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Perhaps some super vanilla snape headcanons?

  • Severus likes neck massages, especially after a long, stressful day.
  • Ditto to foot massages.  He has surprisingly graceful feet and he moans when you stroke them.
  • Severus enjoys the scent of freshly brewed tea and coffee.
  • He loves to go on walks right after it has been raining.
  • He enjoys inhaling the scent of the person he loves.  Sometimes he’ll breathe in deeply while he’s kissing her neck.
  • If you come up behind him and kiss him on his neck, he’ll gasp and then bite his lip in the most attractive sort of way.
  • He brews all manner of special potions when his partner is sick or feeling icky for whatever reason.  
  • There is this special place near the back of his right ear that, when licked, elicits the most lovely moans from his mouth.
  • His hands are often busy, so when he is lying naked with his partner, he cannot help but slide his fingers down the sides of her body, tracing her curves in three dimensions with his long, slim fingers. Though he sees just fine without glasses, he loves to “see” with his fingers as well to heighten the experience.
  • He enjoys making his partner feel pleasure, no matter how long or how much effort it takes.  He cannot rest until his partner is completely relaxed and sated.

Sonic headcanon: Food headcanon

Due to their personality and lifestyles, the Sonic characters have different preferences in their food choices and favorites:

  • Sonic - Chili-dogs, of course. As far as cooking, he’s a “microwave” guy; likes foods that are fast and instant to make, like ramen, or getting take-out. Dislikes seafood and fish (barring sushi).
  • Tails - Is fine with whipping up easy-to-make foods stuff like PB&J and sandwiches. Isn’t really picky. Often has his food delivered, since he’s spends a lot of time in his workshop. Has a horrible sweet-tooth, particularly for mint candy, [chocolate-chunk] cookies, and pastries in general. Has an interest in food science; like Gastronomy cooking.
  • Knuckles - A “live off the land/harvest” kinda guy, due to his history as an isolated guardian. Likes fruits, especially grapes.
  • Amy - Similarly to Tails, she likes sweets. Pancakes with syrup and ice cream being big favorites; though she’s not too much into junk food (watching her figure and wanting to look presentable). She considers cooking and baking to be an art. (Makes some pretty good cookies!)
  • Sticks - Like Knuckles, she “lives off the land” as well. Pretty good with obtaining meats and seasoning, being a skilled hunter.
  • Dr. Eggman - Egg-based foods, natch. Sub-sandwiches. Generally nothing with a lot of cholesterol in it, he’s watching it (and his weight). Oh, and ham. EVIL ham.
  • Big - Likes ‘dem fishes! (Also lives off the land.)
  • Cream - She and her mom are grazers; they prefer plant-based foods and healthy snacks overall. (No meats!) Shares Amy’s love of ice cream and baked goods.
  • Cheese - ♬ Lovely buncha coconuts~ ♬
  • Rouge - Fine cuisine. Nothing with a lot of carbs in it. (Like Amy, she’s watching her figure. Also, being a GUN agent she has to be in top shape.)
  • Shadow - No huge perferences. Since he’s immortal, he isn’t picky about food. Can go longer periods of time than most without eating. Has a secret sweet-tooth.
  • Vector - “Meaty” guy. Big eater. Coffee. (Also likes gum and sports drinks.)
  • Espio - Calming foods. Likes tea. Herbs. If other options aren’t available, he’s fine with take-out too. (especially if money’s low). Secret sweet-aholic. (Sneaks them every now and then.)
  • Charmy - Honey! Honey! Honey! Anything with honey! (And sugar; Vector and Espio generally try to monitor this.)
  • Silver - Has no notable huge perferences. (He’s more likely to share or give up his food to someone more in need.)
  • Blaze - Like Espio, calming foods and tea. (Secret spicy food addict)

assorted mob headcanons!!!

