right. i’ve downloaded loads of different fonts from 1001 fonts (it’s free & easy!!), and i use a mac which gives me loads of cool apple fonts so it’s possible not all of these will be available on your computer. anyways, here are some of my favs, have fun!


- didot
- modern no. 20
- bodini 72 smallcaps
- monaco
- times new roman (really!)


- HELVETICA (if you use a PC, arial is pretty similar but not exactly)
- news gothic mt
- avenir next
- shree devanagari 714


- discover beauty
- mathilde
- honey script
- monotype corsiva


JG (v2)

Graphics demo by Arthur Rakhteenko features interactive 3D scene which is rendered using Impressionist painterly strokes as particles (in the video below, the effect appears three minutes into it):

The “painted” effect wasn’t planned. Originally I only had an idea to render a natural scenery of a certain kind, and I wasn’t ready to spend a whole lot of time on it. It became clear to me, a “realistic” approach won’t work, resulting in either very mediocre visuals (due to engine limitations and the complexity of real-time vegetation modeling), or a whole year of trying to catch up with Crysis. So it wasn’t the way.

What I really wanted is to preserve the atmosphere, the feeling, avoiding ruining it with technical limitations.

A demo for PC can be downloaded here

More background on how this was technically done can be found here

[H/T: @fluate]