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Hey everyone I have two services I run now the Witchery Cafe && My New Plant Shop. I will put both options in this post. They will be separated by a dotted line. Which ever one interests you just message me and let me know. Or if both interest you. PLEASE Read the rules for both services thank you !

Picture is mine for attention.
My New Plant Shop 🌱

Hey everyone my plant shop is now in its pre-opening stage if you would like to order any color hybrid, Jacobs ladders, or any type of mushroom just let me know and I will get them for you💕🌱🍃✨

🌱🍃 You can order up to a pocket full of flowers or mushrooms at once ! :) Yes I have every type of hybrid and mushroom !

Types of mushrooms 

Flat Mushroom
Skinny Mushroom
Round Mushroom
Elegant Mushroom
Rare Mushroom
Famous Mushroom


Please do not run or steal anything if you are in my town <3
Please have your pockets completely empty
Please do not venture off on your own

FC: 4012-6994-4313
The Witchery Cafe ✨

This is free 💚😄

✨ Welcome to The Witchery Cafe ✨

Where you can order all of your food/sweets needs. -still partly under construction but allowing visitors for pre opening- adding more soon.

FC- 4012-6994-4313

This is how it works
I’ll post a menu of what you can order if anything interests you just comment/message what you want and your friend code (unless I already have you added) I will get it ready for you. May take me a few minutes to get it ready but you must pick up the item or items on the same day you comment/message.

🌟⭐️🌟You may order two or three items at a time.🌟🌟🌟

If you would like to come inside and eat basically just explore or chill or check out the witchery you may. Or if you wanna just pick up your food and leave you may as well.

❤️Please do not run or steal anything !

New Items added to the menu please take a look <3
New And Updated Menu <3


- Tonkotsu Ramen
- Tantan-men Ramen

- Carbonara
- Peperonico
- Cod Roe
- Pesto genovese
- Squid Ink
- Regular pasta ( spaghetti ) 🍝

Whole pizza’s
- Margherita
- Seafood
- Olive
- Mixed
- Regular pepperoni

- Chocolate
- Colorful pop
- Colorful cream
- Flower
- Animal (it has a panda face)
-Regular Vanilla Cupcake With Strawberry and white frosting

Fruit drinks
Different kinds you can get
- green-apple soda
- iced coffee
- iced tea
- milk

Ice creams
- matcha soft serve
- swirl soft serve
- strawberry ice cream
- vanilla ice cream
- vanilla soft serve
- Choco soft serve
- lemon double scoop

Extra Goodies You Can Get
- Good luck Rolls
- ChoColate heart boxes
- Sparkling cider
- kerokerokeroppi cake
- pumpkin pie
- Lon lon milk
- lollipop

Types of Tarts:
- Apple Tart
- Choco Tart
- Lemon Tart
- Berry Tart
- Matcha Tart

Shaved Ice
Types of shaved ice:
- Stawberry
- Blue Raspberry
- Lemon
- Sweet-bean green tea

Cups Of Tea
- Types Of Tea’s:
- Mint Tea
- Jasmine Tea
- Mallow-blue tea
- Lavender Tea

More new items
Popcorn 🍿
Types you can get
- Berry Popcorn
- Chocolate popcorn
- caramel popcorn
Or regular with butter :)

Kiddie Meal(s)
- kiddie meal lunch combo a (salad, eggs, flan)

- Kiddie meal lunch combo b (veggie rice, jello, smiley face french fry with ketchup ) I think thats what it is lol I don’t really know if its a french fry or not but it looks like one. or you could say its a yellow blob with a smiley face thats written in ketchup on it lmao.

- Kiddie meal lunch combo c (pink jello, potatoes and gravy, lettuce (There’s also different lunch combos for kiddie meal)^

More items on the menu :)

Set lunch
two different set lunches you can get
- Fried fish meal
- Fried egg meal

Imperial pot
different imperial pots you can get
- Fried egg and crab
- Fried Rice
- Sweet and Sour
- Chop Suey

Curry Plate
Different types you can get
- Dal Curry
- Vegetable korma
- Saag Murgh

Hot plate
different hot plates you can get
- Pancake
- Omelet
- Pizza

Milk Carton
- Coffee milk
- Orange Juice
- Vegetable Juice
- Tomato Juice


You can order
- Milk
- Butter
- Flour
- Sugar
- Vinegar

More extra stuff
- cheese
- ramen cup(ramen and ramen cup are different)
- burger meal
- donburi
- donut box
- fish and chips
- hearty breakfast
- light breakfast
- lunch pack
- pancakes
- potato gratin
- rice balls
- sausage
- lobster
- tacos
- udon soup
- watermelon
- veggie basket
- rice cake