- it’s not that mob always doesn’t get jokes. its that he doesn’t trust himself to know for sure if something is a joke or not. he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by taking something serious as a joke so even if he’s pretty sure someone is kidding he’ll still react as if they’re serious

- and even if he is 100% sure that something is a joke he still doesn’t know how to react most of the time

- he’s absolute garbage at video games. he’s okay at cooking mama and was really into animal crossing for a while, but misplaced the game cartridge. He found it three months later in one of his pockets but hasn’t played it since because he’s afraid that his town has been overrun with weeds.

- sometimes tome will let him play pokemon on her ds but he really just likes petting them and feeding them beans. so she caught him a Skitty and takes it out of the pc box whenever mob plays. the skitty’s name is Strawberry and he has a gentle nature.

- he’ll watch youtube videos of songs he likes but sometime’s he’ll zone out and forget to skip the ad until it’s over

- this boy cannot follow complicated verbal instructions to save his life. he needs stuff written down or he won’t process it.

- sometimes if he wears a sweater or smth that’s really soft he will just. wriggle his shoulders around a bit to feel it

-loves frozen yogurt but ONLY vanilla


doodling silly, small headcanon-y comics

considering how much Mettaton loves his work, it’d probably take quite a bit to get him to take time away from it. So that means Frisk is important enough for him to stay home for a little while…eeeeeee
i kind of headcanon Mettaton as the type of person who would spoil his s/o like crazy (he spoils himself too, because well, he’s Mettaton). He’s always buying stuff for Frisk, making sure she’s happy. He gets so lovestruck lol
also i like to think that Frisk’s illness that Mettaton took time off for was just a little cold that she would’ve gotten over in a few days but Mettaton misconstrued it as something far more serious, the drama king. (to be fair, he’s probably not very familiar with human illnesses so he’d get confused either way)
Sans is still lowkey salty about how Frisk is dating this egotistical robot and not him

i might do a follow up with Frisk in it next


Mettaton’s explanation to Sans on how he cares for Frisk quickly turns into him gushing about their relationship

Polnareff was totally trying to get caught. He knows it. We know it. You know it. And you cant believe it worked.

Abdul’s embarrassed. He’s hard, but embarrassed. Maybe help him out with that.

Joseph is naturally loud. This happens often. usually because you’re the one people ask to make him stop. If you aren’t there everyone groans and bangs on the wall. Hotel staff draws straws, the poor bastard who gets the short one has to knock on his door.

You can hear Kakyoin whining from the hall, the moment he sees you he starts begging. He’s embarrassed but this is taking priority

Jotaro’s inwardly freaking the fuck out. But on the surface, his face says “get in or get out.’ 

Blue Pearl Headcanons
  • She keeps her emotions bottled up inside, afraid to mention anything to anyone, since she’s not supposed to have feelings. “Pearls don’t have a voice.”
  • She is very delicate and easily surprised. Just tapping her on the shoulder makes her jump.
  • Like Pearl, she is very creative and could create beautiful artwork if only given the chance.
  • She smells like vanilla.
  • She really wishes she belonged to someone else. She’s done with Blue Diamond’s wallowing.

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Well on that note what would yuri smell like?

We talked about this too!! Yuri’s scents are a lot more sharp and cold in contrast to Otabek’s smooth and warm smells.

We decided on vanilla and winter (you know, when you walk outside and can smell the snow? That.).

On Valentine’s Day, Vector purchases a pricey but breathtaking bouquet of flowers and places them on Vanilla’s doorstep, leaving a note alongside them that simply reads “For the lovely Mistress Vanilla,” keeping himself anonymous out of nervousness. Though Vanilla was quick to figure out that Vector gave them to her given his blatant crush on her, and decided to anonymously return the favor by purchasing a rich box of chocolates and placing it outside of Vector’s office.

During visits, Cream and Charmy often enjoy their play-dates, despite their contrasting behaviors. Charmy’s tracking skills allows him and Cream to go on little mini-adventures together (within Vector and Vanilla’s eye-sight). They like flower-picking and when playing pretend, Cream often tries to teach Charmy about etiquette, though Charmy takes it more as a game than anything. Charmy likes to keep Cream’s curiosity peaked when telling stories about the Chaotix’s detective missions.

