vanilla gloom

 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*

[The stars lean down to kiss you 

And I lie awake and miss you 

Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere…] 

 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧* 

I’m not too experienced with ship stuff, but I thought I’d give it a shot!! Besides, I definitely wanted to do some Purllis after talking about it for so long,, This was honestly really fun to draw! (Even if I did stay up until 1 AM coloring it haha)

 Wallis and Purple belong to @loverofpiggies !!

anonymous asked:

all-time favorite dream towns?

omg this is such a hard question, especially offhand…my boyfriend @wartjrfanblogs vanilla + gloom r the best obviously, @lullaboids nostromo always and forever, @aforestlifes citalune is absolute perfection, @oppsands belmont, @boysleafs kolk, @sophiecrossings amethyst, @madelaidecrossesanimals oceana, anything by @okmayor, @rapunzelcrossings mistmoor, @mooncakecrossings daysea, @lazymayorprincess dog days, @mayor-briannes moonleaf, @mayor-feras lordanel, @floatingpresents north, @girlsguidetopowertools reverie, @fateside & @katbotts starloft + augusta, @tiniestroots tinyroot just to name a few i love and have revisited countless times 

action report: bloc, glasgow, 02/07/2013

set list: righteousness, girl on the drums, strung out sara, childish cut-off of sound

childish cut-off of sound is not a new song (killer title though) but what happened. in a night full of mixed messages (i.e. “don’t worry we’ve got a bass amp” followed by “we have no bass amp”, “don’t worry you can use the house drum kit so you’re not lugging it from england” switching to “the drummer has no fucking kit for one”) the sound was cut after strung out sara. turns out the set was too noisy for the bar manager who claimed to have listened to our recordings but clearly didn’t or would’ve understood that feedback walls + primal pounding are an integral part of the longdrone flowers sound. disappointing showing from a man clearly unaware of his countrymen in mogwai, arab strap and that little known beat combo the jesus and mary chain. it wouldn’t be as bad if the audience hadn’t enjoyed it but talking to several people in the venue they were confused as to why we had been cut off + irritated as they had been enjoying it.

I’d like to state that our problem is only with that one guy and his macho act. The rest of the venue staff were lovely and helped make the best of a bad situation, from the lady who brought us the forms to the guy who actually put the night on to the bouncer. The opening act, Vanilla Gloom, were very enjoyable, and if we’d not had parking + car problems when getting the gear to the venue we’d have loved to catch the set by the band who followed them. Support Bloc! Never let a bad apple spoil the barrel!