vanilla oreo

Jin’s Strawberry Peach Shake: a healthy and cute pink colored shake made with strawberries and peach yogurt

Suga’s Affogato: vanilla gelato and a double shot of espresso for a bittersweet taste

J-Hope’s Hot Apple Cider: spiced apple cider to give you a warm and comforting feeling

Rap Monster’s Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade: a careful amount of both sweet and tart with a nice gradient

Jimin’s Gelato Float: vanilla gelato and craft soda for when you’re in the mood for something sweet and bubbly

V’s Oreo Vanilla Latte: a detailed drink with a taste that will leave you speechless

Jungkook’s Fruit Tea: a combination of many flavors with an unexpected taste

Don’t Say Anything (part 8)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: oh shit.

A/N: I’m thinking about getting my nose pierced. Do and of you have a nose piercing? Does it hurt?

“You weren’t joking. He really is oblivious.” Pietro laughed as the two of you walked into Big Daddy’s.

“I told you.” you laugh with him, finding a booth near the window and sitting down.

“That’s insane.” he shook his head.

Your laughter subsides as Angela, a waitress you’ve come to know, comes around to your table. “Hey Y/N. The usual?”

You smiled and nod. “Yep.” you imagine the cup of the vanilla shake with oreo cookies and your mouth waters.

Angela writes it down and looks over at Pietro before a confused look comes across her face. “Where’s Bucky?”

You bite your bottom lip. “He was busy. This is Pietro, he’s one of my best friends.”

Angela turns to Pietro and shakes his hand. “Well, any friend of Y/N’s is a friend of mine.” the blonde smiles at her. “What can I get ya, hun?”

“Umm..” Pietro scans over the milkshake options before deciding. “I’ll have a strawberry milkshake.”

She writes it down on her little notepad and nods. “Alright, coming right up.” she turns to walk away.

“Angela, wait!” you exclaim, fishing out the coupons Bucky had given you. “Here.” you give her the two coupons and she looks them over before nodding.

“I’ll be right back with your order.” she smiled, waving the coupons around. You watch as she disappeared into the back before turning around.

“She’s nice.” Pietro says and you nod.

“She’s usually working when Buck and I come here. That’s why she knows me.” you explain. Pietro nods.

“So, if things go as planned, I’ll be going home soon. Bucky looks like he’s breaking each second he sees me with you.” he sighed, leaning back with a smile.

You roll your eyes. “You’re so sure of yourself.”

“You just don’t believe in me.”

You scoff. “I’ve liked him for years and I’ve waited for a hint that he may possibly like me back but there isn’t. Sorry if I don’t have enough faith in me to believe that you can give me that hint.”

“I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” he smirked. You roll your eyes at your friend just as Angela comes back with your milkshakes. You thank her and pull out two 20 dollar bills.

“Oh no, no, no, no.” she shakes her head as she backed away.

“Angela.” you say, pulling her back to you by her apron.

“No Y/N, you do this all the time.”

“This job pays shit, Ang.”

“Y/N, no.”

You roll your eyes and stuff the money into her pocket with a smile. “Take care of Nathan and yourself, alright?”

Slowly, a smile spreads across Angela’s face. “Thank you.”

You shrug. “Just call me your sugar momma.”

Angela laughs as she walks away and you look over at Pietro who was smiling at you. “What?”

“What you did was nice.” he says.

You tuck your hair behind your ears. “She needs money to support her and Nathan. I just wanna help.”

“Who’s Nathan?”

“Angela’s son.” you state. “He’s two years old. The dad left her when he found out she was pregnant so she’s been on her own and this job doesn’t pay her enough so I give her money.”

“Well that’s really sweet.” Pietro grinned.

“She’s my friend.” you shrug. “I like helping my friends.”

“If I wasn’t gay, I would so date you.” he says in the most serious tone he could muster up.

“But you’re not gay.”

“Oh, right.” he hummed. “You’re just not my type.”

You playfully glare at him and he laughs. “I’m everyone’s type, excuse you.”

“True.” he nods. “I just can’t seem to keep my hands off you.”

Pietro reaches over the table to touch your arm and you laugh. “That’s because you’re a clingy piece of shit.”

Pietro smiled. “Also true.”

Bucky closes his door after the elevator doors closed. He scoffed and ran his fingers through his hair, moving to sit down on his bed. “Can you believe that ass?”