More new items on the menu for ordering 🙂

Different types of drinks you can get inside the mug
- hot chocolate
- latte art
- soup

Bread box
Types of bread you can get
- raisin bread
- cheese bread
- cocoa marble bread

New items on the menu for ordering <3 Just ask me if you wanna order <3

~Blowfish sashimi
~Bread making set
~Cinnamoroll tray
~Coconut Juice
~Cutting board set
~Egg Basket

~Frying Pan
Different ones you can get
- Burnt Food
- Empty

Different types you can get
- Pepper
- Zucchini
- Carrot
- Asparagus


Different types you can get
- Curry
- Consomme
- Borscht


Types you can get
- Caprese
- Fruit
- Croquette
- Loaf

Baking with Connor Headcannons

[Sorry these were a bit rushed but I wanted to get something up today for you guys]

- The first time Connor had seen you bake was one time when he texted you saying that he needed to get out of the house and he wanted to see you. You’d invited him over, but warned him that you had to finish this cake for your friend’s birthday. 

- Connor just watched you bake, picking at his nails whilst you talked to him. He found it fascinating how you knew all these different techniques and you’re timings were always perfect, leaving nothing to be burnt or over done. He loved learning new things about you and was amazed with the passion and love you put into everything you baked. 

- He didn’t exactly bake, he mostly just watched you bake but he’d hand you things when you needed him to.

- You loved to bake so him coming round when you were baking became a regular occurrence. 

- After a few of these visits, you turn round to look at him with a smile, checking that he’s ok, and he just softly asks “I could help? If you wanted me to?”. You’ve never smiled so hard, loving that your boyfriend was taking an interest and you eagerly get him involved. 

- “I’m not putting on whatever the fuck that is” he says when you hold one of your floral aprons out to him. “Fine but you’ll have to tie your hair up” you state, passing him a hair tie. Really it was just an excuse to see him with his hair in a bun as you loved it. 

- “Can you just fold the flour in for me? Do you know how to do that?” “Of course I do, I’m not an idiot” he’d snap. You’d put your hands up in defence, turning your attention to make the icing. You look over to him roughly mixing in the flour, the mixture going all over the counter tops. You sigh but a small smile plays at the corner of your lips. “Don’t just mix it, you have to fold it in” you told him again. “Thats the same thing” he says continuing to mix the flour. “No its not” you state, your voice soft as not to offend him. “I’ll show you” you offer. You demonstrate to him how you fold the flour in, but when he doesn’t understand you take his hand in yours and wrap it round the spoon and with your hand over his you help him. He doesn’t really watch what you’re doing instead turning his head to look at your face. You look up at him with a smile when you notice him and he can’t help but kiss you. 

- He always steals some batter or cookie dough when he thinks you aren’t looking. You are, but you just smile as he dips a finger into the batter and pops it into his mouth - he looks so young and happy, and you just love to see him this way. 

- You’d barely ever bake at the Murphy household, but when you did Connor would triple-check that everyone was out and not want to be as involved in the process, so whenever you bake its definitely at your house. 

- One time, you get him to ice cupcakes. After showing him how to do it, he’s actually really good and finds it very therapeutic. You think its adorable - your boyfriend, draped in black, with his black painted fingernails and long hair, icing little pink swirls onto vanilla cupcakes, his face deep in concentration. 

- You were baking bread one day when he you can see him trying to hide a chuckle. “What are you laughing at?” you smile. “Nothing, you just might want to take a look in the mirror” he smiles. When you do you see flour and the odd bit of batter stuck in your hair. You can’t get it out because you have dough all over your hands from the kneading. “Connorrrr” you whine, “please get it out for me”. “Ok, ok” he laughs. But instead he takes a bit of sticky batter on his finger and pops it on the end of your nose with a laugh knowing you can’t get it off without getting more on your face. However he doesn’t find it so funny when you grab his face with your dough-covered hands and kiss him. That starts your first food fight where you both try to cover each other with as much food until one of you cracks and suggests you go for a shower - it was you: Connor is very stubborn and not one to give up easily (and you’ll look for any excuse to shower with your boyfriend). 

- Like soon he’s coming round to help you bake all the time and you put on music and force him to slow dance with you (he feigns annoyance but really he will do whatever you want) as you wait for the cookies to bake or the custard to chill. 

- Or whilst you’re waiting for the cake to cook in the oven, you’re making out on the couch. Just as things were getting heated, the timer goes off. You pull away from the hickey you were leaving on Connor’s neck and jump off his lap, leaving your boyfriend staring up at you. “What the fuck?” he’d question, trying to pull you back down. “Nope, I am not letting this cake burn just because you’re horny” you say running to the kitchen.