He finds Wanda in the practice room, staring out at the nothing that surrounds the training facility and drinking out of a mug. She notes his presence but doesn’t acknowledge it.

“What are you drinking?” He tries for something neutral, inconsequential.

“Vanilla latte.” Living together in the same-ish space (the facility can hardly be called small), it’s impossible not to pick up on the others’ habits. Wanda drinks Turkish coffee when they aren’t scrambling madly to prepare for an op or mission, the little cups of strong, fragrant brew perfuming the kitchen. He lifts an inquiring eyebrow and she cradles the mug in her hands.

“Pietro liked them.” Her voice is steady, although he doesn’t know if that’s for his benefit or hers.

“My ma used to make apple cake every year for my birthday. For months after she died, I couldn’t so much as look at it.” She nods, her expression softening just a fraction. They stand there for a few minutes, watching the mist around the grounds get thicker.

“Can I ask you a question?” Wanda’s voice cuts through the stillness. He nods.

“When the dead come back. Do you wish they’d stayed dead?” He’s never spoken of Bucky to her, but she must notice his and Sam’s occasional sudden absences, and the quiet, palpable disappointment that accompanies their return.

“I don’t know.” It’s not something he’s ever thought about, it’s something that happened. That is, irrelevant to whether he likes it or not. And because it is, Steve has to find him, make sure he’s safe. “Why do you ask?”

“I keep dreaming about him.” Her fingers tighten around the mug. “It does not feel like they are memories, because he shows up here. In the practice room, in the kitchen, making his stupid lattes. I tell him that he’s dead, and he shrugs and laughs and it feels all right. And then I wake up.” She wipes her eyes with the back of her finger delicately, so as to not disturb her makeup.  

He puts a hand on her shoulder and squeezes gently, and she does not stiffen or move away.

I think my favourite headcanon is that Remus can smell everything (thanks to that werewolf nose of his). And on late nights, he likes to lay with with Sirius and describe all the things he smells like. The grass of the Quidditch pitch, the scent of strawberries from his shampoo (because of course Sirius likes his hair to smell amazing, and who doesn’t love strawberries). Whenever he gets caught in the rain, Remus teases him that he smells like wet dog, but in reality he smells like crisp Autumn, leaves and grey skies.

The smells change from day to day, when he changes his shampoo or is wearing freshly laundered robes; but the ones that don’t, the ones that are inherently Sirius, the ones that smell deep and unfathomable, except when he can smell them in Amortentia–those are his favourite smells.

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Edilio and Roger

I already have a request for Rodilio, so I’ll do these separately :) 


Songs I associate with them and why: I’m thinking of Young Forever by BTS, it’s got an Edilio feel to it :P

Colours I associate with them and why: I’ve always associated Edilio with light brown, probably because of his skin, eyes, and hair 

Smells I associate with them and why: Vanilla frosting :) I have no reasoning, just, vanilla frosting

A Headcanon (or maybe multiple?) I have about them: I’ve got so many Edilio headcanons honestly but I think one of my favourite is that he has this huge back tattoo of his favourite piece of Roger’s artwork


Songs I associate with them and why: Applause by Lady Gaga? Roger would adore her so much okay, fight me

Colours I associate with them and why: All of them!! But if I had to narrow it down, yellow, blue, purple, and pink. I always make his hair those colours

Smells I associate with them and why: Oil pastels, alcohol based markers, acrylic paint, and canvases. He’s an artist, he’s gonna smell of art supplies 

A Headcanon (or maybe multiple?) I have about them: He has a pair of crocs in every single colour, they’re his painting shoes

In the Archie comics, Vanilla is something like a nurse/surrogate mom for the Freedom Fighters. She’s been with them ever since they were kids and patches them up after missions. She also acts like a therapist for the team, and helps with day to day issues and more intense issues they might face. She stays calm when things are going wrong and is prepared to get them to safety or help when someone is really hurt. The team adores her and Cream and treat them like their mom and little sister.