“Who, Y/N?” Nat questioned. “You better not be calling my best friend-”

“No not Y/N. I would never call her that.” Bucky cut in. “I’m talking about Pietro.”

Natasha rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath as Bucky continued.

“Who the hell does he think he is? I bet he thinks Y/N likes him.” he scoffed. “News flash, she doesn’t. And she never will. I know that for a fact.” he thinks back to how Pietro smirked at him before entering the elevator. “He’s so fucking annoying, flirting with Y/N in front of me, tryna get a rise outta me. Pathetic.” the brunette rolls his eyes. “I could have Y/N under my arm if I really wanted to. Show him not to mess with me.”

Bucky almost forgot that Natasha, his girlfriend was sitting right beside him until she spoke. “Oh my god. You like Y/N.”

He snaps his head towards the beautiful red head and stumbles over his words. What the fuck was he thinking, saying that shit in front of Nat? What the fuck was he thinking, saying that shit period!

“Oh my god.” she repeats, this time with a scoff. “You do. You like her.”

Bucky finally finds some words to say. “No I don’t.”

“It’s obvious that you do.”

“Well I don’t.”

Natasha stands up and folds her arms across her chest. “So how long have you liked my best friend?”

Bucky, frustrated, pulls at his hair. “I don’t like Y/N.”

“Bullshit, James. Tell me the truth!” she raised her voice.

“I am telling the truth, Natalia.” he spat back.

The red head rolls her eyes at the soldier. “You were just having a mini rant about how Pietro was flirting with Y/N in front of you and how you could easily have her under your arm.” she says. When Bucky stayed silent, Natasha scoffed once more, gathering her stuff and opening the door. “Talk to me when you’ve figured out your feelings.”

Bucky flinched when the door slammed shut and he laid back on his bed. He closed his eyes and lets out a deep, long sigh. He was more confused then ever. All this time he’s seen Y/N as his best friend but now seeing her as a love interest confused the hell out of him. Did he like Y/N?

A/N: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck tell me what you think :))))



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Tumblr! Hi! Remember me? I almost don’t remember me, it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.

I just wanted to share this fun new project with you all. I created a new series called Sweet Tweets, which are ice cream bird cones. If you, like me, enjoy ice cream and bird puns, then this is for you!

They’re available as prints on my Etsy. You can either scoop up your favorite, a set of 3, or the full set of 9. Which one is your favorite??


Insert Race Here

(warnings for internalized racism on Len’s part, straight up racism on the part of others)

Len doesn’t know whether or not he looks like his mother. He was too young when she died to hang on to memories of her face. What he has, instead, are these: memories of strangers telling his mother, “he looks so much like you! He’s the spitting image!” intermixed with memories of other strangers presuming that she was his babysitter, his nanny, a friend of his mom’s. Because they couldn’t possibly be related. Because she was black, and he’s white.

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Diner- (G.D)

Authors note: hey this is my second imagine hope y'all like!! There’s no warnings. Light smut maybe. Barely. Hope you enjoy!!

Requested: No

11:14 pm. We’ve been at the diner for 15 minutes and still no waiter. And every second going bye, I become an even bigger third wheel. Everyone hates being a thirdwheel. It’s a proven fact. While the couple is having the time of their life, you’re just there, eating your slice of pizza alone. Well now I was just sitting on one side of the booth alone, while my friends Jessica and Anthony were on the other. Not being in the conversation was boring, but something else was attracting my attention.

Across the diner was a boy, a very hot boy, may I add. He had the most defined jawline. Sun kissed skin, brown hair with a streak of blonde. What intrigued me even more was the fact that he was alone. He seemed to have just gotten here, given the fact that he was on his phone with no food or drink near him. If he was waiting for a waiter it would take him a year, considering the service here was unbearably slow.

I thought about approaching him. My mom always warned me of strangers. But he was a hot stranger. What if he’s meeting someone? That would be bad. Fuck it, wait a little before going. I waited a couple of minutes, 4 to be exact, before exiting my booth.
“Guys I’ll be back in a few"I said to them, even though I doubt they heard.

I walked over to him, even though he was still looking down at his phone. I slid across the booth from him. He looked up from his phone and furrowed his brows.

“Do I know you?"he asked, almost scared.

