vanilla w vanilla

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hes thinkin about crime cos hes a nasty crime boy

                 ❛  Only the nastiest.

                    While that pathetic cop has his boring as hell, VANILLA “healthy and stable” marriage to law, I, on the other hand, have far more exciting tastes.~  ❜

okay listen I love OCOv2 so fkn much b/c it makes me and everyone look amazing but….what did u do to Lucien, mod??? what is that beard???

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​❝ please, enough wit' th'pumpkin spice. ❞

           ❝   sorry roxie , but  no can do . pumpkin spice is only ‘ in ’ for such a short time , you have to enjoy it as much as possible , y’know ? c’mon , if you try it , maybe you won’t be so irritated by it . it’s really good , i promise !!  

autumn / halloween sentence starters .

Vanilla chai tea latte with almond milk from the Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret, Ct.

~submit your cafe finds at

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“Mini promo” he says. M i n i . (I tease of course, this sounds interesting!)

and then we have this childish person right here,