- Baking with Connor is just too cute, ok? I will fight you on this. 


@vanilla-frosted and I are back from our super amazing roadtrip through the netherlands!

(Like half of these pictures are from the maritime museum in Amsterdam but if you know me then you can imagine that I’d give anything to go on board of an actual 18th century sailing ship replica, I was so hyped ;u; So here have some picturesss)
Running Hot - BoxWineConfessions - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Running Hot

Pairing: Otabek Altin/Jean-Jacques Leroy

Rating: Explicit

Length: 2.8k

Tags: Dom/sub but like super vanilla, face-sitting, spanking, bottom JJ, rimming, JJ wants it bareback, porn with feelings. 

Summary:  Leroy pulls him close and kisses him. He tries to start in the same way that he always tries to kiss. Harsh, demanding, rough, but they aren’t doing it that way this morning. In the morning the sun rises slowly. Light creeps into the room softly and slowly. Then, before you even know what is happening, everything’s wrapped up in blinding white light. That’s how they’re doing it.

For my beauties @draco-rys and @indiraliveshere

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Can we have 96 with Black hat please

“Is that… is that my bra?”

You had to stifle your laughter. It’s pretty much a matter of life or death - after all, Black Hat does not like being treated like a fool. 

But how could you not? There, lo and behold, is the humanoid demon a.k.a your boss, examining your bra, as if it were some sort of bizarre contraption. He stretches it, like a rubber band and lets it go. It snaps back into its original form. Black Hat squints suspiciously at it! Your bra of all things! Lord, no amount of henchman training could’ve trained you for this priceless moment. 

You bite down your tongue to suppress a laugh attack. 

Coughing as if you totally weren’t standing there the entire time you utter, “Boss?”

His heads snaps up at an inhuman speed. A scowl distorts his face. “What?” His scowl becomes deeper, when you let a loud giggle escape. Your hands fly to your mouth, and you force your smile down. “What are you so cheeky about?”

You bow your head as if to show respect, but really you were trying to hide tears of laughter. “S-sir. That…article of clothing is mine. My bra, s-s-sir.” You manage to squeak out before completely losing yourself to hysterics. You peek through your bangs to watch the boss’s reaction. He frowns at your under garment, looking incredulous. 

“Clothing?” He scoffs, and tosses it to you. Black Hat strides past you, chin high in the air. “You humans and your insistent need on tailored material…”

You wait until he’s completely out the laundry room. And then you burst out laughing.

A week later, and Black Hat corners you. He is shaking with fury, absolutely livid. 

“Boss?” You question, genuinely confused for a second.

“You! Knew!” He hisses loudly, jabbing his claw into your shoulder with each punctuated word. “And you dArE tO LaUgh?!” His demonic edge is kicking in. Shadows start clinging to both of you. The air drops about ten degrees. Black Hat’s single eye is nearly red, glaring murder at you. Thankfully, you’re accustomed to the boss’s hissy demon fits.

Straightening your back and keeping a straight face, you shake your head.

“Ow! Sir!” You rub your shoulder. “It’s not a big deal. Bras are weird. And annoying.” You confess the last part, shrugging nonchalantly. “I just didn’t want to tell you on the spot because you were…uhm, really examining it.” Oh you couldn’t help it, you gave into the giggles again.

Screaming with rage, Black Hat storms away, leaving you in helpless laughter. You wipe tears from your face, and take a deep breath. (Maybe it was your imagination, but something similar to a blush was coloring the boss’s cheeks…god you need to carry around a camera more often.)

you naughty children, i bet you wanted some vanilla sin. *insert lenny face* too bad i find that sin is a joke. like my life. 


“Fuck Hana, way to stand up for yourself. I better remember not to mess with you.”
I frowned. “It was an accident. This is Matilda, and that’s Clara.” 
“Hey. Whatever. I gotta go Hana. I’ll make sure to tell Nia to stop being a bitch with you.”
I waved my hands, “N-No you d-don’t! I, Cl-Clara!”
She was laughing, “Chill. I won’t tell her anything. Well, I mean you know me. I will. But let me, Nia needs to stop being this way with you.”
“We’re fine. I-I’m fine.”
She rolled her eyes. “So you still in love with Kali?”
She laughed and walked off. 
“Are you two friends?”
I shook my head. “Sh-she’s my, my.” I took a deep breath. I hated the way Clara got to me. “She’s my girlfriend’s friend.”
“Ah okay.”
“W-Well, I-I guess I should go too.”
Matilda nodded, “Nice meeting you.” 