"Probably not. I just saw you alone and I figured I would go sit with you. Plus I hate being a third wheel"I said.

He chuckled, nodding his head. "I know what you mean. My brother is dating someone, and she’s nice and I like her, but it’s like I hate going out with them. It’s always them two, and then me. And I never get what’s going on because it’s a ‘couples joke’ or some dumb shit"he vented. He continued venting. For the next 10 minutes. At the end of his vent his hair was a little messed up from tugging on it. His face was a little red too.

"Easy there tiger"I giggled.

"Sorry. It just gets me so annoyed"he smiled.

"I know me too. They’re both my friends and I love them but it’s annoying"I said.

"I don’t get that"he looked confused.

"Get what?"I furrowed my brows.

"How you’re the third wheel. I feel sorry for whoever left you"he said. I smiled.

"Thank god they did leave me. Or else I wouldn’t have met you"I said. He blushed and looked down.

"You’re cute when you blush"I giggled.

"You’re cute all the time"he said.

"Hi, sorry for the wait, there’s shorten staff. Can I get you something to drink?"a waitress asked. Her name was Marissa. I knew her because I always go to this diner. The buttons on her shirt were all mismatched, her hair was a little messy. And she looked a little sweaty.

"Can I get a coke"Grayson said.

"Ok and for you Y/N?"she asked me.

"Oh I’m not-”

“She’ll have a coke too"Grayson interrupted me.

"Ok be right out with that"she left.

I looked at Grayson, kind of staring him down.

"What?"he asked.

"I’m paying for my drink"I said.

"You’re funny. I’m paying for everything. This is a date"he said.

"Oh, so we’re on a date now?"I asked.

"Maybe. Maybe it could end like our waitress"he said.

"Oh my god"I laughed, and so did he.

"So tell me about yourself"he said.

"There’s not much to me"I shrugged.

"Yeah right. How old are you?”

“17 turning 18 this year”

“Oh me too. You graduated high school?"he asked.

"Yup. I went to Long Branch"I said.

"That’s 30 minutes from me"he said.

"You live in LA?"I asked.

"Yes how’d you know?"he asked.

"Lucky guess. What are you doing here?"I asked.

"I was just driving and was hungry and stumbled upon here"he said.

"I was gonna say no one comes here by choice. Except me"I said.

"Why do you come here?"he asked.

"My mom used to love this place when I was little and would always take me here. Back when there was service. But I don’t know, I never stopped loving this place. I went here after school with my friends or just to get out. Or when we snuck out. I don’t know"I shrugged.

"What happened with your mom?"he asked.

"She died in a car accident when I was 12"I said. He frowned and took my hand in his.

"I’m sorry"he said.

"It’s fine. Anyways, you grew up in LA?"I asked changing the subject.

"No. I grew up in Jersey. I moved out here with my twin brother. We make YouTube videos"he replied.

"Oh. Are you guys the dunkin tins?"I joked.

He laughed and shook his head. "Something like that”.

“Ok here are your drinks. Can I get you something to eat?"Marissa asked.

Except Grayson didn’t know what he was going to have because they didn’t give him a menu.

"Do you like pancakes?"I asked him. He nodded.

"Give us 2 of my favorite stack"I said. She nodded and went back inside the kitchen.

"What’s your favorite stack?"he asked.

"Surprise"I smiled.

For the next 35 minutes, we kept asking each other questions and answering them. I told him almost everything about me. Which is weird, because who tells everything to a stranger? Me I guess. And him.

I learned a lot about Grayson in a measly hour. I learned the little things, like his favorite colors and favorite food, to the deeper things, like his biggest fears and past relationships.

As we were talking Grayson started sniffing the air.

"Are you trying to detect something?"I asked.

"Funny. It smells so good, what is that?"he asked. His question was answered when he came face to face with my favorite stack. It was 3 huge pancakes with bacon, sausage, and home fries on the side. Inside the pancakes were chocolate chips and marshmallows. It was the best thing in the world, no joke.

I was only able to eat 1 and a half pancakes. But Grayson ate all of his and then the rest of mine.

"I was starving. Holy shit now I need to do an extra long workout"he said. I laughed as Marissa brought out the check.

"I have to pee. But don’t touch the check. I’m paying"he said. I shrugged and waited for him to be in the bathroom before calling Marissa over and quickly gave her $30.

