vanilla oatis


good sunday morning! yesterday i bought 3 kg of red apples for 90 cents and they’re so freaking deliciousss

breakfast this morning was a bowl filled with apples, banana, wholegrain cereal flakes, crumbled vegan oaty biscuits, vanilla greek yogurt and a lot of raisin + creamy soy milk cappuccino. when love takes the form of food.


Vanilla Extract

A cup of black coffee with a shot of sugar free vanilla, that’s what Vanilla Oatis tastes like. Sort of disappointing for a beer made with actual vanilla beans. Ninkasi Brewing took their Oatis oatmeal stout and added vanilla beans to the fermenting beer – exactly like dry hopping. The result has plenty of vanilla flavor without any that sweetness you usually associate with that taste.

Vanilla Oatis

Ninkasi Brewing Eugene, OR

7.2% Alc/Vol

A black brew with a nice foam head and a faint scent of vanilla. Sweet with roasted malt flavor that is a bit chocolatey. Smooth with a creaminess befitting of an oatmeal stout. A mild vanilla note rises through the smooth chocolate malt flavor leaving a velvety and sweet finish that has a very mild hopped bite to give it balance. An easy drinking beer that should definitely be in your holiday line up.<(:~>

Tasting Notes: Vanilla Oatis - Oatmeal Stout with Vanilla - Ninkasi Brewing Company, Eugene Oregon

Oregon. The promised land of the craft beer lover. Ninkasi is a name I’d heard put out good brews, so I gave this interesting sounding beer a try.

I expected it to be something similar to a winter style ale, such that Tree Brewing or Granville Island puts out seasonally, but really this was a different beast all together. 

Its’ colour and head reminded me of cola, that dark brown syrupy goodness. But really, this was a delightfully mellow stout. It wasn’t too sweet, but didn’t have the burnt bitterness you sometimes get with darker beers. It was just real nice and mellow. The vanilla component wasn’t too overpowering either, and was more of an aromatic experience. After taking a sip of beer, when you breathed in through your nose you got a good waft of vanilla bean. I'd recommend this beer to the person in your life that always says “I don’t like dark beers”. This one will change their mind.