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You're gonna do more with Elsewhere University, right? That was beautiful

Yes! The next comic, which I’m just starting ink, is more or less ‘The Fair Folk Stole My Roommate (Who I’m In Love With) And I’m Gonna Buy Him Back With 10000 Tiny Cups Of French Vanilla Creamer’

And to everyone else who sent me such! rad! asks! and all the messages and the comments on the post itself - I’m gonna get to those tomorrow but it’s past midnight here and I’ve got class tomorrow. 100% gonna be answering them though! I’m on this Magic Unreality College Train heart and soul, and I am v v happy I’m not alone in this

You’ll find pieces of him in every boy you meet but in your eyes no one could ever compare. One boy may have his dark brown eyes, but when your hands are tangled in his hair and your foreheads are pressed together, you’ll notice that there are no freckles splashed across his cheeks. One boy may try to cheer you up by bringing you your favorite cup of coffee, but you’ve grown so accustomed to the way he drinks his, with more vanilla creamer than actual coffee, you’re left sipping the now bitter liquid with a heavy heart. Another boy may kiss you goodnight and leave you breathless, but you’ll remember that when you two held hands, you felt like you were on top of the world.
And you’ll soon realize that every boy will have a flaw, some so minuscule that you know it’s all in your head.
You just miss him.
—  n.g. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #7
Get to Know Me (NSFW)

(Anonymously requested via chat before my inbox was set up. Kinda NSFW, but don’t get too excited about it lmao. This is told from a female perspective, because it’d be pretty impossible to write this kind of this kind of fic from a neutral perspective. Sorry! But enjoy!)

I watched the large man’s calloused hands delicately fix up my drink order. The machines hissed and the air smelled of coffee beans and creamer. I leaned against the cold counter and idly shifted my gaze around the shop.

There were pieces of art hung all over the pastel blue walls, as well as several fashionable analog clocks. I noticed college students scattered around the coffee shop, each typing feverishly on laptops or squinting at textbooks, as well as a middle-aged woman reading a thick romance novel.

“Shit,” I heard a low mutter, coming from the dark-haired, tall boy beside me at the counter. He was failing to extract any more vanilla creamer from the public-use pump into his cup, despite his persistence. I moved closer to see how much he had already put in.

“Geez,” I snorted at him, noticing that his cup was only half full of coffee. “Would you like some coffee with all the creamer you plan to put in there?”

He huffed and turned to me. “If I ever even get the creamer.”

“Just tell them they’re out,” I replied, as the man behind the counter handed me my drink. I turned to him and pointedly stated, “The creamer pump is empty.”

The tall boy groaned. “I could have told him that.”

I shrugged and took a sip from my own drink, closing my eyes to enjoy the warm sensation.

“I’m Calvin,” He said, with less frustration in his voice. He shot me an adorable toothy smile.

“I’m (Y/N).”

When Calvin received his creamer, he invited me to sit with him and talk. The more I watched his lips connect with the cup, his eyes flick around the room as he spoke, and his hands work little holes in his napkin, the more attracted I was to him. He spoke about his job as a YouTuber and the work he put into it, and asked me insightful questions about my life, which I answered with uncharacteristic openness. I was comfortable with him.

During a silence in the conversation, Calvin’s breath hitched. “Um, I know we just met, but, are you doing anything after this?”

“No, why?”

“Do you want to maybe come over and hang out or something?”

I briefly considered the possibility of being murdered by this person who was practically stranger, but was won over by Calvin’s offer. Or by his looks and charm.

I nodded, grinning a little more widely than I meant to.


Calvin’s place was messy, but I was more focused on Calvin himself anyway. I watched his eyes flicker shyly when he noticed me watching him. He was honestly so hot. I smirked.

“So, do you wanna play a video game?” He asked, his eyes wandering to an area below my face.

“Yeah, dude.”

I sunk into the fabric of his couch, as he moved in front of the television to set up Splatoon, which we decided upon after a brief debate. My eyes grazed across the powerful expanse of his broad shoulders under his loose, black T-shirt, to the delicate curve of his waist and hips. I quickly looked away when he turned back to me to toss a controller in my direction and sit immediately next to me.

Was I imagining all this sexual tension?

We chose a one-on-one match, which quickly led to frequent shouts of fake anger and playful punches on the arm.

“Fuck yeah, Calvin, eat it!” I cried as I won my third match in a row.

“Well, fuck you,” He whined and took a hard swipe at my shoulder, which I knew wasn’t mean to hurt me, but goddamn, it hurt. I saw Calvin’s eyes widen as my fingers closed around the spot.

“Jesus,” I winced, my mood dampened.

“Shit, (Y/N), oh my god, I’m so sorry, I-I didn’t mean to,” He stuttered, his voice cracking. His hands carefully moved to my shoulder.

I forced a laugh through the blunt pain and thoughtlessly leaned my head against his shoulder, my face in the base of his neck. “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to.”

He tensed up at my closeness, but hesitantly wrapped his arms around me.

I sunk into him as his hand entangled itself in my hair. I didn’t really care that I had met him a few hours ago. It felt right.