"When Grayson comes, tell him I already paid"I said. She nodded and I walked out of the diner to the exit, standing on the balcony. Through the window I could see Grayson coming out of the bathroom, and looking confused as to where the check was. He went over to Marissa and I saw him try to slide money over but she handed it back. They had a quick discussion before he headed out. He walked out of the diner and came over to me.

"I hate you. I can’t believe you payed"he said.

"I said I was going to"I replied. He shook his head.

"Come with me for ice cream?"he asked. I looked over at the window before seeing my friends, too busy making out to notice I’m gone. And he was a stranger. Second time I said that. But this is a once in a life time opportunity.

"Let’s go"I said. He grabbed my hand and led me to his truck.

He opened the door for me as I got in and closed it for me too. I watched him jog to his side before getting in as well.

"Nice truck"I said.

"Thanks. It’s extra roomy in the back"he smirked. I laughed and so did he. I quickly texted my friends where I was and where I was going in case this stranger was a serial killer.

He started driving to another place. He handed me the aux, to which I gladly accepted and started playing lit ass music. We bumped the whole car ride to the ice cream place, which I didn’t even notice was 20 minutes away. We pulled into the parking space and he parked away from the other cars. Again he got out before jogging to my side and opening the door for me.

"What a gent"I said, grabbing his hand as I jumped down from the truck. He smiled at me and we made our way towards the line.

"Do I want a cone or a milkshake?"I asked.

"Cone"he said.

"Then I want a milkshake"I said. He stared at me as I laughed.

"Can I help who’s next?"the guy asked. I stepped up first, Grayson behind me.

"What can I get for a hot girl like you today?"he asked, trying to flirt.

"Can I have an Oreo milkshake?"I asked, ignoring the comment.

"Anything for you"he said, before writing it down on a cup.

"What about you Gray?"I asked, turning around to see Grayson. His jaw and fists were clenched. He was breathing a little heavy too.

"Yeah, can I have a vanilla cone with Oreos on top?"he asked. The guy nodded, almost in fear considering Grayson was 2x his size, height and muscle wise.

"I’m paying"he said. He put his hands on my waist and scooted me over a little so he had no choice but to pay. He handed me my milkshake and grabbed his cone, as I followed him back to the truck. Instead of eating it in the truck we popped open the trunk and sat there and had our ice cream. I lay back and stared up at the sky and the stars.

"It’s so beautiful"I said.

"I know"Grayson replied. "I’m not talking about the stars.”

I looked over and his eyes were fixed on me. I smiled before leaning closer to him, my head resting on his chest.

I finished my milkshake, trying to get the last few drops from the bottom of the cup. Gray took my cup and his paper from his cone and threw them out. When he came back we sat back inside the truck.

We continued talking for a little until we both stopped. All of the sudden we were staring into each others eyes. I noticed how his eyes were such a light brown, and his pupils dilated. I could kiss him right now. I will kiss him right now.

“Gray?"I whispered.

"Yeah?"he asked.

"Kiss me"I said. And with that he leaned over the console, his hands on my face and we passionately kissed. But it wasn’t just a kiss. It was more. Our lips moved in sync as we started to make out. We both pulled back for air. I smiled, and he grinned. I reconnected our lips, and his tongue immediately slipped into my mouth. Eager, yes, but for the both of us. I couldn’t help but to smile, and he pulled back. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"What are you thinking about?"I asked.

"2 things: 1, how lucky I am right now and 2, if we could test out the back seat"he said.

I laughed, pulling down the compartment on the passengers side and grabbed a condom.

"How’d you-”

“I had a feeling. Now shut up and kiss me"I said. He happily obliged, and I will say this. It was a night I will never forget.

I mean, i remember it happening like once very early on in the first book but you cannot tell me that every time Sadie or Carter introduced each other as their siblings and people gave them the questioning “wait related or step-sibling” stare, sadie didn’t either ball out or act exceedinly dramatic about it to carter’s amusement/humiliation

some rando: you don’t look like you’re related.

sadie: *in extreme monotone* oh my god. no has ever told us that before. tell me, sir, how does it feel to be the first person to ever witness mixed race siblings?


some rando: so then… what are you?

sadie: chocolate and vanilla swirl, an oreo, white chocolate, those chocolate ice cream bars with vanilla filling

carter: sadie-