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29 with Seth Rollins Please and Thank You

“Come over here and make me”

“Seth! Don’t! I swear if yo–!” You laughed darting away from him as he rounded the kitchen table ready to pounce at you. “I’m not joking! I will shove a carrot up your ass when you fall asleep!” Your laughter grew in volume zooming into the kitchen, digging into a drawer pulling out a wooden spoon.

“It’s harmless! It’ll come right off after!” The playful grin on his face deep down made you giddy. You loved when he was like this so carefree and mischevious.

“Rollins! Put your hand down!” Your laughter mixed with giggles leaning back against the oven as Seth pinned you in place. Holding up the spoon in front of your face.

“You are ruining the fun! It’s just food!” He puckered up his lips pressing his chest to yours trying to purchase any small patch of skin on your face.

“We have to be out of here in 15 minutes! Your parents get mad when we’re late for dinners!” The laughter was as fluent as your words. Why did you always have to be the responsible one? He always got away with games and making excuses for his behavior. You were the one to cover up his excuses and paint him as a saint. It’s what kept up this character he loved to play.

“Just give me one kiss and I’ll wash it off” He grinned wickedly. You knew there was more to what he was dealing.

“You are so full of it! You are never that easy to tame!” He reached to grab for your hand but failed as he took advantage of a small window you opened for him to kiss your cheek.

“Hey! Not fair! You stop that!” You shoved half-heartedly at his chest.

“Come over here and make me” He winked. You cocked an eyebrow at him, smirking and taking a step forward. His eyes were measuring your steps and any other movement you took towards him.

“This is not the time to ploy me into jumping you, Seth!” You rolled your eyes at him. Before you knew it the hand that had cake frosting spread over his palm stuck to your cheek as he wrapped his other arm around you and dipped you.

“I think you were a cat in a past life” You sighed in defeat, pecking his lips. “You are so lucky I adore you”

“I never needed luck, babe. I knew you’d love me soon enough” He smiled, licking up the side of your face. “Mmm..vanilla..not something I am in the bedroom”

“You’re such a dork!” You laughed out, smirking at him. “Now I need to fix my make-up! I’m not covering your ass this time!”

“Covering my ass? The only ass I worry about is yours” He reached down giving your behind a soft squeeze.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Oh, I don’t me til your last breath?” His grin was softer now, affections pulling at his lips.

“Sounds pretty perfect to me”

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what kinks would nct/sm rookies have? of course not the underage ones!!

- accidental stimulation
- oral (giving)
- marking (receiving)
- hand-holding
- sensual sex

- fem!dom
- semi-rough sex
- marking
- oral (giving)
- orgasm denial (receiving)

- oral fixation
- orgasm denial (giving)
- wall sex
- groping (giving)
- teasing (giving)

- rough sex
- passionate/romantic sex
- oral (receiving)
- semi-public sex *cough* definitely fingering under the table *cough*
- dirty talk

- sensation play (blindfolds/tied wrists)
- multiple orgasms, overstimulation
- marking, scratching, gentle hair tugging
- oral (receiving)
- wall sex, shower sex

- lingerie
- vanilla
- slow sensual sex
- teasing (receiving, especially strip teasing/lap dancing)
- breast fixation

- sweet talk, using names of affection / pet names
- hair pulling
- marking (usually only during foreplay)
- oral (receiving)
- PDA (semi-public sex)

- caressing
- thigh riding
- oral fixation
- marking (giving)
- multiple orgasms

- oral fixation
- sweet talk, using names of affection / pet names
- face-sitting
- vanilla
- breast fixation

- oral (receiving)
- cuddling
- vanilla
- begging (him)
- pillow biting


It’s been one of those weeks that has no beginning or end, just an endless cycle of events and dinners and obligations, punctuated by traffic and car doors opening and closing and emails and work and Snapchat. You know? You know. I am tired. The final edits on my manuscript were due on Friday, and, horror that it is for me to be behind deadline, I just didn’t have them done in time. Flash forward to me listening to Alanis Morissette at 1am on Sunday (or Monday, technically), speeding through hundreds of pages of rewrites and photo annotations.

Writing a book is no joke, you guys. Aside from the terror of just finishing the damn thing, there is the much more real, vibrant fear of exposing myself more completely than I ever have before. Whenever I begin to feel this way, I remind myself of all the wild and crazy things I share with you each week here on the internet, but something about print just feels massively more final. The words will become tangible objects, physical entities that exist in space, that elicit emotion and frustration and distaste.

Read more and get the recipe here.