I looked up into his eyes. There was tension and uncertainty between the two of us.

But in an instant, the space between us dissolved into dust.

Our mouths connected and our breaths synchronized in accelerating intensity.

“Is this–” He breathed in between urgent kisses. “–okay?”

I pulled away for a moment and nodded, with a small smile. “Yeah, Calvin. I know we just met, but…” I trailed off and gazed into his dark eyes.

Calvin giggled and leaned in close to my ear. “It feels right,” He whispered knowingly, sending chills down my spine, before diving down to the base of my neck to give me a hickey. His hands explored my waist and crept onto my ass. He lifted me up from the couch onto his lap, my legs on either side of his hips.

My breaths came in short, shallow gasps, and I was immobilized by his touch when his hands slipped up my shirt and under my bra. He lifted my shirt over my head in one, swift motion and unclipped my bra, powdering kisses along the edge of the cups, at the tops of my breasts.

After leaving his hickeys on my breasts, Calvin wasted no time in moving on to the removal of my shorts. He placed me on my back and slipped them down my legs, leaving my panties in place.

He stopped for a moment and revered my body. His face flushed red and his eyes met mine.

“(Y/N), you’re fucking beautiful and you’re so fucking cool. I’m so happy I met you.”

I was astonished and flattered at these sudden sentiments. Before I could reply, he said something that surprised me and instinctually upset me.

“But, I think we need to wait to know each other better before we do this.”

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you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle & list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping!

  1. time of the season - the zombies
  2. anna sun - walk the moon
  3. your best american girl - mitski
  4. mr. brightside - the killers
  5. one million lovers - the growlers
  6. nighttiming - coconut records
  7. i saw water - tigers jaw 
  8. someone like you - adele
  9. last words of a shooting star - mitski
  10. on my own - samantha barks

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Name: Brianna

Ancestry: Italian and I don’t know what else cause my dad was adopted so half of me is a mystery

Zodiac: Cap ♑️

Where do you live: New Jersey

How are you feeling today?: not bad

Favorite song right now: I’m gonna say fortune faded by rhcp just cause it’s stuck in my head atm

Play any instruments?: no I’m useless

Are you craving anything? Ice cream 🤦🏻‍♀️

Signature drink?: coffee (but very importantly with French vanilla creamer and no sugar)

What’s your signature scent?: nothing

Favorite color: burgundy/maroon

Sound you love: when it suddenly rains really hard, the first ten seconds of snow by rhcp, first ten seconds of edge of seventeen by Stevie nicks

Sounds you hate: the bell that goes off when a customer walks into the store I work in (I’m a great employee), and basically any more than two sounds at the same time (some type of sensory problem that I’ve diagnosed myself with)

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Breakfast this morning was different from my usual yogurt, weetabix, agave and fruit.
I had 2 wasa original crackers with 10g each of Dirollo 4% cream cheese spread (LOVE this stuff - so low in fat and calories, but high in protein), 1 ½ slice 1% fat deli boiled turkey each and 50g cucumber. On the side I had 1 slice of Adoro light 10% cheese (high protein, low fat, 45-50cal per slice depending on weight), a hard boiled egg (had only ½ the yolk) and a bowl of 115g strawberries.
Macros: 286cal 30g carbs 7g fat 26g protein.
Also having two cups of filtered coffee with 1 tbsp of Alpro Rice Dolce vanilla drink as my creamer.

Raven walked into the meeting room, feeling a bit flustered as she reorganized the charts in the folio in front of her. She had been working up until the last moment before the meeting, and she pushed her deadline just a little too close. What in the world was she even thinking! She needed to keep her head on straight, but sometimes it was too easy to get distracted with her work. Especially when Tim brought her new data he wanted her to analyze and then things got a bit… sidetracked.

Raven bit back an embarrassing, girlish sound, and her cheeks flushed. Really, she tried to block out the taste of Tim’s kisses - coffee and just a little vanilla creamer. It was one thing to think about these things behind closed doors when no one was looking, but not when she was flying down the hallway to get to a meeting with Damian.

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2/27: adding words & creating things & just stupid

“Can I get a chocolate frappuccino mocha, a white chocolate frappuccino mocha & two smoked butterscotch frappuccino mochas with extra expresso shots in each.”

“Two chocolate milkshakes and a small coffee.”

“I need a tall pikes peak”

“Do you have French vanilla creamer?”

“I need a cappuccino frappè.”

“What taste like the cafe vanilla but has no coffee or vanilla in it?”

“Can you take the berry pieces out after your shake it?”

“What is coMONda dragon?”

“I want heavy whipping cream in my coffee, I’m not drinking dairy right now.”


Hot chocolate made better

Yo so instant hot chocolate is pretty good, but there’s two simple ways to make it better!

1. Add flavored coffee creamers
I know, it sounds kinda weird but it’s so good. I like to add French vanilla or hazelnut creamers, but the caramel, mocha, and candy flavored ones might be good too!

2. Add 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon
It makes it taste more creamy and winter-y. It’s my preferred thing to do when I want a more fancy tasting hot chocolate